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Inizialmente mi chiedevo quando avrei conosciuto Stix, il libro era molto incentrato su Zack e Cass non che mi dispiacia pi di tanto Finalmente Ivan a capito qualcosa ma ci sono voluti ben 5 libri, non uno che afferra al volo le opportunit Anche se un po ,mi dispiace per Gabriel speriamo in un prossimo.Certo che Zack sembra che attiri i peggior segretari del mondo E questo poi gli ha anche rovinato i piani Spero che vada bene in Texas.Mentre invece Zack molto bravo ad abbinare Dom e sub e ne sono felice perch questo Cuss mi piace.Per finire il matrimonio, ho pensato Zack impazzito del tutto ma a dir la verit stato un gesto carino perch , sia Wade che Ivan, hanno solo DOMZ come famiglia E il matrimonio con la famiglia. #Free E-pub á Stix (Masters Boys #5) ⛅ Stix Is A Young Man Who S Just Trying To Make His Way Nearly Five Years Ago He D Lost His First Job When He Was Caught In The Barn With The Farmer S Son He Counted Himself Fortunate To Have Found Work At The Lazy E Dude Ranch And Winery In Rural Westburg, Texas What S , Stix Has Always Known He Was Different Horses And Leather Are All He S Ever Known And Loved But He Craves Something So I thought Grit was a tearjerker wow, Patricia topped herself in Stix Not to say that Stix didn t have its amazingly hot moments Zack and Cassidy on vacation, yum Lots of seriously erotic scenes there as well as some chances to see two wonderfully loving, caring gay men Meeting Stix of course was great his immediate charm with Zack and Cassidy was great, even if he was a bit of a peeping Tom at first Yes, the tearjerker moments came with Wade, back home watching Zack and Cassidy s house and I loved every minute of his darling struggle I loved really meeting Gabriel and Marcus in this book, rather than the smaller mentions of them in Grit Zack s misfortunes around receptionists continue in this book and gave me my ROFLMAO moments And Vesper was such a dear I love her. A HEA A MUST READ I love her stories and this one was no exception I love Diamond aka Stix and LOVE MAster J The one that go to me the most in this one however was Wade It broke my heart but I cheered him on Not a spoiler but loved it I love that each book has a different set of men, but this one I really didn t get to know Stix and Marcus at all Good to see that things are going well for Zack and Cassidy And Wade and Phoenix have worked it out. 3.5 4 starsYet again, I really enjoyed this story but despite it being titled STIX, we get very little story about him, instead it s about the Zack Cass as well as Trick master P and the constantly changing receptionist Overall it was a good story though. I was so waiting for the fifth installment in the Master s boys series And I m so not disappointed Stix and Marcus are hot You can see that Patricia Logan loves her menAnd she has such a way to lead us throughout the difficult stories of these beautiful young subs, finding at last their loving gorgeous Dom Patricia knows well the BDSM world and gives us an accurate insight of its philosophy, practices and passion.She has created a whole BDSM world, a big loving and growing family of men, and I can t stop reading about their life, love, hot BDSM scenes, and I love all of them DWell done once again Patricia Kick ass book Favorite book