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~FREE PDF ☢ Beautifully Broken (Beautifully, #1) ☪ One Night Of Unbridled Sex Is All Isabella Moss WantedWhat She Got Was Sexy, Unattainable Multi Millionaire Liam MaddoxHe Possesses Her Entirely, Demanding Things She Never Wanted To Give To AnyoneShe Finds Herself Yielding To Feelings She Never Knew Her Frozen Heart Could PossesHe Turns Her Life Around While Unwittingly Resurfacing A Past She S Not Willing To FaceLiam Maddox Uses Women For One Purpose SexThe Broken Relationships In His Past Have Left Him Cold And Distant The Women Allowed Into His Life Accustomed To Waking To An Empty BedIsabella Moss Was Supposed To Serve The Same PurposeOnly Now He Finds Himself Clinging To Her, Sleeping Next To Her, Yearning ForShe Changing Everything And His Evenly Controlled Life Is Shattered By One Mysterious Beauty Utterly Speechless Holy hell. Just finished re reading this, off to book 2 now This book has a very nice story and is filled with SOOO MUCH SEX AND STEAM Isabella always had her best friend Lucas since they met freshman year of college, but he wanted then friendship with her Finally saying yes and seeing where this new relationship would go, a few years later Isabella finds herself in a relationship that isn t want she wants Lucas will do anything for her and does In the bedroom he treats her like a queen and acts like she is made of glass Isabella is keeping a secret from the one person that matters the most, Lucas She seeks out different guys to sleep with and has since forever Isabella has a few secrets, but we wont learn what they are till probably the next book.One night at a bar she meet s delicious, sexy Liam That night will changed everything for the both of them Liam came to Chicago to take down his ex best friend and his father Why His mother left Liam and his father for his best friends dad, and who is his ex best friend Lucas Liam had a plan and he got then he thought.Finding out that Isabella is Lucas girlfriend, jackpot Soon Isabella and Liam can t think of being away from each other She has NEVER felt this way about a man, and the same for Liam Liam has his play buddy s, but they are only there for one thing and one thing only Never has he let them enter into his word, but with Isabella he want s to let her into everything he has.With jealously, amazing sex, finding love and needing each other Beautifully Broken is a great sexy read and I can t wait for the next book, to find out what in fact is in Isabelle s past to throw her into panic attacks and made her the person she is today. TUMULTUOUSCONFLICTING PASSIONS, BRACE YOUR HEART WHEN YOU READ THISThis is a beautiful story of conflicting hearts, that of Ella and Liam whose love for each other is so great and strong, yet could also lead them to ruin Trust, jealousy, uncertainties is a never ending challenge, too many people, present and in the past seems to be bent in tearing them apart Ella s well guarded deep dark secrets of her past haunts her thus a tumultuous affair with Liam This is such a well written story you ll be captivated from the very beginning, each character plays a crucial importance and just as pivotal to the essence of the story Brace your heart as you read this, both Liam and Ella s inner struggle is the soul and heart of this touching story, their love affair though tumultuous it sizzles, passionate, and undeniably Hot I have already purchased the second book and I could hardly wait to read it, but I want to take the time to write this review so that I can share with everyone the many different emotionstears, love and joy it evokes reading this. Loved this one..sexy possessive millionaire with trust issues and a beautiful strong willed emotionally complicated womanthey both have issues and their relationship is wild sexy..and full of jealously..but their love for each other is undeniable or avoidable There is lots and lots of super sexy times..seriously explicit and crazy hot I ll do a full review on book 2 Which I m about to start This can t be the same book everybody else readWriting Didn t like the writing style Some of the book was repetitive It s told from 3rd Person narration so sometimes when it switched, Bethany Bazile would repeat the entire scene from the other character s POV Also, an editor would be useful Characters Liam and Isabella are the MCs They are both suffering from broken families I didn t really care for either MC, especially Isabella.Storyline LOVE TRIANGLE I don t usually like love triangles and definitely didn t like this one.Isabella has been on and off again with Lucas, but hasn t been faithful Liam, Lucas nemesis shows up and she pounces Lucas wants her back, Liam wants her to get rid of Lucas, Isabella wants Liam but doesn t want to hurt Lucas feelings and that s about all folks.I m so glad that this book was not my introduction to Bethany Bazile I really disliked this book Intimacy Scenes Every other page It didn t stop No plot Just sex.Overall I ll read something else from Bethany because I liked Fight for Me However, if you ve never read anything by this author, I do not suggest beginning with this one. Only a third of the way through this loser, but already am bored to death.Ella Gray Eyes Love triangle Really What is this, young adult novel for kids who ve gotten their hands on their parents credit cards Cheap publicity for a lot of product placement for pop songs I will never been pulling up on Spotify because there is NO sexy association in this pulp that is alluring as feminine hygiene products The bad boy is bad she can feel that he s holding back his controlling nature , because all he does is slam, or to quote, piston into her and voila the ever elusive g spot lamest excuse for boring man poke poke squirt squirt sex EVER triggers her trembling and helpless.Whatever acned teenaged man or ancient skilless guy writes under the the name Bethany Bazille, I m sure he s either never been with a really hot woman, unless he s paid money for artifice Seriously she always followed my instructions so passionately Are you kidding me Story climax Asterix Fade to black I thought this was adult fiction, not adolescent boy failure in creativity.While the structure of repeating dialogue, from her point of view, and then his POV has endless erotic potential, this book dismisses both of their pathetically Psych 101 Freudian impairments without space to tease out the tension The notion that that Isabella, who declares from the beginning that she s never had female friends, and can only use the attraction of men she teases in place of friendship is pathetic and boring That once she s established a powerful, possessive, mutual bond with the MAN, but is still going on a business trip to Vegas with the dull rival who can never get over her, but is just a friend to her comes way too late in the plot to be anything buy a limp, post cum after drip The notion that entertaining sexual desire mentally would consistently manifest in wanting someone to slam their cock into you and bang away, and that over time this consistent pounding would not dry out a cunt like sandpaper is idiotic, and in no way erotic.This one is definitely a waste of a USB input. I honestly don t understand why so many people liked this book But that s just me I seriously thought this book was a joke the writing, the non existing plot, and most of all the characters Oh don t even get me started Isabella I considered an absolute whore, she cheated multiple times on her boyfriend because apparently he was to gently and she needed to let it OUT or whatever the fuck that means BITCH you want wild, rough, let me put your whoring ass in with a fuckin lion YOU NEED TO BE SHOT I ve never wanted to physically harm a fictional character as much as I wanted to kill this bitch Then there s our buddy Liam Liam at least had a motive He was out to get his ex best friend reasonably right That I could work with, but the way he interacted with Isabella was just UNFUCKIN BELIVABLE After shagging this hoe for two nights it was love Cue my WTF face My question is how did this get published I mean how does that happen 1 star