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4 Stars The Abyss Beyond Dreams by Peter Hamilton is yet another science fiction novel tailor made for me and my interests This is book one in the Commonwealth Chronicle of the Fallers series duology I scored this book only 4 Stars as it does suffer some pacing issues not uncommon in a Hamilton novel , as well as a few minor quirks But, make no mistake, for my enjoyment, this was a perfect book that I loved and couldn t put down There are some incredible portions of this story that are mind blowing and so freaking cool Then there is a tremendous amount of slow time spent one geo politics that is quite dry and boring Overall, The Abyss Beyond Dreams picks up where the Commonwealth duology ends Those two books were one story nearly 2400 pages in length.The first 25% of this book is science fiction space opera action that was thrilling to read The second quarter introduces us to all the players The third quarter is very slow And the final quarter brings things together with some action to a satisfying conclusion Of course it is not the end as the story goes on in the second book of the duology The Void Yes As far as we understand, it s some kind of micro universe with a very different quantum structure to spacetime outside Thought can interact with reality at some fundamental level, which is why we ve suddenly acquired all these mental powers By the action of watching, the observer affects the reality of that which is watched, she whispered The science This layer, where we exist, is only one of them The Heart, where you say your soul lives on in glory after death, that s another But there are two layers that are critical here the memory layer and the creation layer The memory layer stores everything you, your thoughts, your body s atomic structure And the creation layer, well, that can take a version of you from any moment of your life and physically manifest it Potential spoiler quote that is freaking cool Yes As soon as Shuttle Fourteen entered the Forest, it got entangled in the loop There s a place in the memory layer, a subsection where she repeats that whole experience every twenty seven hours and forty two minutes It creates her, and makes her and the science team relive the same section of their expedition every time Sonofabitch, they started over every twenty seven hours and forty two minutes for the last three thousand years That s just damn Peter Hamilton is one of my very favorite authors period The Abyss Beyond Dreams will be loved by all fans of his writing Unfortunately, this book really shouldn t be read unless you have already completed the massive Commonwealth duology I loved this book and I love everything Hamilton writes. This review was originally published on Avid Reviews those of you who have never heard of Peter F Hamilton, he is a giant within the science fiction genre, and specialist in space operas in particular In The Abyss Beyond Dreams Hamilton returns to the Commonwealth and the universe of his acclaimed Void Trilogy with the first installment of Chronicle of the Fallers, a new two part series Abyss is perfect both for fans of Hamilton s work and for new readers the events of this novel expand on the story and setting of the Void Trilogy, but Hamilton gives enough background to make the story easy to follow for readers that are new to the Commonwealth This impressive novel lives up to Hamilton s reputation and gives the reader all they could ever want in a science fiction story and an alien landscape with magic like properties, a fascinating and engaging plot, wonderful characterization, plenty of adventure, a dash of politics, and a story on an epic scale.The story takes place in the year 3326, where interplanetary travel is possible and the Commonwealth reigns In the center of the galaxy is the Void, a place once thought to be a black hole, where the laws of physics do not always apply and magic like mental powers are commonplace The story follows Nigel Sheldon, one of the famous founders of the Commonwealth When he is visited by the the Raiel, the self appointed guardians of the Void, they convince him to journey into the Void to search for the existence of a colony of vessels that were pulled into the alien landscape and lost But when Nigel discovers that humans are not the only life forms to have been sucked into the Void, he realizes he must discover the secrets of the murderous alien Fallers in order to find a way to destroy the threat of the Void to the Commonwealth forever But the fragile human society is soon forced into civil war by the relentless attacks of the Fallers, and Nigel is suddenly in danger of being killed by the very people he has come to save.I was impressed with this novel s seamless blend of space opera, fantasy, and horror It is a story that will appeal to a wide audience because of its amalgamation of many different story elements, rich and detailed world building, and shocking plot twists that will guarantee the reader will want to devour the next installment in the series as soon as it is released Hamilton also does a wonderful job of tying together several different plot lines and characters despite the fact that these different POVs and situations are spread far apart in the story progression When Hamilton does come back to a specific