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You simply cannot ignore a good romantic novel I have not read any of Jennifer Faye books before, but after reading Snowbound with the soldier i will certainly be readingof her books Snowbound with the soldier was a very enjoyable love story I would recommend to anyone who loves a good love story, that will take you through lots of emotions and certainly keeps you wondering further. I m an absolute sucker for a heartwarming Christmas romance and Jennifer Faye delivers with Snowbound with the Soldier I read this book in a day, completely absorbed by Kara and Jason s story, as well as the charming Christmas setting Jason is a hero I fell in love with He s emotionally and physically wounded, but he s a man with a heart of gold and just needs to heal Kara was smart funny and trying to do her best as a single mother I adored this book there were funny, romantic moments and definite tear jerking ones as well I was desperate for these two three because of Kara s adorable daughter to have their HEA Snowbound with the Soldier was a feel good romance with holiday sparkle and sizzle Must read Sizzle The attraction between the two characters is SIZZLE Past history, broken hearts Now they have to work together Throw in a child, an estranged parent and Christmas and you have the perfect combination of elements Romantic Content references to a past relationships with sexual relations outside of marriage, one resulting in pregnancy No details. I read my first Jennifer Faye book, Rancher to the Rescue, a few months ago and fell in love with the romance and the characters When asked to read her newest, Snowbound with the Soldier, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to read it Once again, the romance and the chemistry between the characters was wonderful I truly enjoyed this book, especially with it s winter theme It was a perfect weekend read to curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and to get lost in the story of Kara and Jason You re in for quite the journey from the minute you open the book I loved how specific details about the book weren t as obvious as one would think and there was a time or two when I would make a prediction and end up being wrong Snowbound with the Soldier is a heartfelt read about second chances and forgiveness As for secondary characters, I adored little Samantha and her spunk and enthusiasm You can t help but love her and adore her relationship with her mom and the one she quickly develops with Jason This is a wonderful read and just in time for the fast approaching holiday season. Very good book about second chances Jason has returned to Pleasant Valley as the new owner of the resort, which he has purchased from his father, who he has not spoken to in seven years He also hasn t seen Kara in seven years, ever since he broke their engagement and left town Now he needs her help getting the resort back up and running He would also like to clear the air between them and tell her why he left the way he did There s still a strong attraction between them and Jason would like to start over, but he has to show her he can be trusted first.I liked Kara She is a great mom, devoted to making sure her daughter Sam has the best life she can give her She has worked hard keeping the resort running under difficult circumstances She has also been a friend to her ex fiance s father, especially since he has been so ill When she hears that the resort has been sold, she is worried about her job When she discovers that Jason is the new owner she is sure that he won t want to keep her on, especially when he asks her to stay on through the opening They get caught in a blizzard and have to spend the time together until they can get out She realizes that she is still attracted to him even though she doesn t want to be As they work together on getting the resort up and running again, Kara realizes that she never stopped loving him She slowly starts letting him back in her life His easy relationship with her daughter softens her toward him evenThere are also some things that she needs to tell him about the past that she s afraid will make him look at her differently I loved her support of him when he finally told her why he had left her all those years ago I also liked the way she kept trying to get him to talk to his father before it was too late After all her support of him it was heartbreaking to see his initial reaction to her revelations When he came to his senses she could have made it a lot harder on him than she did.Jason had run from Kara and Pleasant Valley after finding out some disturbing things from his father, things that made him feel that he wasn t safe to be around people like Kara It also caused him to avoid any contact with his father When he was wounded during the war and discharged he made the decision to purchase the resort and get it back the way it was during his grandfather s time In order to do it right he needs Kara s help He also wants to mend his fences with her and see if they can start over Rather than come right out and tell her he wants her to stay on permanently at the resort, he decides to keep from pushing her and only asks her to stay for awhile When they get snowed in at his house he wants to explain what had happened in the past but she didn t want to hear it She also was trying to understand the new Jason, who doesn t celebrate Christmas and is very closed off emotionally He starts to open up some when he meets Kara s daughter who he assumes is his He really takes a shine to her and becomeslike the Jason she used to know When their attraction really starts to heat up he knows he has to tell her his secret It worries him because he s sure that she won t want anything to do with him afterwards I loved his astonishment when it made no difference to her That made his attitude toward her