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A good, but not great story An interesting concept. Another very moving and romantic magic Stiles story The connection between these two is always amazing but this one had something extra special that just made me shiver.This was an inspired by at the end of one of the stories in the Incantation Ink series and I can totally see why If you liked that you will for sure like this as well.Must read for magic Stiles lovers Here is a piece of art that inspired the author to write this story.Read. #FREE PDF ì Beltane ¸ Teen Wolf Fan Fiction Derek Hale Stiles StilinskiWatching Stiles Heal Someone Has Always Been A Little Uncomfortable For Derek, Like He S Seeing Something Intimate And Private That Shouldn T Have An Audience That S Nothing Compared To How It Feels This Is An AU In Which Stiles Has Magical Healing PowersWords CompleteArt Blandade Tumblr Oh My Goodness.This was fantastic I absolutely loved it Really well written and despite it being only 25 pages you get a great story Stiles is a healer with lots of tattoos and piercings Yay Derek is sour, sad, thinks he doesn t deserve Stiles wolf Yay Derek gets injured The healing begins Excellent I d quite like to read from this world For some reason I got strong Buffy vibes from it and I can t for the life of me say why Some funny banter also included You can repaint it any color you want, Derek manages to say almost normally the pain s finally fading to a dull throb Except that putrid green It s called Quaking Aspen, you barbarian, Stiles says, sounding like himself than he has since he got here Somewhere, Martha Stewart just had to sit down and breathe into a paper bag Even Derek can be funny He s got so much of Stiles thrumming through him he ll probably be listening to Mumford Sons for the next week. Bordering near 2.5 stars This one is a little lackluster for me It did have a very heartfelt depiction of Derek in it as it is told from his POV Stiles on the other hand read as much emo alternative not sure the proper word to describe this version of Stiles Derek is hurt badly enough that he is having trouble healing and Stiles is a healer, but when Stiles lays hands on him to heal him, Stiles emotions for him are made known to Derek Only a little bit of sexy provided and it was seemed in emotion from Derek, but the story didn t seem fitting enough for them and the emotion not quite raw enough Though there were a few good lines that captured Derek s despair and longing well enoughLoyalty and love and joy, burning right through to the rotten core of him where Derek is weak and broken and worthless Stiles emotions, he assumes, but he ll take them His own aren t this enjoyable most of the time How am I just now reading this Loved this I find the idea of magic Stiles fascinating which is why if you have any recs you should totally send them my way , and DevilDoll had an interesting concept to work with here, although it wasn t as developed as I wish it would ve been There were also a lot of wonderful ideas and imagery about love and self hatred and all that in this story However, despite the relative originality of the story, the author didn t really break new ground or blow my mind with fresh insight into Stiles and Derek and their relationship.It is a very nice fic, but I ve read a lot of Sterek, and a lot of work by the greats of Sterek, so at this point it takes a little to wow me. Different to the usual Stiles incarnations, serious with a sad longing rather than flaily humour.Magic Stiles who heals and shares.It was well written, quite a lot of focus on ink and piercings.Personally I prefer to see characters work through issues, accept and grow here it s sudden magic accidentally making everything better and allowing Derek to move on If only reality were so simple I ll check out others by this author but this one isn t quite for me. measured, with assured prose, but the plotting lost all kinetic energy a third of the way in, leaving this a small and gentle amuse bouche about pulling your head out of your own ass. 4.5 StarsI can safely say that everything I ve ever read from DevilDoll has been pretty darn awesome and this was no different.Here, Derek s self loathing is at an all time high so much so that he has kept his feelings for Stiles hidden because he doesn t think he s worthy of it When his life is at stake, truths are revealed and Derek realizes that he should have had a little faith.So if you like destined love, epic love then this dense novella should make you extremely happy Angsty and sexy, the only bad thing about this was that it s not long enough.