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[Free] ♌ Juanita Wildrose ☣ Finalist For The First Novel AwardIn , In Wichita, Kansas, Mallie Gave Birth To A Baby Girl, Whom She Named Juanita After A Spanish Novel And Wildrose For The Most Beautiful Of The Flowers So Began The Long Life Of Juanita Wildrose, Who Lived, Vividly, Every Ounce And Minute Of Her One Hundred And Two Years And Who Died, Inquiring Of Us In The Room, Where S My Mother Juanita, In Her Wonderful Voice, Tells The Story Of The Little Family S Moving From Wichita To Elk Creek, Texas County, Missouri, To An Unseen Piece Of Land Bereft Of A Promised House, To Clear It Of Rocks And Enough Trees To Grow Food Mark, Elizabeth, And Ruth Are Born, Papa Orders Newspapers And Prays Too Long Before Meals, Mama Will See To It That Each Of Her Children Leaves The Farm In Order To Go To School, And Is Inexplicably Separated From The Love Of God Juanita Is Twelve When She Leaves This Is Also The Story Of Juanita S Mother And Of The Women Who Help Her Out After Juanita Leaves Home, And Of A Young Man With The Sweetest Smile I Ever Saw Juanita Wildrose Is Just Wonderful A Heap Of Treasure Out Of A Living Past Alice Munro Lu en fran ais Un r cit biographique vivant, organique, d une grande sinc rit , qui am ne le lecteur regretter de ne pas avoir connu Juanita Wildrose qui sont les deux pr noms de la m re de Susan Downe Des histoires fascinantes de l h ritage familial la vie rurale am ricaine, Susan Downe dresse un portrait sensible et po tique d une enfant, puis d une jeune fille brillante, qui deviendra biblioth caire au MIT Certains moments coupent le souffle je ne mentionnerai ici que les r v lations de sa soeur Christine et la cons quence terrible d une d sob issance Une criture qui respire, un talent impressionnant pour voquer le quotidien Quelques unes des 102 ann es de vie de Juanita Wildrose sont g n reusement partag es avec nous et on re oit ce r cit comme un cadeau. You think just because Pedlar Press published Juanita Wildrose My True Life that I don t have sufficient detachment to know an exceptional book when I read one Think again Susan Downe s fictional memoir is exceptional On FEB 14, 2014, Jade Colbert at the Globe Mail said so too Increasing critical attention is being paid to the problem of biography and memoir not just A Million Little Pieces or how Augusten Burroughs can recall anything so vividly, but the problem of all stories that are supposed to be true how to keep the fiction from seeping in What to make then of Juanita Wildrose, a book dubbed by its publisher a fictional memoir The best course in this case is to take it at face value Stop worrying about the veracity and enjoy the verisimilitude Juanita 1904 2006 grows up on a hardscrabble farm in Elk Creek, Missouri until she turns rebellious and is sent away to school at the age of 12 It may not sound like much, but the strength here is the voice evocative, appropriate to Juanita s age, and rich in detail, it has that gripping effect of eavesdropping on a life As one person says, Who s to say Maybe the story happened just like you said Happy Valentines Day xxxBF The sincerity of some authors gives you cause to feel as though you re both an invited guest and an intruder You tread carefully through their pages, as though even the faint gust from your footfall could remove a word, a thought, a feeling Yet you edge closer, your breath hot upon the page, eager to know Susan Downe is one of those authors.A mix of poetry and prose, Juanita Wildrose is a starkly candid, free spirited glimpse into a remarkable 102 year life.The author gives us access to her mother s life through a remarkable journey via memories found, some constructed, and selected references.Long days of work and play, sorrow, joy, pain, love, hope, family, friends, photographs, documents from the American Civil War fill the pages and your imagination.This book inspires you to write down your own family stories so they won t be lost.I was sorry it ended, I could tell there was even.