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Edited on 20 06 14 because I was unhappy with one sentence Ha, I really can be a bit of a perfectionist.Please note that I did not finish this book My review and rating are for the first 26% of this ONLY.Note this review contains a lot of swearing and anger If you are the author, a friend of the author, or are sensitive to swearing, please proceed with caution Seeof my reviews at Me, You, and My Shelf This is the second worst book I have ever read in my entire life after Save the Pearls Not only do the characterisation, plot, and writing fail, this book also went on to make me upset Really upset It has the most offensive line I have ever read But let s start with the usual stuff, anyway The Children of the Mist is a bullshit book about a girl called Morven no, that is not a typo who is a vampire She has a werewolf friend called Zest again, not a typo , who is a werewolf.Yeah, vampires and werewolves We have we heard of that before I didn t get far enough into the book to get to the real plot, but at 26% into it, one expects something interesting to happen But I digress.The main character, Morven was horrible She is a poorly portrayed skater girl The author probably intended to make her a typical skater girl slightly rebellious and tough , but she failed Morven came off as irritating, judgemental, and stupidWith decisive strokes Morven struck out the second line of the formula She picked up the blue canvas strap and headed for the door, her bag swishing behind her As the door swung softly closed she could hear the hoots and catcalls that signified a successful mission Yep That is her badassery She does an incorrect math equation on the board and then just walks out What the hell What is she even trying to achieve Walking out because the teacher asked you a question does not mean that someone is badass or cool, it just makes you look like an annoying idiotIt wasn t that she disliked either girl, just that they were so incredibly dull, wittering on about bands, boys and bras Great, yet another attempt to make a female character interesting and different.She also mentions boobs around 6 times in the first 10% of the bookSkating was the real thing She wouldn t even swap it for a D cup Drew attention away from her boobless state Her chest, which despite her advanced age of nearly sixteen remained stubbornly flat Oh, god, we get it No one gives a shit about your boobs, Morven.Zest is the typical weird best friend He skates and hangs out with Morven Of course, he s also in love with herZest ruthlessly crushed his lust down Sadly, he d had lots of practise Bwahahaha Zest was pretty bland, and he seems to be one of the few people who know that Morven is a vampire.Oh, and guess what Morven and Zest have great hobbies, tooUsually they d utilise their time playing chicken on the railway tracks What the fuck do these people do with their lives This is obviously another attempt to make both characters look bad ass, but it just comes off as idiotic There s a fine line between taking risks and asking for a train to come by and kill you.There s also the typical girly girls that are hated uponWaves of hostility wafted from their pores like toxic waste Ew Great simile there.None of the characters felt real Morven and Zest don t feel like teenagers Or children Or adults I don t know I can t put my finger on it, but they both felt off.I m horrible at judging writing quality I m not really a great writer, so I can only pick out really good writing, and really bad writing.Looking at the quotes above, you might be able to tell that the writing in this book falls into the latter.The writing in this book is absolutely awful Sometimes I have no idea what the characters are even saying I m sixteen and I don t live under a rock I should be able to understand this stuffMaybe she could beg some cash from her mum for some new Connie s her present pair was cactus You whatShe began to count how many steps each girl took before she jumped It seemed a bad omen that all but one took uneven steps Two totalled 13 Not good What What the hell is she even doingThe best number had to be even Odd numbers were bad luck The very best numbers were double evens, like 66 The number 30 could not even be considered because it had a three However, it was a better result than a seven Seven was bad mojo sixteen Good result What the hell is this This is fucking ridiculous.You know what As frustrating and awful as this book was, I really would have continued it I would have slugged all the way to the end just to see what happened There are two quotes I find incredibly offensive in this bookIt didn t help when Missy returned to remind Morven what a real girl should look like toasted skin the colour of honey, a very creditable C cup, and eyes the picture postcard blue You have got to be kidding me I am none of those things So, apparently I don t look like a real girl Let s also look deeper into this quote Skin the colour of honey and blue eyes are European traits I m Chinese, and I cannot have blue eyes Does this mean that Asians and people with darker skin aren t real girls You know what being a real girl is Having a vagina That s all But it was the last quote that broke me It made me so fucking angry Even a day after reading it, I m getting really, really angry just writing this This quote made me put this book down It made me decide never to read anything by the same author ever again.Brace yourselfWas there something wrong with her Did she have some sort of rare