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[[ Download Kindle ]] Ä Das Nibelungenlied É Written By An Unknown Author In The Twelfth Century, This Powerful Tale Of Murder And Revenge Reaches Back To The Earliest Epochs Of German Antiquity, Transforming Centuries Old Legend Into A Masterpiece Of Chivalric Drama Siegfried, A Great Prince Of The Netherlands, Wins The Hand Of The Beautiful Princess Kriemhild Of Burgundy, By Aiding Her Brother Gunther In His Struggle To Seduce A Powerful Icelandic Queen But The Two Women Quarrel, And Siegfried Is Ultimately Destroyed By Those He Trusts The Most Comparable In Scope To The Iliad, This Skilfully Crafted Work Combines The Fragments Of Half Forgotten Myths To Create One Of The Greatest Epic Poems The Principal Version Of The Heroic Legends Used By Richard Wagner, In The Ring Relectura agosto 2016 Tengo tantos motivos para amar este libro como para odiarlo, as que ser breveCantar de los Nibelungossigue la historia de un linaje el de la corte de Worms, situada en Burgundia a partir de la entrada de Sigfrido en l y hasta el final del mismo Son unos cuantos a os de tragedias, malentendidos, traiciones, rencores y, por supuesto, varios olvidos y o equ vocos del compositor Lo bueno Presenta unos cuantos personajes interesantes los femeninos, sobre todo que se involucran con leyendas, como el tesoro de los Nibelungos y la capa de invisibilidad s , como la de Harry Potter Todos tienen personalidad propia y salen del manique smo que suele espantar en las historias de estas pocas Algunos incluso crecen en importancia y generan tensiones determinantes Me encant el particular pedido de mano de Brunilda, su car cter y lo que implica para ella el matrimonio Hay unas cuantas lecturas interesantes para hacer all y Krimilda no se queda atr s en cuanto aportes a la trama Sirve mucho para tener otra ptica de personajes hist ricos que pululan por el cantar e invita a mirar mapas Muchos mapas Lo malo Hay un quiebre en la mitad del cantar que no logr mantener mi inter s como la primera parte Existen, adem s, salidas de escena incomprensibles y olvidos para darle paso a la brutalidad extrema de un linaje que est evidentemente maldito Por supuesto, la culpa de todo recae m s f cilmente en las mujeres que en los hombres porque, claro est , en esa poca hasta el m s malo era preferible a una mujer enojada.Las descripciones de la ropa y de las joyas son densas y repetitivas, pero necesarias porque serv an para ostentar y comprar voluntades El final me hubiera gustado de no ser tan brusco, como si estuvieran apurados por resolver el conflicto Se podr a haber cerrado bien si no se hubiera perdido tanto tiempo en historias paralelas distractoras. Das NibelungenliedBy Anonymus Translated from Mittelhochdeutsch by Karl Simrock in 1827Existing historical locations and recordings of living persons at the time, determine the period of creation of this epic poem to between 1202 and 1204.It is the German counterpart to the Anglo Saxon sagas of King Arthur and his knights and Chretien of Troie s Lancelot tales.The geographical locations of the events stretch from Worms, the country on the river Rhine, to a northern Iceland, the castle of Brunehilde and later further south and east to Bavaria, Austria, Vienna and possibly to Bohemia or Hungary to the castle of King Etzel.Medieval chivalry is the background to the story of love and revenge between Siegfried the white knight in shining armour and Krimhilde the beautiful and faultless princess.Fairytale features light up the story with Siegrieds battle and slaying of a dragon, covering his body with the dragon s blood, almost gaining invulnerability to any future battle wounds.Nibelungenland is Siegfried s fairytale kingdom, the location of which is hard to guess Siegfried holds there an immense treasure of gold and silver, diamonds and jewellery as well as mysterious invisibility cap which he uses on several occasions and not always to his advantage.Inevitably the story also tells of the powerful dark villain knight Hagen, who causes endless sorrows, bloodshed and countless deaths with his treacherous intrigues and proceedings.The author knows and highlights chivalry values such as unfailing courteous behaviour to ladies of their choosing and everlasting faith and mutual protection between friends The style of writing is unique The story told in the German language of the nineteenth century is unusual in vocabulary and rhyme The beauty of the original can only be guessed.Chapter after chapter and sometimes between the lines, the author warns the reader of sorrow to come from ongoing actions and dialogues as they happen.This epic tale is the pride of German literature of the medieval ages.Its reading can be recommended to all friends with interest in chivalry literature. Because we all need some kick ass medieval literature in our lives. How bad do you want your epics to be Do you want someone to hit someone else so hard that the plains shake and gouts of red fire shoot from the impact How about someone throwing a boulder 20 fathoms and then leaping just as far And, if you don t, what s wrong with you This book epic lay is amazingly over the top, and at the same time is one of the greatest examples of medieval literature that has not been lost to antiquity Any one who has read and enjoyed Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, Aelfric s saga, etc should not give this a miss.