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!Read Kindle ¶ Footprints in the Sand Í When Emily Kingsley Arrives At The Church For Her Eccentric Great Aunt Mary S Funeral, She Is Still Grieving For Her Broken Relationship With The Vain, Mean And Unfaithful Ted, And Has Little Sorrow To Spare At The Wake Afterwards, She Is Dismayed To Learn The Content S Of Mary S Will Emily And Her Cousin Clemmie Must Go To Mali, Where They Are To Travel By Camel Into The Sahara Desert To Scatter Her AshesClemmie, Fanciful And Rootless, Is Thrilled At The Chance Of Adventure Emily Is Not With Immense Reluctance, She Agrees To Travel To Mali, And Find Timadjlalen, A Place In The Desert That No One Has Ever Heard Of Why Mary Chose It As Her Final Resting Place She Cannot Imagine, And The Thought Of A Hot, Pointless Trip Is Almost Too Much To Bear But Once Emily And Clemmie Set Foot On The Saharan Sand, And Begin To Uncover Mary S Sixty Year Old Secret, They Come To Understand Why They Must Complete Her Journey I was not as inspired by the story as I d hoped and part way through I began to struggle to continue It was a little slow and a difficult to say for a novel but unbelievable The way the story developed was not as natural as I d expected However I stuck with it and the story came to its resolution in the end. I found this book on a bench in Robin Hoods Bay a few weekends ago It was sat there with a yellow sticker on it, a message to passers by that it was free and part of the Book Crossing phenomenon I ve never seen a Book Crossing item in the wild so it kind of made my day All in all, a good story that I couldn t put down The writing didn t completely thrill me but the content of the story did I wanted to find out about the mystery at the heart of the plot and while the ending was a little predictable I didn t seem to care I enjoyed this book a lot. onbekende schrijfster, dus atijd even afwachten.het boek begint met een heel hoog jill Mansell gehalte De sfeer, de schrijfstijl, alles lijkt er wat op Maar eens de eerste bladzijde gedaan zijn, is het boek toch plots een heel ander verhaal De zoektocht van 2 jonge vrouwen in een woestijn Hoe hard de schrijfster haar best doet om de gevaren en de nadelen in het verhaal te betrekken het blijft toch allemaal wat te veilig Nu ja, het is natuurlijk ook geen thiller, dus het hoeft ook nergens spannend te zijn natuurlijk Fijn boek om te lezen, maar niet om te herlezen I fully expected this book to be a piece of quickly rolled out paperback trash It was not I was pleasantly surprised There were very interesting learning moments, about the history of Mali, life in the Sahara, discriptions of tribal wear, and so on A note at the beginning of the book tells me that the authoress has been to Mali and spent time with the Toureg people, so one can only assume she is writing from a place of knowledge based on her experience, making it all the fascinating The descriptions, smells, sights, the feeling of the desert, are very tangible and really added to the book There were some really beautiful sentences and moments that I could just feel while I was reading along I enjoyed those scenes very much That said, the mystery of the book was obvious and predictable I was hoping desperatly that the story would surprise me it didn t The main characters in the book are exactly my age, but nothing about them felt like they were my age I did my best to reflect on this from a British point of view, and even considering their culture, they are not like people in my generation, that I know, from the UK, either I thought the author should have just gone ahead and written about people in her age group Their additudes towards life might have rang true And finally, a note on writing style Some bad editor missed a lot of ands The trees were green AND leafy AND swaying AND tall I was wearing boots AND a coat AND trousers AND a hat AND my favorite wrist watch Ouch That became tedious Also, Clemmie s hair was described as silver at least 15x Which didn t seem poetic any after the 5th time and left me, finally, wondering if she actually had gone prematurely gray It became a bad visual for me, rather than making her lovely There were several things like this that did indeed, ring of too quickly rolled out, money making paperback Sigh Also, I didn t enjoy the switch of 1st person narrator at all The story is told in chapters rotating between three different women, each relating the story in 1st person I wished the author had just stuck with telling the story I like the idea of modern books having a free form style, but only if it feels that it enhanses the story, or is out of neccisity Like, perspectives from different time periods Somehow, it didn t work in this book for me and felt gimicky One thing that did make me happy, Great Aunt Mary wasn t depicted as a saintly, amazing, gorgeous old lady, with whom the cousins main characters had this epic relationship I liked that aspect of the book That WAS realistic I am sick of these ladies books with sugery sweet stories about elder relatives revealing the deep secrets of womanhood or something Now Spoiler Below I had mixed emotions about Clemmie s deciding to stay in Mali At first I thought, that is insanely unrealistic but then I remembered a British friend of mine who found a city he loved one week and moved there a week later This reminded me that the unpredictable IS possible Still, it bothered me having the unrealistic romance bit thrown in at the end I hate books the propogate this idea of meeting someone and being happily ever after She didn t know the guy at all Her gushing love chapter really made me roll my eyes with an oh, please BUT, if there was a sequel to follow up on Clemmie, I would definitely read it After reflecting on it for a few days, my final thought is, What a selfish person Leaving her whole flat and all her life for her family to clean up, not even saying goodbye to her loving parents Geesh Surely she could have returned to England, just to take care of her things and then go back I would have been much much happier with an ending like that BUT, this was faaarrrr exciting No doubt