news that much harder to bear I was glad to see him realize what an idiot he d been I loved his go big moment.I also liked Kara s daughter Sam She was a good blend of sweet and sassy She took to Jason right away and had no problem trying to get her way with him, but not being a brat about it She could be pouty or grumpy, but was mostly a good kid. My first book by Jennifer Faye and it won t be my last.It s beautifully written It tugs at your heart strings, straightens them back out, then gives you a warm, glowy hug A perfect Christmas read Reviewed by JulieBook provided by the author for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookI have read Jennifer Faye s novels from time to time and I always find them to be really great romance stories This one is no exception There were a few tiny rough spots here and there with one of the characters, but overall this book will have you in the holiday spirit in no time.I love second change at love romances and when they are written around the holidays it makes it even better.Kara is person I liked right away After seven long years of dashed hopes and dreams she has managed to find a comfortable place in her life with her job and family But, when the lodge comes under knew ownership , and it s revealed that her former fiance is her new boss, Kara s career may have to change I admired Kara s big heart and her integrity She is open and able to forgive and understand even the most unbelievable and cruel things about what Jason has been though.Jason was another story A man that dumps his fiance without explanation, stays away for seven years, neglects his dying father, and then waltzes back into Kara s life as though nothing ever happened, actually asking her if they can be friends well he didn t endear himself to me all that much.The theme here is a tiny bit dark in some places for a holiday novel However, there is a cute kid whose character gives the book a dose sweetness and spunk that offsets some of the drama Long held secrets will come to light, which once out in the open will have to be dealt with Some are very hard to accept and Jason s reaction and accusations were a little curious Kara s nature and good heart will be the key to how things turn out She just doesn t have it in her to cause Jasonsuffering by holding on to hurt feelings After all, Christmas is a time for forgiveness and new beginnings, and what isromantic than second chances at love with a backdrop of snow and cozy fireplaces I am so happy Jason and Kara will have their long overdue Happy Ever After.This book was well written, evenly paced , emotional, and heartwarming I would recommend adding this one to your holiday romance reading list. It is a rather sweet book I was expecting inappropriate scene s but there aren t any Which is good It is just sweet love And a couple of hot and heavy kissing scenes Sorry Taleisha, it is one of those romance books, but in a nice way Okay so meet Kara, single mother, hard workingbrokenhearted.Then enter Jason, heartbreaker and ex soldier.Seven years prior, they had been engaged and happy and planning a life abroad together His father had inherited his fathers snow resort Then all of a sudden Jason walked out on their engagement, their town and Kara, destroying her, without any apparent reason Little did she know that he viewed himself a monster because of his DNA SPOILER ALERT He was the result of his mothers rape Then he comes back several years later with a medical discharge from the army and had bought the resort from his father Kara, in his father s employ, now his, thinks that she is going to be fired because of their past Though when he comes back, and she has a daughter, he finds himself falling for Kara once again and for her daughter Samantha SPOILER ALERT After asking her to marry him again, she tells him that Samantha is Shaun s child, Jason s best friend who died seven years ago He becomes enraged and walks out on her again Thinking she had lost her job,as he is her boss,she accepts a good job in another state But then he apologizes, make s amends with his father, and asks her to marry himAGAIN when faced with her new job, he offers to sell his beloved resort and follow her and Samantha anywhere but he doesn t, because Kara doesn t want to leave so happily ever after comes in the form of a Christmas miracle. As i stated before, i won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway Jennifer Faye proved herself to be a talented story teller It has been seven long years since Kara Jameson last saw Jason Greene Returning home as a wounded war hero, Jason looks a shell of the man she once knew Yet her heart still skips a beat as if it was yesterday Stepping back into civilian life, Jason looks to Kara for help But there s too much water under the bridge not to mention too much lingering attraction.One of my favorite parts of this book, was probably an after thought But it was Sly, the cat He seemed like an important, and cute part of the story line I loved how Sly went from Jason s cat, toKara s cat, in 2 min It was almost like Sly was trying to tell Jason something I loved how, although Jason has a deadline for the opening of his remodeled Lodge, he always has time for Kara andher daughter Samantha You will fall in love with Kara, just like i did 5 stars `Kindle ☔ Snowbound with the Soldier ⇬ Maybe This Christmas It Has Been Seven Long Years Since Kara Jameson Last Saw Jason Greene Returning Home As A Wounded War Hero, Jason Looks A Shell Of The Man She Once Knew Yet Her Heart Still Skips A Beat As If It Was YesterdayStepping Back Into Civilian Life, Jason Looks To Kara For Help But There S Too Much Water Under The Bridge Not To Mention Too Much Lingering AttractionBut It Seems That The Mountain Weather Has Other Ideas, And When Kara And Jason End Up Snowbound Together They Are Forced To Confront The Ghosts Of Christmas Past