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I read from one of the most beautiful Harlequin just wonderful This was a very satisfying read It was interesting from beginning to end I loved the arrogant hero paired with a girl who knew how to hold her own without losing her femininity I enjoyed watching them fall in love This is the type of story that makes me glad that I gave HP s a shot. READ E-PUB ♍ Mistress by Contract ♡ Indecent Proposal There Was Only One Way For Mikayla To Clear Her Father S Debt To Powerful Tycoon Rafael Velez Aguilera By Offering Herself In Exchange She Knew It Was Crazy Rafael Had His Pick Of Glamorous Women, And Mikayla Was A VirginBut Rafael Was Intrigued By Mikayla S Proposal And Immediately Presented Her With A Contract Of Her Duties As His Mistress For A Year Top Of The List Was Sharing His Bed What Had Mikayla Let Herself In For Rafael Was An Intensely Sensual Man, And Once He D Made Love To Mikayla, He Might Never Let Her Go I absolutely LOVED this book I ve read it 4 times and feel like reading it again.Mikayla and Rafael are so good together and the hero is the most wonderful male character I have ever encountered in a book He is kind and loving and very gentle with Mikayla.Mikayla is also a beautiful soul who sacrifices herself for her dying Dad She is wonderful and Rafael is so taken by her at first sight.I truly recommend this book You WONT be disappointed Helen Bianchin outdoes herself once again I really enjoy her books This one is no exception Strong hero, strong heroine. A nice story I really need to say how much I love Mikayla She is a powerful, independent woman, who would do anything to save her father even she did give herself, literally, to this strange man I love how she is a teacher of a dangerous school in the day, and a waitress of an evendangerous bar at night She didn t really have a choice to save her dad I love Rafael at the end, though. Love Helen s strong alpha heroes I actually really liked this book our h and H were both strong characters who meet, make a deal and rather quickly fall on love Our H accepts the h s offer to be his mistress in exchange for writing off her dads debt, he s dying and embezzled to look after mum who died You can tell he s soon pretty crazy about her and she warms quickly to our H I liked that she stood up for herself and was not bothered by his previous girlfriend despite her trying to cause trouble I guess I was a little surprised she ran away from him near end as she had backbone for the rest of the book so running away seemed out of character the H is just lovely and doesn t really punish her for this just does everything he can to get her back. Mikayla will do anything to clear her father s debt to Rafael Velez Aguilera She offers him a deal She will be his mistress for a year and he will eliminate her father s debt This book was not bad but it left me cold I liked the heroine She was fierce, independent and extremely confident Rafael was sweet and very protective of her But I felt there was little plot and no angst something which bores me to tears.