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!E-PUB ☳ Once Upon A Haunted Moor (Tyack & Frayne #1) ⚆ Gideon Frayne Has Spent His Whole Working Life As A Policeman In The Village Of Dark On Bodmin Moor It S Not Life In The Fast Lane, But He Takes It Very Seriously, And His First Missing Child Case Is Eating Him Alive When His Own Boss Sends In A Psychic To Help With The Case, He S Gutted He S A Level Headed Copper Who Doesn T Believe In Such Things, And He Can T Help But Think That The Arrival Of Clairvoyant Lee Tyack Is A Comment On His Failure To Find The Little Girl But Lee Is Hard To Hate, No Matter How Gideon Tries At First Lee S Insights Into The Case Make No Sense, But He Seems To Have A Window Straight Into Gideon S Heart Son Of A Methodist Minister, Raised In A Tiny Cornish Village, Gideon Has Hidden His Sexuality For Years It S Cost Him One Lover, And He Can T Believe It When This Green Eyed Newcomer Stirs Up Old Feelings And Starts To Exert A Powerful Force Of Attraction Gideon And Lee Begin To Work Together On The Case But There Are Malignant Forces At Work In The Sleepy Little Village Of Dark, And Not Only Human Ones Gideon Is Starting To Wonder, Against All Common Sense, If There Might Be Some Truth In The Terrifying Legend Of The Bodmin Beast After All As A Misty Halloween Night Consumes The Moor, Gideon Must Race Against Time To Save Not Only The Lost Child But The Man Who S Begun To Restore His Faith In His Own Heart I loved the book title,the book cover,the blurb,the actual story,the atmosphere,the creepiness,the small dark village,the mystery of the missing little girl,policeman Gideon and psychic Lee,their love story,their dog,the time period Halloween I wish it was a longer book, but still it was good I am reading this series. Review written January 30, 2016 4 Stars Stunning intriguing and beautifully written, a great serial openerBook 1Andrea recommended this series over a year ago I have than just liked those three M M romances by Harper Fox I ve read so far They were all both different with a unique feeling and all very memorable Great recommended reads It shall be good to explore this Tyack Frayne series So far six shorter 75 100 pages novella episodes in the crime mystery genre with a new case in every part At last to read as a Tyack Frayne series BR with my very best GR buddy Sofia with start this January weekend..the Beast of Bodmin Moor You feel the sound before you hear it A little girl, Lorna, is still lost on the Cornwall Bodmin Moor after nearly two weeks The local police, the copper Gideon Frayne is near to give up It feels hopeless and he can t sleep He walks the moor every night and he hear the Beast High above him on the crag, the rocks of the Cheesewring floated eerily, their impossibly balanced towers stranger than ever in the wreathing mist For a while he could follow the hawthorn edged track, the ceremonial way with its odd feel of safety, as if it led over shark filled water Leaving it, he had a sense of leaving human territory behind, of entering into the realm ofOf what He forced himself to analyse his fears Then Lee Tyack a clairvoyant man with a lot of surprising abilities arrives.A green eyed clairvoyant stranger gives hopes..Gideon in his 30 s is a closeted minister son A small village copper in a still superstitious old traditional place in a corner of the big Cornwall moor The former boyfriend gave up and left and now there is maybe a new chance But the fog is dense and Gideon is pretty hard on himself.I m not going to spoil about this story A bit horrifying but so very well written and WOW all those beautiful views Ms Fox makes me see just reading I m already in love in those characters, the dog Isolde and this Cornish place This was a GREAT start I m so very eager to continue with 2 Tinsel Fish I LIKE and at once want of the moor Put this on my Kindle during one of my late night Brownian explorations on I read the first chapter but it didn t grab me, so set it aside for quite a while Being in the mood again for some escape reading, I gave it another go, and found it picked up in Chapter Two when the second protagonist future love interest arrived on the scene Some slight distraction from reading his name as Tyvak , which is iirc the brand name of an American insulating house wrap, but I got over that Paranormal mystery m m contemporary romance.Gideon Frane is the local bobby in a tiny village in Cornwall, which is an alien and thus interesting landscape and people scape to me, frantic over a missing child case Tyack is a clairvoyant sent down to help Do they really do that, officially, or only in fantasy ish books Both, conveniently for speeding things up in a short work, have lately broken up with prior boyfriends Frane is still in the closet, albeit with