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Before Reading 4 1 15oooooh SNAPHere we go again, ahem correct me if im wrong I bet this book will go exactly like this 1 Girl is devestated about death of mother.2 Girl investigates and finds group of assassins3 as a revenge, the girl joins the group to help assassinate royal family because of a big secret she discovered that was connected to her mother somehow.4 Girl meets the dashing prince charming5 she starts to feel things she never felt before Cliche I know.6 Girl starts to change her mind and goes to the assassins and calls quits.7 assassins don t care and they all have a big cat fight and the prince finds out.8 girl explains it was all a mistake and she never meant to hurt him9 puppy eyes10 assassins attack and she grabs a glass slipper and stabs them or something.11 the prince grabs the bloody slipper and and runs off to find the girl.12 He finds her held hostage by the boss of the assassins13 He rescues her and then 14 They get married.15 prepare for another cliche and they live happily ever after.How did I know you tell me READ EBOOK ♡ Ashes ♂ Can We Give Her A Name We Always Gave New Servants Names Back Home Hesperia Kept Her Eyes On Rebecca, Her Mouth Turned In That Dark Smile You May Brunhilda Looked At Rebecca Giddily Let S Call Her Ella Doesn T She Look Like An Ella Cassandra Stepped In Front Of Her Sister With The Same Smile As Her Mother No Cinders She S So Dirty Can T You See Dirty, Dirty, Dirty Like The Cinders In The Hearth Hesperia Raised Her Hand To Shush Them Her Name Shall Be Girl There Will Be No Confusion That Way Hesperia Crossed To Rebecca Slowly She Placed The Tip Of Her Finger Underneath Rebecca S Chin And Raised It Gently Rebecca Locked Eyes With Her When I Say Come, Girl You Will Come When I Tell You Girl, Go And Fetch Me This Or Girl, Go And Fetch Me That You Will Fetch It When You Are Told To Do Anything, Girl, You Will Do It Without Question Or Regard To Your Self Do I Make Myself Clear Rebecca S Nostrils Expanded And Contracted With Her Racing Breath She Wanted To Spit In Hesperia S Eye To Drive Her Heel Through The Woman S Toes Lilly Had Raised A Better Girl, Though Lilly Had Raised A Lady A Lady Knew When To LeaveRebecca Backed Down The Stairs, Never Breaking Eye Contact With Hesperia Until She Reached The Door The Girls Gathered Beside Their Mother, Clasping Their Hands Just Like Her With Their Pursed Lips And Sharp Noses And Judging Eyes That Girl Is A Wild One, Hesperia Said Just Loud Enough For Rebecca To Hear Her But Do Not Worry, My Pets, We Will Break Her Like The Unruly Filly That She Is In This Fantastical Fairy Tale Retell, Cinderella Goes CLOCKPUNK Rebecca Tremain S World Revolves Around Time The Clock People Believe That We Are On This Earth For A Reason And We Only Have So Much Time On Earth To Find That Purpose To The Clock People, Time Is God That God S Name Is Khronos, And He Is Not ForgivingWhen Rebecca S Mother, Lilly, Dies While Working At The Corporation, A Dubious Factory Owned By The Royal Family, Rebecca Starts Looking For Answers She Finds Them In A Small Group Of Vigilantes Whose Single Purpose Is To Assassinate The Royal Family When A Life Sentence In Prison Is Severe Than Death, Will Rebecca Follow Through When She Meets The Charming Prince Don T Miss This Thrilling Ride Full Of Mystery And Romance Time is God and so when her mother died in the factory she wants answers This is a twist on Cinderella where a life sentence is worse than death She meets a prince What will.happen Will.She get her answers See if she willI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. This was interesting and profoundly tragic I m not entirely sure where this book fits in with the rest in this seriesit makes me sad how the story ended and I hope that it all comes together a bit as the story moves along Can t wait for the next book This is a strange and twisted version, or close to it, of that classic fairytale Cinderella Only set in a steampunk scenario with the cruel stepmother and two annoying stepsisters, a father who wasn t around when he was needed, the cruel king and a prince who could have made a difference in this harsh kingdom and a heroine I first The story didn t end the way it could have or how I wanted it to go Sorry A happy ending would have garnered another star from me.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Interesting new take on CinderellaCinderella goes Steam Punk Interesting new Steam Punk esque world with a population devoted in an almost cult like fashion to the god of time Khronos This is a dark and gritty story, that I sometimes liked, and sometimes didn t but through it all found to be very interesting.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.