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EBOOK Æ Portrait of Jennie õ Who Was She Where Had She Come From Was Jennie A Dream, A Memory, A Lovely Ghost From The Past Or Had She Stepped From Anther World Into This Eben Adams Could Only Guess At The Answer But He Understood That Jennie, Because She Dared To Love Him, Had Fused Past And Present Into The Delightful Delicate Magic Of Now And Tomorrow Could Jennie Triumph Over Tomorrow Too First line There is such a thing as hunger for than food, and that was the hunger I fed on.There was a song by Nat King Cole inspired by this story A portrait of Jennie 1948 And surprisingly, one by Madness Also, the film is there on YouTube too I kid you not RE VISIT 2015 is via the filmhttps www.youtube.com watch v Df zi The Portrait of Jennie by Robert Nathan was originally published in 1940 I read this book several times when I was a teenager Over the years, however, I completely forgot about it until I saw it pop up on my Goodreads feed a little while back I knew right away I wanted to re read this one, but finding a copy of this book is very difficult My library had an audio version, but I was hoping they would have a physical copy or at least a digital copy on Overdrive but I was out of luck on that front and eBay Oy Too rich for my blood Finally, I gave up and settled for the Kindle edition, which is only 99 cents I wondered if maybe I had mythologized this book I seem to remember the deep impression the story had on me, than any specific details of it, if that makes any sense I was worried it might be one of those books that once I read it as an adult, it would fail to impact me in the same way it did when I was younger Well, I needn t have worried about that As a teenager, drawn to fantasy and the supernatural, this book would have appealed to me due to the prominence of those elements But, as an adult, I realize the palpable loneliness, the longing, and the tragedy of the story, as well as the bittersweet and tender love story is what is really at the heart of the story The Past isn t behind us it s all around us I love this story than ever It s a short story novella size in length, but wow It really packs a powerful punch It s a so well written, so mysterious, and melancholy The fantasy elements are really left up to the reader to decipher as they see fit, as no pat answers are given This only adds to the book s legend, I think, as everyone seems to have a different opinion Personally, I lean, not towards the time travel, but a time slip scenario, myself That s a fine line, I know, but time slip adds of a supernatural tone, I think Either way, Eben Adams will hold Jeannie s memory in his heart, which is the most important thing, no matter which theory you choose to embrace I d love to hear your opinion There is a movie, most people are familiar with, starring Joseph Cotten, but amazingly enough, I have never seen it Some people really love it, but many believe the book is much better and my understanding is that some liberties were taken especially with the conclusion, so I think I ll continue to steer clear of the movie However, if you are interested, you can probably find it on YouTube 5 stars Lonely and magical, Portrait of Jennie is often cited as a romantic fantasy masterpiece Thanks to a classic film starring Joseph Cotten and Jennifer Jones, it is the one book title by this sadly almost forgotten author which is vaguely familiar to modern readers.Perhaps because there is something pure and lovely in his gentle tales, his oeuvre is incompatible with the crass harshness of modern life, and much of modern literature That makes them no less wonderful, however, and for some readers, makes them better Like all of Robert Nathan s stories, there is something ethereal here in Portrait of Jennie that nearly defies description.Is it the feeling of loneliness and loss of hope with which Nathan dusts the pages Is it Nathan s skill at showing the thin line between desolation and inspiration which so plagues every artist Is it Nathan s own tender portrait of the lovely Jennie, using words rather than a brush to paint her as she moves through time and ages, finally becoming the protagonist s great love, and his inspiration Or is it Robert Nathan s insightful observations on life, and the living of it Perhaps it is all of these things, and much Robert Nathan imbued this story with some intangible magic that either touches our heart when it is still open to love and romance, or falls flat and shames us because our heart has already moved into winter, and can no longer embrace its romantic purity.While it is somewhat protracted than many of Nathan s other wonderful stories, it is still incredibly lovely, with passages and sentiments so touching they are never forgotten by the reader An all time favorite book of mine, one which will certainly be enjoyed by anyone with a romantic heart. Last night I finished reading this gothic love story, or rather ghost story, I don t know how to define it.What a wonder, what a delicacy the narration of Robert Nathan, I was bewitched by the dry but precise descriptions of the human heart and the human effort of living the daily life The delicate love story, pure and innocent of Eben and Jennie amazes any certainty of the relational dynamics between man and womanThe supernatural component then, never crushes the narrative itself, making the reader to the end, a continuous uncertainty of events real, dreams, apparitions A little gem not to be missed Ieri sera tardi ho finito di leggere questa storia d a gotica, o meglio ghost story, non saprei bene come definirlaChe meraviglia, che delicatezza la narrazione di Robert Nathan, sono rimasta stregata dalle descrizioni cos asciutte ma precise del cuore dell uomo e della fatica umana del vivere il quotidiano La delicata storia d a, pura e innocente di Eben e Jennie spiazza qualsiasi certezza delle dinamiche relazionali tra uomo e donna.La componente sovrannaturale poi, non schiaccia mai la narrazione in se, rendendo al lettore sino alla fine, una continua incertezza degli avvenimenti..reali, sogni, apparizioni Una piccola perla assolutamente da non perdere