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I received this book from Book Review 22 in exchange for an honest review.I m torn between whether I like the story or not I m not indifferent to it There were parts that I enjoyed, but not many It was a quick read, which helped It s also a part of a series, which I wasn t aware of that when I chose the book I don t think it affected how much I liked the book, but everything just seemed so rushed The plus side, I found Dante to be absolutely charming and Olivia to be interesting I was interested to see where her story would go, there isn t much detail there My guess is you have to get book 4 to find that out I didn t love, but I didn t hate either. Awww What a sweet sexy story I read the first book in this series after this book was a part of my book review club The first book was raunchy, and the story was good I was happy that, even though this is a series, it had separate stories I gave the first book 4 stars because while I liked it, I wanted story This story, Liv and Dante, she found the right mix Ms Mancini really gave much insight as to who they were and what they were thinking Not only did I see the school teacher breaking out of her shell and become a lioness but I saw the bad ass rock star turn into a lovesick puppy For someone who into strong empowered women, the Best Once again, this story left me breathless and my husband a happy man @Ebook ⛓ The Only Exception (Incubus Rising #3) ô The Last Thing In The World Substitute Teacher Olivia Winter Was Expecting On That Frigid Afternoon Was To Meet The Man Of Her Dreams, But When Dante James Sauntered Into Her Classroom, All Bets Were Off There Was No Denying Her Instant Attraction To This Sexy, Charismatic Man, Or That The Feelings Were Entirely Mutual And When She Is Forced To Ride Out The Storm Of The Year Entirely In His Care, Olivia Has To Come To Terms With The Inevitable Dante James Is The Cure Her Fractured Heart Has Been Waiting Five Long Years For, And That Some Cures Are Just Harder To Swallow Than OthersMore In The Incubus Rising Series Inlcude A Little Something For Everyone The Only Exception is the third book in the Incubus Rising series, but can be read as a standalone I haven t read books one or two, but this did not have any negative effect on my enjoyment of this book.This is a fast paced novella, that nevertheless manages to tell a complete story AND give a satisfactory ending It starts off with a substitute teacher staying with a 7 year old girl until she is picked up from school Even though this was a Paranormal Romance, it was good to see a degree of realism in there too, eg waiting for authorisation on the school list Well written, with no editing or grammatical errors to disrupt from the reading flow, there are some steamy scenes, plus angst as they try to figure a way to be together All in all, this was a short but satisfying read Definitely recommended by me I received this book from Book Review 22 in return for a fair and honest review MerissaArchaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books rcvd book for review I can honestly say that i was pleasntly surprised a nearly 40 yra old school sub Olivia gets stuck at thr school with her 7 yr old student during a winter storm to have her slightly older and hotter brother come pick the little girl up dante jamesrock godis immediately smitten with olivia and does everything under the sun to flirt with her they manage to escape the school and head out, however, Olivia is unable to go home so dante offers her up his place needless to say the sexual chemistry btn these two is off the charts and olivia witnesses smtg that she doesnt understand and she wills herself to take what she wants and at that moment she wants dante but what will liv do when the truth comea out This story was not what I was expecting Its starts out normally enough Olivia is a forty year old substitute teacher at a private school One of her students,Seraphina has not been picked up yet and a big storm is coming Then Dante shows up to pick her up Liv assumes Dante is Seraphina s mom s boyfriend since she is famous for having a long string of boy toys However Dante doesn t have written permission to pick up Seraphina so all three are stuck at school until mom s personal assistant arrives Liv finds out that Dante is not the boyfriend but he is Seraphina s brother Since the storm is really bad she accepts a ride home in Dante s SUV but the roads are close She goes home with Dante and they have a passion filled night Now the surprise twists pops up. I have not read the first two books but found I liked this one.Olivia Winter is a substitute teacher with a big storm coming she has one little girl who has not been collected from school yet, Olivia and Seraphina have to wait.Seraphina s mother s assistant Robert is suppost to be picking her up but Dante James comes instead Olivia will not let Seraphina leave as he is not on the pick up list When Robert does come the roads are so bad after he leaves that Olivia can not leave, Dante offers to drive her home What happens when they find her road blocked Will Dante and Olivia get a happy ending What is Dante I was gifted a copy for an honest review. Book 3 of the incubus rising series I was not able to read the second book, but this was really different from the first one I liked how this ended There was a definite ending and the couple was into each other Yes, the conflict was there, but they found a way around each other I was kind dreading the ending because, I was disappointed with the book one, but here, I was a really different thing The adult scenes, they were really hot and the moments they have with each other was sweet too I love how the characters were developed too There is not much to say, but I do enjoyed reading it It opened another myth in a different light which was good I gave it four stars. I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review my only kind I am a little at a loss here on what to say, because I don t want to give away the plot, but the extended title gives away a lot Those of us who are of a certain age or older got a little classic education even in public school and know what an incubus is This story goes along on standard lines for about half of it, and then all of a sudden WOW I m not saying the story is standard, I m saying it s dealing with ordinary people Their situations and dilemmas are what make the story so fascinating and carry you along, wondering what s going to happen next, and then you get slammed with this incredible thing, this circumstance that is almost unbelievable And that is not the last of the incredible ideas introduced One of the characters who has been very peripheral suddenly becomes a strong focal point and a game changer for the storyline Romance is not my first love and I normally do not give a 5 star rating to a romance But I think this one deserves it It has twists and turns and changes and the characters have depth even secondary ones I m not a big fan of the sex scenes, but I was warned by the title and I skimmed over them until they got back to the storyline I almost didn t read this, but I m so glad I did and now I want to read the rest