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I Have Killed Again And Again

And I Won't Be Stopped

Not Even When I Am Locked Up

That's Not Me

I Am Eames And I Haven't Finished

She Knows I Haven't Finished

Not Yet Okay I hadn't read the other book that this was supposed to link into and sadly I don't think I will. Not that the writing was bad or the storyline weak, just because it didn't grab my attention. I admit I wasn't keen on the style of writing, it was too insular at times and a bit predictable. January David is a complete stereotype of many flawed cops that have gone before him so brings nothing new. Hardly original a cop with a drinking problem. But, that said, I can see why many people will enjoy this book and subsequent others but for me it didn't hit the spot. Nice and short took me 15 mins at most a set up for book 3.

Worth your time. This free ebook story served as a bridge between Carver's earlier novels and his latest, Dead Set. It's main focus is to serve as a reminder of the murders that took place in Girl 4.

I admitted at the time that I was somewhat disappointed in Book 2, The Two, not because it wasn't an intriguing myserty but because of the lack of answers to the many questions raised by the shocking end to Girl 4. However, it seems from this story that those answers and quite likely more questions were going to be to be found in Dead Set. As a result, I decided that I would reread Girl 4 before moving on. It was a terrific thriller and I wanted to refresh my memory.

Just what I needed before the release of Dead Set. I am suitably immersed in the worlds of January David and Eames again and can't wait for 'Another Cold Cup of Coffee' from the sharp pen of Will Carver. This just didn't grab me at all. I realise this could be because I haven't read any of the other books but I'm not sure I would read them after this I'm sorry to say. I found it a little confusing and got lost at times even though it's a very short story.

I got this eBook as a free download from Amazon and unfortunately I would have been a bit miffed if I'd paid for it. Maybe because I didn't read Girl4, I don't find this short story intriguing. There isn't much plot. It ends out of my expectations. This is a bridge between The Two and Dead Set. It explains what Eames has been thinking and doing in prisonpreparing for his next plan Free 52page 'inbetweenquel' in the January David series. If this was an attempt to lure new readers, it failed. Awful writing, wooden characters, and ohso predictable. Will most certainly avoid the rest of this series like the plague. Guess I have to read others so I can understand what is this book talking about!! Disappointing