plot element or character, it is often to give the reader an explanation that suddenly opens up his understanding of the story in a major way He makes sure to give the reader plenty of Oh wow and That s why that happened moments that are the mark of a truly engrossing story.Though this novel will be most likely be enjoyable to the readers who have already read the Void trilogy and are familiar with the Commonwealth, Hamilton writes in a way that makes The Abyss Beyond Dreams accessible and enjoyable to new readers as well If you do enjoy this novel, I would definitely recommend reading the rest of Hamilton s Commonwealth novels in order to gain a greater understanding of the world building and nuances behind this story There is some debate on whether or not this novel can be read as a standalone, and though I found that Hamilton gave plenty of background for new readers, if you do have trouble with this book I recommend giving the Void Trilogy a try Hamilton is a really fantastic writer who has perfected the space opera into an art form, and any fan of science fiction would be terribly missing out by not giving his work a try.My rating 8 10I received a copy of this novel from Netgalley and the publisher in return for an honest review. Here s the cover, Goodreads Librarian What just happened This started out really good Spaceship entering a VOID..mysterious things happening with time, Aliens chewing and eating people, frantic escapes to the planet, body doubles, etcsuper fast paced, and although i was confused at times, was really getting into it then..BAM i got to book 3 , which is about 140 pages in, and i was suddenly constantly repeating wft and i have no idea what is going on and what happened to Laura and Nigel and who the fk is Slvasta..what seemed like a whole new story began in book 3 New characters, new places, new terms I have no idea what happened.I pushed myself through, but found myself skimming and completely bored until book 4 which is at around page 260..then i could not force myself to read any Horrible, choppy , story no flow whatsoever.A total disappointment. The Abyss Beyond Dreams great and well deserved title given the content is the first of a duology ending with Night Without Stars which I expect to advance the Commonwealth universe beyond the Evolutionary Void timeline, though for now we are still within itHigh class sf combined with the Void magic like properties, an entertaining appearance from Paula Myo who helps Nigel presumed gone with a colony fleet 3000 AD but still in the Commonwealth semi incognito in 3326 as per the blurb manage a perfect heist outside ANA borders obviously given who Paula Myo is and get to enhance the odds of success in his Void expedition again per the blurb which is quite accurate as far as it goes Meantime whatever that means obviously as the Void has its own time inside the Void, Bienvenido already is a human planet about 3000 years old, with population descending from the Brandt colony ships from about 500 years before in Commonwealth time as per above note about timelines and the people there fight a continuous war against the local Fallers who are trapped also in the Void we learn a lot about them as the book goes on and they are clearly set to be a powerful antagonist in future Commonwealth books if the author wants to write A society with a mix of modern and magic whatever tech that works plus the Void psychic capabilities led by a corrupt aristocracy descended from the officers of the fleet of which The Captain Philious, currently 77 while their Advancer genes are slowly losing ground, people on Bienvenido still live longer than current humans and his eldest son, The First Officer sadistic villain Aothori , are at the top within a veneer of democracy in which the governing Citizen s Dawn party has no real political rivalsHeavily militarized due to the Fallers huge eggs fall all the time from the strange forest like artifact in orbit and absorb humans and other animals, mimicking them perfectly Bienvenido is resisting the Fallers relatively successfully for now, though there are dark rumors about Faller nests infiltrating cities.Escaping from a close encounter with an egg as a green recruit though losing one hand in the process and seeing his best friend from childhood ingested and becoming a Faller lieutenant Slvasta is fanatical about fighting the Fallers in his province very successful and attracting a large following from the regular soldiers who know their odds of surviving are the best under his command, he becomes an embarrassment to his lazy superiors so he is promoted to captain and shipped as regimental liaison to the capital Varlan Slvasta is still bugged by his last active mission where he was only partly successful as he eradicated the infestation but could not find the usual number of eggs and by an encounter with a strange trader and his entourage, trader who called himself by an unusual name Nigel and whom Slvasta proved that he was human by having him cut his finger Faller blood is blue but still suspected of having something to do with the missing eggsIn the capital, Slvasta tries to change things and improve the odds of fighting the Fallers against bureaucratic obstacles, while being pulled into opposites by his friendship with a capable and less corrupt aristocratic