disease or, worse, some syndrome that they d not told her Was she going to grow a penis or turn into a dribbling idiot Were her genetic parents locked up in a lunatic asylumdribbling idiot FUCKKKKKK sorry, I really couldn t hold it back any longer That is the most offensive line I have ever read including everything in Save the Pearls This broke me Mental illnesses are something that is very important to me I feel that the mentally ill are surrounded by inaccurate negative stereotypes and this was no exception Presuming that she means a mental syndrome mental syndromes and other syndromes are very different, and by the phrase dribbling idiot , we can assume that the author is talking about mental syndromes , that is so incredibly offensive Just because someone has a syndrome does not mean that they are an idiot In fact, some people with Asperger s syndrome are incredibly smart In fact, I m sure that sufferers of Asperger s syndrome would be livid if they ever read this People with mental syndromes are far from dribbling idiots Every single person suffering from a mental syndrome is farthan a dribbling idiot People struggle with these types of things Calling them dribbling idiots is plain cruel.The fact that she used the term syndrome instead of mental syndrome is silly I have all the symptoms of Hypermobility syndrome being abnormally flexible and Precordial Catch syndrome non fatal sudden chest pain near the heart I likely suffer from both, but they re not actually diagnosed So, the author is technically calling me a dribbling idiot What Having a syndrome to do with connective tissues and chest pain isn t even close to being a dribbling idiot If she was going to be completely offensive, she could have at least used a proper term.Every single person suffering from a mental syndrome isthan a dribbling idiot Those people can go on to live exceptional lives They have personalities and hobbies.It s also just plain disappointing that these lines weren t edited out A good editor should be able to spot stuff like this.I m never reading anything by this author ever again This is just plain unacceptable.I have one final thing to say about this book Fuck this shit An ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley. I received this ebook from Netgalley from publisher in exchange of an honest review.Reading it was painful, and most of the time I just skimmed through it just to get a general idea of what the book was about, but even then I had difficulty keeping focus and not becoming bored with it Now I m not trying to say the author or the book is bad, the fact of it all is that the author just happen to be one of those that go into long detailed descriptions on everything they can get their mind wrapped around Details are great when reading as they allow readers to imagine the scene, but there is a limit to how much detail is good before it takes hold and kills the book for some The characters were also given a chance as some did intrigue me, but there was one that just stabbed me in the heart One male character, Zest, had claimed to be a werewolf, and this fact excited me, but once reading this book s version of the mythical creature, it made me upset Zest did not transform into a beast and really just ran around to kill animals before eating their body raw To me, he was nothing but a raving lunatic It turns out this novel was also set in Australia and I only found this out until I was 20% into the book where they started to talk about dingos and wallabies If you are one to enjoy novels with long details, then this book was made for you, but for me, I just couldn t handle it. This book was a DNF for me The characters fell flat They were not well thought out characters and didn t fit into any age bracket The authors way of using a Hitler like appreance as a real girl is keeping the cycle going for young women to not except themselves Real Girls are all different colors, shapes, and features What makes a girl a girl is being born with those parts or being born wanting those parts My next huge issue is the story line was so BORING This book also makes fun of mental illness Which I found distrubing and frustrating WHY do people think that having a mental illness is something to make fun of Do we make fun of blind people, the handicap in other ways What right does ANYONE have to hurt someone with an illness that can t be controlled IT S NOT FUNNY Book Review Children of the Mist by Jenny BrigalowMorven Smith is a skater chick She lives for the freedom she feels when she is on her board Everything else she counts Even numbers are the best result Odd number can bring bad luck Her best friend and partner in crime is Zest She can be herself around him and he totally gets her.Lately though she has been feeling odd and is noticing things she hasn t before These things include how Zest has filled out or hearing things she shouldn t be able to hear Her energy level is way up and she craves rare meat She doesn t understand at all why this is happening to her Her life changes one night when she is out with Zest and Dog skating They make a jump between two buildings Dog tries to make the jump and Morven somehow saves the dog from falling to his death Zest is shocked and excited at her actions He thinks he knows what is happening to her After he explains what he thinks, she falls over in tremendous pain She can hardly walk with the pain in her abdomen and Zest ends up carrying her home His worry is acute He thinks she is becoming but he hopes he isn t wrong He doesn t want anything