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Taming of the Screw In Geek of Legend The Elvish Screwdriver, by Geekus Maxius, Robert Stanton is in a job interview for a computer technician position With a wife and baby on the way, Robert lies and claims he was downsized because of economic reasons Max Thomas, interviewer and medieval weapons collector, knows the real reason Robert was fired After Robert learns the last employee in the position was killed in the line of computer technician duty, Robert agrees to complete one job on a trial basis Max insists it s a fairly easy job After mounting a horse for house call rather than a company car, Robert knows this is not going to be an easy job In return for being called Sam and not horsey or buddy, Sam will call his reluctant passenger Robert, rather than human or dumba The Elvish Screwdriver is a wonderful short read If J R R Tolkien had incorporated computer woes in Lord of the Rings, then the Elvish Screwdriver would have been the subject of an important quest Follow Robert s adventures as he puts a new twist on troubleshooting and problem solving in this entertaining short work. [[ E-pub ]] ⇨ Geek of Legend (Geek of Legend, #1) ☟ Robert Had Just Been Let Go From His Supervisor Role At A Tech Firm After His Interview At Geek Tech, Inc He Agrees To A One Time Test Run To See If He Ll Like The Job, Since The Entire Situation Seems A Bit Shady And His Predecessor Was Killed On The Job Come Along For The Journey As He Fixes Computers And Technology In A World Of Goblins, Dwarves, Elves, Trolls, Orcs, And Talking Horses This is a really cute little book that starts with an IT tech s interview at a new job He has no idea that the new job involves working for a bunch of clients, not of this normal world.The story isn t particularly lengthy but it feels complete, had me laughing aloud and blended the real world tech problems with a world full of fantasy creatures There were even a few geeky riddles for tech fiends to puzzle over.All in all I adored the short and think this being written is another reason why ebooks and how the self publishing world has changed is a good thing It also turns out that there are of these, so I ll definitely be reading on Tech help in an enchanted landThis is a very clever and entertaining novella about a gentleman who applied for a computer tech job and ended up in a fantasyland filled with dwarves and elves and other mystical creatures Filled with great humor I hope this author has adventures coming. Fun idea, had good fun especially for solving the riddles before the computer tech did D Will read the rest of the series soon 3.5 stars Funny, short story with bland narration Would have been 4 4.5 stars with a decent narrator.