officer and by his association with the humbler citizens too Similarly he is pulled between a rich girl whom he would have a chance of marrying as she is only 5th daughter while Slavsta is something of a hero marriage which would open him the path to ascension and eventually to lead a regiment or even and a humbler tax office girl whom he meets when he tries to find out about Nigel And so it goes, lots of things happen, the novel is structured beautifully as it starts with a horror like chapter quite relevant later too in which the Fallers appear, followed by Nigel and Paula in the Commonwealth, then followed by Slvasta s odyssey and then things are pulled together masterfullyThere is everything one wants in sf great characters, mind bending stuff, adventure, politics, romance, revolution Just to give one example of the elements that make the book excellent, example that is not that spoilery the Void has many odd properties compared to the regular universe as we learned in the Void trilogy , however it needs internal consistency, so when even stranger things happen, the Void manufactures evidence of past things that actually never happened that way at least, or as Nigel puts it That s how the Void outside the loop attempts to balance the books and make the present correct, to neutralize the paradox He grinned savagely It s like the old Creationists claiming God laid down the dinosaur fossils a few thousand years ago only here it actually happened s The ending is awesome and quite surprising in many ways and while obviously requiring the announced sequel, it has enough closure to be fully satisfying given the end of The Evolutionary Void we know what happens with the Void, and I was still quite surprisedOverall just superb stuff, PFH in great form and a very balanced book between the sfnal human universe and the magic like Void with mostly new elements so no feeling of a retread of the Void trilogy or the original Commonwealth duology Top sf of the year so far ESP Telepathy Telekinesis Sobbing, Hysterical Women DNF 16%The women in this were absolutely absurd Over emotional, tantrums, hysteria, sobbing Hamilton tried to write it off as the void affecting them but then why were only the women hysterical And why did the remaining man stay rational It was a huge contrast to Pushing Ice and Reynolds s extremely well written women.What a horrible experience, if brief. Like Hamilton s earlier Void trilogy, this story is largely set in the pocket universe of The Void, where electronics and other post 19th century technology fails, and society has developed around ubiquitous psychic ability Hamilton avoids continuity problems by devising an independent planet, Bienvenido, within the same Void as the earlier stories on which to stage the action Here, all the same physical Void laws remain the same, but have slightly different nomenclature Likewise, a similar social structure has arisen in Bienvenido to that of the earlier novels Querencia a corrupt aristocracy with limited democratic dressing Astonishingly, he also carries over the same archetype for his main protagonist an idealist young lawman who enters the lion s den city as an outsider intent on reform The main situational difference between Querencia and Bienvenido is the ongoing threat of Fallers , alien pod people who murder and assume the shape of their victims Some sentimental wish fulfillment is introduced when a super capable Nigel Sheldon appears on the scene from the outside universe His Commonwealth technology is largely functional in the Void due to some effective planning, and he proceeds to manipulate people and events in order to stop these Fallers and break everyone free from the Void.While it s enjoyable to watch Nigel outsmart every other character in the book, it kind of reduces the drama to see him so wildly under matched The pacing often felt rushed as well, with several years of machinations compressed down to a few pages in order to hasten events I think the story works best when it leans into the SF genre and away from the Fantasy one The Commonwealth scenes are just entertaining to me than the horseback ones One notable exception can be found in the most interesting moment of the whole story, the discovery in the Desert of Bones Here there is depth and wonder worthy of the Space Opera genre.My biggest surprise with this story is how proximate it is to the Void trilogy While it is technically set in between the Starflyer and Void episodes of Hamilton s Commonwealth stories, it isn t the narrative bridge I had expected The readers who will enjoy this story most are those who preferred the Void stories, appreciating a good dose of Fantasy with their SF. While The Abyss Beyond Dreams is technically the seventh novel in the Commonwealth saga which began with 2002 s Misspent Youth , it still makes for a than suitable entry point into the universe, as Hamilton does an excellent job getting the reader up to speed on all the future tech and lingo, the history of the Commonwealth, and the nature of the mysterious Void, a black hole like spatial anomaly about which not much at all is known, other than the fact that it s expanding, and that an ancient race known as the Raiel have been guarding it for a million years Past expeditions into the Void by the Raiel have failed, as none have ever