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On the whole this is not a bad read at all I liked the character of Alex As a woman in a man s world she is used to fighting for what she wants, but with the added drawback of being disabled, she is doubly disadvantaged I liked reading about how she coped with her disability at work, how she had to make a determined effort not to complain if she was in any pain, because she was adamant in her own mind that she had to appear strong and as capable as any able bodied person All this, together with watching her in her home life, struggling with the demands of a teenage daughter, combined to help create a very human, likeable character.The story itself is not a bad one, although it is easy to work out I am afraid to say that, despite the twists and turns, I had it worked out fairly early on in the book and I would have preferred to have been kept guessing longer. First sentence Detective Sergeant Alexandara Brady fully trained advanced driver.So I m no English major, but even I know when a semi colon is that blatantly out of place The fist page alone has four real cock ups It s not ready to be published Clean this mess up. The Book was good a bit of mystery going on I like the main character Alex She s a detective determined to do her job even though she s been through a very traumatic experience, losing her leg in a accident she s determined to show that even with her disability she can do her job, take care of her family and so fourth There are times she s in physical pain but she does her best to shrug it off and get the job done I think sheddingmental pain learning to live the rest of her life with the handicap she now has she s a very strong female character I like that in books The story itself isn t bad at times I could foresee the result of what was to come but all in all its not a bad read I was given this book for a honest review. Alex is a police detective who lost a leg in a car chase She is determined not to allow the disability to affect her work, although at times it bothers her both physically and mentally It was a good story, and I would definitely read another story by this author I thought it was interesting that j.K Rowling also has a protagonist missing a leg and who is a private detective also in England. &DOWNLOAD EPUB ✔ My Soul To Keep ↝ After Losing A Leg In A High Speed Car Chase, Detective Sergeant Alex Brady, Returns To What Are Meant To Be Light Duties She Is Tasked With A Mundane Missing Persons Enquiry But Her First Case Back On The Job Is Anything But Simple The Missing Person Is The Niece Of Her Assistant Chief Constable Jack Dawlish S Susannah ReynoldsAnd When A Body Is Discovered, Alex Brady Finds Herself Embroiled In A Murder Investigation When Edith, A Gentle, Old Landlady, Turns Up At The Police Station Wishing To Offer Her Clairvoyant Assistance, Alex Isn T Convinced And With The Attractive Yet Mysterious DCI John Rutland As Her New Boss, She S Than A Little Worried About How He D React To Edith As A Source Of InformationBut When A Second Disappearance Is Successfully Predicted, This Has To Be Than Just A Coincidence Where Is Edith Getting Her Information From Is She Just Using Psychological Tricks Or Is There To It Something Doesn T Add Up But Who Is Telling The Truth What Exactly Happened To Susannah That Night And How Do These Seemingly Random Women Connect To One Another My Soul To Keep Is A Gripping Contemporary Crime Novel That Will Keep You Guessing Until The Very End It Is The First In A Series Featuring Detective Sergeant Alex Brady And The Team A Brilliant New Detective Series That Will Have Crime Readers Hooked Tom Kasey, Best Selling Author Of Trade Off Endeavour Press Is The UK S Leading Independent Publisher Of Digital Books