FREE DOWNLOAD ♶ Bred by an Angel (a Male Breeding Erotica) (a Male Breeding Erotica) (Knocked Up on Heavens Door) ♕

FREE DOWNLOAD ♪ Bred by an Angel (a Male Breeding Erotica) (a Male Breeding Erotica) (Knocked Up on Heavens Door) ♽ For The Last Week, David Hasn T Been Able To Sleep, Tormented By Images Of A Gorgeous Man So When That Same Man Appears As An Angel In The Middle Of A Board Meeting, He Assumes It S Just Another Dream But This Angel Is Very, Very Real, And On A Mission To Impregnate David With A New Sort Of MiracleEXPLICIT This , Word Story Is For Mature Audiences Only, And Contains Frottage, Mm Penetration, Male Pregnancy And One Incredibly Sexy Angel EXCERPT The Angel Took Another Step, Up To The Edge Of The Table Nearest David Slowly, He Lowered Himself Back To A Knee, Until They Were Almost Eye Level Hail, David, Favored Among Men As Promised By Our Lord, I Have Come Unto You, And I Shall Fill You With The Seed Of Heaven, And All Glory Shall Be Yours Up Close, It Was Even Harder To Keep His Eyes Where They Belonged You You Know Me For The First Time, The Angel S Face Showed A Glimmer Of Humanity His Perfect Brow Furrowed In Confusion I Have Come Unto You In Your Dreams, Lo These Past Seven Nights, Speaking To You Of My Coming Who Listens To Dreams With An Effort That Left Him Shaken, David Took A Step Back You Need To Go I Didn T Ask For This Moving With Impossible Grace, The Angel Came Down Off The Table And Stalked After Him His Wings Opened Slightly For Balance, Displaying Some Of Their Magnificent Breadth Few Do, And Yet The Lord Hath Chosen You To Receive This Honor, To Bear Our Next Savior To What David S Voice Died And His Knees Threatened To Give Out As The Angel Cupped His Cheek Hot, Satin Smooth Skin Scraped Against David S Five O Clock Shadow This Duty Has Been Granted To Me, David, O Blessed One, And I Shall Fulfill It An Inexplicable Calm Settled Over David It Pushed Back The Panic, Muffled The Voice Screaming This Is Wrong They Were Still There, Still Present, But Ignorable Storm Clouds On The Horizon, At Worst Will You He Asked, Suddenly Breathless Without Warning, The Angel Wrapped David S Tie Around His Other Hand And Used It To Pull Him In Until Their Lips Touched In A Gentle Kiss There Was Enough Of A Height Difference That David Had To Tilt His Head Back He Wasn T Short By Any Means, But The Angel Was Massive, Nearly A Foot Taller I Shouldn T We Shouldn T David Turned His Head And Tried To Pull Away, To Stand On His Own Two Feet, Anything This Is Crazy It Didn T Do Him Any Good The Angel Bent Over Him, All Gleaming Muscle And Impossible Eyes That Stole David S Breath Their Second Kiss Wasn T At All Gentle It Was Like Being Conquered, The Angel S Arms Tight Enough That Escape Suddenly Seemed A World Away