returned.All the background exposition is seamlessly integrated into the story, which mostly takes place in the same time frame as the recent Void Trilogy, though it begins a couple hundred years earlier, opening with 90 pages of pure horror There s an eerie, ominous intensity here that s rarely equaled in modern SF or modern horror for that matter Science team members aboard the giant starship Vermillion on a mission to found a new settlement away from the Commonwealth are prematurely brought out of suspension to find that the ship has somehow been sucked into the Void, even though their flight path took them nowhere within light years of it They don t know how this is possible, but they do know that no one s ever made it out They soon discover that the Void is exponentially larger on the inside, like a M bius strip, and that basic laws of physics like temporal flow are out of whack They also suddenly have telepathic and telekinetic powers, able to read one another s thoughts and move objects with their minds But as fascinating as all this is to the group of scientists, things take a horrific turn when Early, vague SPOILER they decide to investigate a strange anomaly organism floating in space Suddenly their lives are turned into living nightmares, and no one can trust their crew mates, as they may not be what they seem They may be monstrous doppelg ngers End SPOILER And that s just the opening pages of this inspired, epic novel, which then jumps ahead a couple centuries to the time period of the Void Trilogy , shifts from viewpoint to viewpoint, spread across thousands of light years, and re introduces the reader to some familiar faces, like the 1300 year old Nigel Sheldon, possibly the single most powerful person in the Commonwealth, and the bizarre Raiel, the alien race which, with the help of Nigel, may just be ready to once again investigate the Void, due to the dreams visions of the human prophet Inigo, and their mind blowing implications The world building is exceptional, as can be expected from this author, but what really struck me was the characterization, which was surprisingly deft compared to other modern space opera writers I cared about the fate of these characters, which isn t always the case for me, particularly in this sub genre, due to the dissociation I sometimes feel when reading about such far flung, alien worlds Hamilton manages to retain the human element amidst all the techno wizardry.Though I ve read Hamilton before, this was my first Commonwealth novel, and yet never did I feel overwhelmed or lost The Abyss Beyond Dreams does a great job of familiarizing the reader with this fully realized, immersive world, and unlike some past efforts by this author, its 600 plus pages are tightly paced and mostly free of bloat, maintaining a high tension level and a sense of wonder throughout, a sense of wonder matched only in my experience by such classic SF novels as Hyperion, Dune, and Anathem I m not ready to put it quite at the level of those just yet, as the story s only half complete, but I do know I ll be revisiting it again and again in the future Here s hoping the second half of this story delivers.For now, though, I m off to read the rest of the Commonwealth novels.4.5 Stars Oh, Nigel I love how we re continuing on with SO MANY of the previously great Commonwealth characters again, picking up the same awesomeness we visited in the Void trilogy.The void is a galaxy eating event that houses an alternate universe that allows the people within it to live VERY fast, generations and generations to our single generation on the outside, but with Psi abilities, depressed technological workings, and fantastically diverse worlds The hard SF universe on the outside, represented by Nigel, infiltrates the Void and what we have is a massive story of subverting the governments, dealing with another alien species set on escaping and or destroying the Void like Nigel.What we wind up getting is a humble beginning with an altruistic wedding, delightful interactions here, ramped up to a full revolution to destabilize the entire freaking population in the Void Too cool Massive action, great characters, new reveals but not that many in comparison to the original Void trilogy I consider this a great continuation It s like coming home. ^FREE DOWNLOAD ⇨ The Abyss Beyond Dreams ↡ The Year Is Nigel Sheldon, One Of The Founders Of The Commonwealth, Receives A Visit From The Raiel Self Appointed Guardians Of The Void, The Enigmatic Construct At The Core Of The Galaxy That Threatens The Existence Of All That Lives The Raiel Convince Nigel To Participate In A Desperate Scheme To Infiltrate The VoidOnce Inside, Nigel Discovers That Humans Are Not The Only Life Forms To Have Been Sucked Into The Void, Where The Laws Of Physics Are Subtly Different And Mental Powers Indistinguishable From Magic Are Commonplace The Humans Trapped There Are Afflicted By An Alien Species Of Biological Mimics The Fallers That Are Intelligent But Merciless KillersYet These Same Aliens May Hold The Key To Destroying The Threat Of The Void Forever If Nigel Can Uncover Their Secrets As The Fallers Relentless Attacks Continue, And The Fragile Human Society Splinters Into Civil War, Nigel Must Uncover The Secrets Of The Fallers Before He Is Killed By The Very People He Has Come To Save