the door open, in part due to his upbringing, in part due to his job natch, he doesn t start out believing in the paranormal, but after two weeks on the case is getting desperate enough to try anything The mysterious Lee Tyack, who does not get a viewpoint, we discover along with Gideon as the book progresses.Well written, and I liked the setting and setup enough to go on and read the next two over the weekend The fascinatingly titled Tinsel Fish, and Don t Let Go, at which point I was ready for a change of pace, though I may circle back As is typical of such series, we have separate crime cases in each tale, with a developing relationship arc character exploration as the real interest to follow from one stepping stone to the next.Ta, L.Later All right, I ended up reading all six of these They held up pretty well over the story arc. Oh thank goodness for backups Ugh Deleted my review dammit I reread this April 2019 Loved it just as much as the first time and it s just as creepy.Originally read August 2018Holy crap on a cracker This book was crazy It was creepy, suspenseful and hauntingly beautiful I honestly don t know what to make of it all There s definitely a paranormal feel to it But, the writing itself gives it an otherworldly vibe The descriptions and flow all add to the mystery I stayed glued to it because I needed to know how this was going to play out And talk about hairs standing up on my neck Like I said, creepy This was definitely insta lust connection but given the situation and all, I could totally see it I m looking forward to of these two I think they re going to make a great couple. This is a very fun little book with some sexy and some spooky Perfect Halloween read On to book 2 This review will begin with this line In Vio I Should Trust Without her review, I would give this a pass Simply because Harper Fox s writing makes me exhausted But this one I really enjoyed Vio told me that this felt like Harper Fox s short stories and I think I m good with her writing in small dosage, seeing that I seem to love her short stories better So yep, this one, I apparently enjoyed as well.I loved the portrayal of the disconcerting little village of Dark what an appropriate name with the legend of the Beast of Bodmin Moor it reminded me of M Night Shymalan s movie, The Village and the case of the missing girl Protective copper Gideon Frayne and his clairvoyant Lee Tyack were such lovely couple the idea of a detective and a psychic also reminded me of Diana Copland s A Reason To Believe a favorite story of mine.There was a very tender affection between the two men, so gentle like the sound of the wind It made me feel like I was being caressed I even forgot that Gordon and Lee practically only knew one another in course of short days I guess the intense situation of the missing child and the creepy paranormal element, an idea of a Beast chasing villagers down the moor, made it all believable and I loved the dog What a great dog.I guess I will definitely be in when the sequel is released on Dec 21st. Fox s magic at it s best A haunting well laid out short with the added benefit that I can get Tyack and Frayne by reading the next stories in the series These are a couple that grow on one I like that Fox is writing an imperfect Gideon, trying to see himself, what s around him and how to go on.At one point Gideon saysI don t want Dark turning into MidsomerI don t want that either but I have to admit that I did enjoy this like I devour and enjoy British whodunnits with that mix of dismal weather, cold light, Brits, hard headedness, mystery, love and life, mixed into a perfect cocktail Cave in Polperro Cornwall Read with Ingela BR link 3.85 starsA spine tingling, spooky horror story I wasn t sure what was roaming the moors but it was enough to scare the bejeebers out of me, unsettling and creepy, I liked it a lot The anticipation was good, sadly the romance was minimal, a tiny bit disappointed there wasn t a couple scenes of kissing and intimacy between Lee and Gideon Overall an enjoyable and suspenseful read, perfect for a dark and stormy night. 4 StarsI found myself quite enthralled by this beautifully written and mysterious little story The characters were engaging and wholly likeable And although the romantic aspect of the story was fast moving, yet low on steam or relationship development, I was still thoroughly intrigued by the interactions between Tyack and Frayne.The mystery portion of the story was simplistic yet riveting, and I couldn t help but speed read through this story to find out what would happen next The backdrop of Bodmin Moor was masterfully brought to life here, too.I m very much looking forward to what comes next for Tyack and Frayne as a couple and as a crime solving duo This story was just up my alley.