of the series, and Ms Mancini evidently has a new series coming that sounds incredibly good Give her work a try, I think you ll like it I do warn you, there is a fair amount of sex in this one, and in most of this series, but the titles do warn you with the mention of Incubus Rising Still, it s a good read and I m looking forward to reading of her stuff. A teacher and a Rock Star Incubus, can it work out One click to find out Olivia Winter has a boring life but its exactly how she likes it, everything stays the same, the only thing that would be better is to be the second grade teacher rather than the substitute teacher The current teacher has been here forever and she does miss quite a bit of school because of health related reasons as she is an older teacher and especially on cold days like today calling for snow, so that does gives Olivia a good bit of time to teach, which is her passion Olivia is patiently waiting with a 7 year old student named Seraphina or Sera for short Olivia is hopeful Sera s charge Robert gets here soon before the snowing gets any worse and she cant drive herself home She is watching the snow and listening to the quite building and then looks at Sera whom has her head down almost asleep She hears the door shut and shuffling of feet in the hall and looks up just knowing it will be Robert and says Hey Robert so glad you made it but instead of it being Robert it is a Model of a young man, the best Olivia has ever seen but only one of many that everyone gets to see go on and off the list of approved people that can pickup Sera She is almost tripping over herself to meet him and she feels tingles all the way to her spine as they shake hands, and he says his name is Dante James and as he says his name he says and you are def not Mrs Abernathy and she smiles and says no and Sera laughs and says no its Ms Winters silly As good as he looks though he isn t on the list of approved folks to be able to get Sera But she flies to meet him and obviously knows him well but school policy is they have to be on the list and he most certainly isn t, he totally understand even went to the school and is glad they are strict He tells her its fine and that Robert is suppose to be trying to get to the school but is having trouble getting from the airport to the school but once he realizes he cannot take Sera with him he makes some calls to see if he can help Olivia stumbles over her words trying to explain that Seraphina s mom has people added and taken from the list all the time and she is sorry, but he says its all fine and he gets it Olivia realizes he is just another one of the many new good looking men of Angelique Montrosse s, Sera s mom.Soon Sera is getting restless and wants food, Dante gets onto Sera and tells her not to be rude and she straightens right up and Olivia is surprised at how he is with her Olivia suggests the snack machine because the cafeteria is closed and Dante grabs money out of his pocket and asks if she wouldn t mind and she doesn t want to take his money but after she has been thinking of how good he looks and smells she wants to touch him, after all she is even fantasizing about doing such she has no idea why other than curiosity and that its been way to long for her to have been with a man, that has to be it So she says no and he insists and she reaches for the money and they touch hands and it tingles all the way to her spine, everything about him screams HOT and also to Olivia to stay away from him, plus he is way younger than her, she is thinking probably a 25 yr old and way to young for someone close to being a 40 yr old herself So she takes the money and goes to the machine to get the snack and runs into the assistant principle Victoria whom she went to college with and she scares her to death and she laughs and tells her why she is all shook up and Victoria asks about him and so she grabs some snacks and tells her his name and he went to school here even, as Victoria mouth drops to the floor then back, she knows him, he is a world famous Rock Star in a band named Inferno, she cant get over him being in the school Olivia knows for sure she is way out of touch that she doesn t even recognize him And now knows he is way out of her league here, so no fantasizing as its pointless just as Victoria tells her she need to be flirting with him and she needs to be dating and getting out in the world, Olivia says he is way to young for her and says she needs to get back Sera eats and finally nods off and walks over closer to her and she can feel his heat radiating off him he is so close, they start talking and it seems he might be flirting but Olivia thinks it cant be but they do seem to have things in common and soon Victoria stops by to tell her she is leaving and asks if they have heard anything from Robert and that the maintenance man is in the school to call if she needs him, she doesn t like leaving Olivia but as she tells Dante she loves his music Olivia walks her out in the hall and Victoria tells her he is flirting with her and she needs to jump on that, who cares about age that Olivia is hot and he is interested They laugh and Victoria asks again if she is ok with her leaving and she says Robert is on his way Soon after they do hear the door and its finally Robert, Dante tells her he will help get Sera in the car an come back for her that he is getting her home for all her trouble that she cannot and Will Not drive home on these roads He had been wondering why nobody had been calling or coming for her that she had to be single I did love that we got most of both POV s in the book or at least what they were thinking most if it is Olivia though.So this is just the beginning of a pretty wild start of something of course her road is closed and she goes to his house, surprises come from both Olivia and Dante and they do have a lot in common but also he isn t what she is.thing is, can they make it work I don t want to give anything away but we do have some hot sex as they are snowed in together, learning each other and the title tells you this is about an Incubus with a human.I liked this book much better than the first, Gabriel is in this book as well and I like him better in this book as he is much in tune with others feelings not just himself even if he did love in the first book So I am glad I read book one although it isn t necessary I think the writer does a better job explaining the needs of the Incubus a little better in this book and it is a little longer and since Dante is not Gabriel his needs are not quite so over the top and Olivia knows nothing of her background being adopted, and for reasons unknown she doesn t get as tired or def not sick as it seems that other human woman react to the incubus Its def Fantasy with some Kink, I liked getting to know both of them and their backgrounds, especially Olivia she has been through a lot and she deserves to be happy We have a part that is pretty intense but I think it helps the book in the end Good character development and no real cheating this time A few errors in the writing but not enough that I couldn t look over I was given this review copy from Book Review 22 for my honest review and I thank Book Review for the chance