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Brilliant as alwaysthis novella is in Brandon s POV and literally fills in the blanksso farof what happened before that fateful night that changed his life forever.You get a really good feel for Brandon as a young carefree man and his love for Holly and a glimpse into post Holly Brandon and how he has been changed forever.This book is simply terrific, Brandon is smart , funny and loving and I for one am eagerly awaiting part 2. [[ Free E-pub ]] ☟ Misguided Truths (Misjudged, #3) ↯ To Be Read AFTER Reading Both Misjudged Misplaced Trust Every Story Has Its Own Beginning His Started When He Set Her A Simple Challenge But, Unbeknown To Him At The Time, This Very Challenge Was The Start To Something That Would Change His Life Forever Music Was His Life His Reason To Breathe Until He Fell In Love Are You Ready To Hear Brandon S Story This Is A Novella From Brandon S POV Oh wow seriously good story shame it was so short but even though it is short the story all pulls together nicely so it doesn t feel rushed, OMG Brandon I cried so much for him Puh lease hurry up with part 2 I soooooo need to read it I gave this book 5 because there was no option for 10 loved every minute of reading this book I loved Brandon anyway but this book made me love him even ,I cannot wait for part 2,for anyone who hasn t read this what are you waiting for get one clicking NOW Loved the insight this book gave you into Brandon s life before and during his relationship with holly As I d already read, devored and enjoyed both the books in tis series I was really excited to hear the story from Brandon s point of view There was still a few blanks that needed to be filled in and only Brandon could do that.This book is not a retelling of Alexis story Brandon s story starts way before he meets Alexis It tells us about what Brandon was like before the night that changed his world, he s still cocky and sexy but not scared to love.I want to say so much about this book, but it would give too much away The whole truth is revealed iand I found myself having oh god yes moments through out when events start to slot into place.I love hearing Brandon s POV, along with his wit and charm I felt extremely sorry for this young man.Sarah is an extremely clever author the way she entwined Alexis and Brandon even before they meet is nothing short of phenomenal.Sarah manages to conjure the feelings of the moment bring me to tears a few times throughout this emotional book I had never hated a fictional character as much as I hate one of Sarah s, she writes bad so good This is part one of Brandon s story Looking forward to completeing this series, but sad to say goodbye to Brandon Taylor As these two books belong to each other, I am going to review them together In the 3rd and 4th book of the Misjudged series, the reader gets to see everything that already happened through Brandon s eyes which lets the story appear even emotional, sensetive and touching.Normally turning a book into another POV is something which can be very boring and not pretty useful as you know about everything that s happening This is definetly not the case as it even feels like kind of a different stories told through a different set of eyes Brandon is one of the most sensual and emotional characters I have ever met which made me even react on the things happening.In the first two books the readership was able to see and hear what Alexis sees or hears exept of some little parts in which we were able to get at least a glimpse of Brandons inner thoughts which is something I really would like to mention as a positive aspect Brandon is an unbeliveable complex character you really should get to know.Posted on So I didn t really know what to think when I started this, I didn t realize that when I was getting Brandon s POV it was going to go back to the very beginning Let me just say I was pleasantly surprised I didn t expect it and that made it even better I really like how this painted a much better picture of Neil It really is important that you read the first two books first I personally don t think you can read this and them jump over to the other books, I think it gives too much away, at least that is my opinion I really liked seeing Holly and knowing what all happened I especially liked where this book left off It just made it a neater little package jumping into book 4, which I can t wait to read, thank goodness I had all 4 books at hand when I got started Yet again another brilliant piece by the wonderful Sarah Elizabeth Misguided truths Part One tells the story from Brandon s Point Of View After reading the first two in this series in Alexis POV I was very excited to be reading this in Brandon s POV I loved knowing what he was thinking whilst things unfolded It was great getting an some insight of Brandon s backstory.There s so many things that happens in this that had me shocked, Neil is one evil, evil man ugh I really wish I could give you than 5 stars because this series truly is incredible, I m going on to the next one now lol I can t stop now, I m too hooked. This is great as it is not a retelling of Misjudged This is Brandon s pov right before he gets to college and way before he meets Alexis I loved finding out how Brandon was before that god awful night changed his world.My heart broke for Holly as she was so young and for him as well as Holly seemed to be his first love and they did have rocky young love relationship before tragedy strikes This series is fantastic and has me feeling lots of different emotions I m looking forward to reading the second part in Brandon s Pov of the misjudged series which im sure will be fantastic as there are some blanks that only he can fill in.