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Before I get into my thoughts on the story, I have to say that I don t think this book was edited.at all Sentences were either missing words, or the wrong words were in there making reading difficult at times because you had to re read the sentence mentally fixing the errors and replacing the incorrect words I had real issues with how quickly this relationship moved Specifically when she woke up, tied up with her kidnapper There just wasn t enough charater and story development for me to buy into the quick jump this relationship took Her seeming willingness to just stay with her kidnapper without ever being told why she was there was hard to buy into I really liked the idea of a paranormal twist to this story, but we aren t witnessing any of it until the very end of the book I like the concept of this book and because I can t leave a book series unfinished, I will read the next book I hope the author takes time to really flesh this story out and develop it It has the potential to be a great story if she just takes the time with it. Sonsofbitches This was completely unexpected.Full review to come. Freebie 11 29 13 Ok, this book was a let down There s a lot of editing errors The whole writing of the story is confusing Transitioning from chapter to chapter, you don t know who s talking The book is from both Angelina and Dennis s points of view Let me just say, going from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2, before I figured it out, I had to re read it three times It s very confusing to start Then the middle is highly unbelieveable and unrelatable I m sorry, but if you re kidnapped, and have no clue what s going on, are you just going to say, ok, I ll stay with you Not the strong female characters I prefer It was a little steamy in parts, but very choppy This book looked so hot and I was just really disappointed after reading it Who wouldn t want to read a sexy kidnapping story, right Well, it s definitely not that [ Pdf ] ☾ Right Now (Seduced, #1) ♈ Angelina Marie Moore Is A Small Time Girl From Virginia Looking For A Fresh Start To Life In A Big City Like New York City After Having The Only Man She Truly Loved Be Ripped Out Of Her Life Forever And Get Cheated On By A Man That She Tried To Love, She Ends Up Leaving And Starting Over In A New City Dennis Evers Is A Man Is That Has It All, He Is The CEO Of Evers And Evers Communications And A CIA Secret Agent There Both Nothing Compared To What He Really Wants Someone To Share His Hopes And Dreams With Now He Finds Himself On A Special Secret Mission To Protect A Girl That Has No Idea Of What Power She Welds In A Ring That She Wears Right Now Is Seductive And Yet Can Be A Dirty Read That Follows The Point Of View Of Two Complete Strangers From Different Backgrounds And Eventually Fallen Head Over Heels For Each Other, While Trying To Keep A Secret Relic From Fallen Into The Wrong Hands This Book Is Intended For Mature Audiences And Is Also Book One Of The Seduced Series Right Now by Jackie McMahonAfter losing the love of her life and a close friend Angelina Moore can t seem to move past her depression so she leaves her small town in Virginia for New York where she hopes to move past her sorrow and have an adventure Her best friend and coworker Betty is worried that she is spending too much time alone and takes her out for a little fun At the club Angelina feels out of place and decides to go home so that Betty can enjoy herself As Angelina is walking home she is suddenly grabbed from behind, next thing she knows she is coming too in a strange place with a handsome man.Dennis Evers is a billionaire in the communications industry but what few people know is that he is also a secret agent with the CIA Dennis has been tasked with keeping Angelina from a notorious criminal who is after the ring her grandfather gave her years ago and told her to NEVER take off, warning that it would keep her safe Dennis and Angelia are immediately attracted to each other and over the following weeks a relationship develops For different reasons they both know the relationship cannot last, but each holds hope for the best.This book has the makings of an excellent story I had a hard time with it because although I love when a story is told from both characters Point of View, this was not made clear and I found the beginning quite confusing not realizing we had moved from Angelina to Dennis in chapter two Also, this book desperately needs to be edited There are many places where the authors thoughts do not flow, words are doubled or an idea is not clear from the word choice I think that Ms McMahon has a great premise for a series, but I feel she needs to find a good editor. Great cast of characters, loved Grace, she s a beautiful young women, sister to a famous actress and soon to be screenwriter Jake a sexy as hell actors whose just beginning his career and is somewhat shy and naive When they meet sparks fly, ok not right when they meet but that part was very funny Gunther a high and mighty, take no prisoners, have sex with whoever I want film producer could make or break many careers Thought that part was written perfectly, I wanted to hit Gunther Cara Grace s big sister is always there for her but when someone hurts Grace Cara is there with gloves on Love the sister s relationship and of course Cara s finance Grant When Jake and Grace get together kisses are frantic and bodies are hot, loved the flirting and kisses between the two Very sweet story If your looking for a romance with light humor and ups and downs this books for you.4 stars Review by upallnightreadallday.blogspot.com Right NowBook One of the Seduced SeriesI was given a copy of this book by the author as a gift The book starts out fairly quickly and, without spoiling anything, involves a beautiful young woman overcoming tragedy naivet with the help of a handsome Bond ish agent she meets in a rather interesting way.The story, and the characters relationship, blossoms as the novel continues, with both some steam and some heart wrenching emotion that many readers will understand and commiserate with I know I did I knew exactly what Angelina the protagonist was feeling than once during the story I will honestly say that some sections made me cry while other chapters made me jump for joy.Again I don t want to give away any spoilers, but the ending is worth the trip I cried to the last line with my Siberian Husky looking at me like I d grown an extra head.My recommendation Grab it and wait impatiently for the next I only had a few issues with this story First, I don t think it was edited, and if it was, the editor did a horrible job Some sentences were missing words and had incorrect spelling and grammar Second, it was just very hard to believe that someone could just wake up and sleep with their kidnapper without putting up a fight I don t like the story development, I think that she decided to stay way too easily, and have sex way too soon Finally I hated how she could go from them fighting a week later to them being together again, in one page She defiantly moved things too fast.I liked the story idea, but the author should have took time with it I loved the paranormal twist even though it was towards the end I also enjoyed the Michael Jackson high pitch hehe voice thing scenes sexual scenes I don t normally read paranormal book, but I will be reading the second one and hopefully it will be better. There were two main things that bothered me about this book.1 Pace I m normally down for fast paced books because I hate the long drawn out Does he like me Do I like him I think I like him but I m scared Blah blah blah But.this book was so fast paced sometimes I felt like it went from 0 to 100 all in the span of a paragraph It just wasn t realistic enough for me.2 Errors Both the spelling and grammatical errors were a little bit much I m usually really forgiving of such things For example she took of her high healed shoes which is fine because I understood what the author meant But sometimes while reading I wondered if I was missing a part of the story Wondering if I d interpret it differently if the author had written the grammatically incorrect sentences correctly Unfortunately, I wouldn t recommend a friend pay 2.99 for this book.