serious to be wrong with her If he is right, then he is no longer alone She is his kind, a child of the mist Morven is becoming and she must leave to search for her real family in Scotland Things don t go as planned and she finds her life and Zest s life in danger They have to work together to make it home.I really liked this book The author kept things in the dark and had me guessing I really like books where I have to figure things out If the author challenges me then it is even better.The characters were refreshing I liked Morven s confidence and the fact she was comfortable with herself There seemed to be only one thing that bothered her about herself.I also liked Zest and Morven s relationship They were really good together The trust they had in each other was nice to see They had a great friendship that grew to evenThey understood each other like no other Excellent story and I recommend this to any young adult I give it a 4 out of 5. ReviewSkater girl Morven and skater guy Zest have been best friends forever, sharing thier mutual love of skating and living on the edge They thought being teenagers would be the only thing they have to worry about but when Morven enters through some usual changes Soon Zest comes to realizes Morven s usual changes are something that he s has an understanding of and knew that Morven need to understand what she ll really become However Zest has his own changes as well and for years he s never been able to tell anyone but now he trusts Morven with his secret and Zest will keeps hers Morven s new changes lies with hidden secrets, secrets she will have to travel to her homeland to figure out who she is and the feuding between the supernaturals and families names will be the first thing she ll learn I give this book 3 Cat s Tails up, it was ordinary for sure along with the feuding families concept but I still wantedI m intrigue of Jenny s idea but I still wish there wasin the first book where things starts spilling out.Check outon my blog I first decided to read this book because I really like aussie books, I like their cool idioms and reading about places that I d love to visit someday, in this case, Australia and Scotland So I met Morven, a skater girl, 16 year old and with a penchant for adrenaline The first couple of chapters introduced her and her friend Zest I read about them skating, trespassing private property and freeing a lively Dog, but I still couldn t feel anything for them I couldn t tell you why, but I couldn t bring myself to care for these characters Sometimes I d get excited about a situation, like when Morven starts to transform, to Become, and nurses and doctors try to pin her down and stop her from escaping But then the book would go back to its previous slow pace and lost its grasp on me I read half of the book and still, I couldn t get into it I really tried to finish it, but it s been a long while and I need to read the other books on my Review List Maybe the book will make up for these things I m listing here in its second half, but I m not tempted to read it any time soon Sorry, Jenny I really hate it when I can t even finish a book If any of you have read the whole thing, let me know how it ends xo, Ella |Kindle ⚕ The Children of the Mist ♵ An Original Paranormal YA About An Unconventional Girl, An Unconventional Boy, Their Extraordinary Transformations, And The Secrets Of The Scottish HighlandsWhen Skater Girl Morven Smith Turns Sixteen, She Develops Boobs, Acute Appendicitisand A Pair Of Pointy Teeth While She Is Stunned By Her Metamorphosis Into Vampire, Her Best Mate, The Enigmatic Zest, Is Not For The Young Werewolf, Morven S Transformation Is An Answer To His Lonely Prayers But They Are Unable To Celebrate Their Mutual Paranormalcy For Long There Are Too Many Dangers, Too Much Suspicion, And Too Many Questions It S Only In Scotland That Morven Can Learn The Truth About Her Past But She Discovers Than She Bargained For When She Meets Her Birth Family An Ancient Feud Between Vampires And Werewolves They May Both Be Children Of The Mist, But Only One Species Can Survive I quite enjoyed The Children of the Mist, although I will admit to being completely confused by the title for the majority of the book Morven wasn t my favorite character, something about her rubbed me the wrong way, but the plot mostly made up for that I really appreciate it when I don t know what is going to happen next instead of guessing everything within the first few pages, so that was a major bonus for this story Only certain things were obvious and I think they added to the book as a whole This book would be best enjoyed by die hard werewolf and vampire romance fans, but others will surely enjoy it as well. DNF SO I really had to push myself to try to finish this book and I couldn t I stopped at 78% I really liked the fact that this was a werewolf and vampire book But I just couldn t get into it I do have to wonder though, if it s because half the time I didn t get what the author was trying to say Perhaps because it was written in British English Shrugs I really hate give a book low stars, but I couldn t make myself give this book anything higher than a 2 star, as many times I found myself skipping the book At this point, if this series has another book coming out, I won t be reading it, sadly. Katharine is a judge for the Aurealis Awards This review is the personal opinion of Katharine herself, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of any judging panel, the judging coordinator or the Aurealis Awards management team.