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Sally Smith O Rourke s Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen is the second book in her The Man Who Loved Jane Austen series I haven t read the first book, which takes the name of her series, and although I didn t feel lost reading Yours Affectionately, I do feel I would have been better prepared had I read it At the time I wasn t aware it was a second book and it wasn t until I read it that I felt certain events were missing I do recommend you read the first book and then proceed to Yours Affectionately.Yours Affectionately picks up where The Man Who Loved Jane Austen left off Eliza Knight has made contact with Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley Farms in Virginia and brought him the letters written by Jane Austen herself Eliza s arrival coincides with the famous Rose ball held annually at Pemberley Farms and she s happy to immerse herself in a recreation of the Regency period She dances the night away with Darcy and believes him when he announces, he time traveled to Austen s time Meanwhile in the 19th century, we get glimpses of Austen s life shortly after Darcy s departure He made an impression on her and she still thinks of him When her brother s groom, Simmons, announces he wants to go to America to work for Darcy she tells him the truth Armed with a package and a mission, Simmons manages to time travel to our modern period What ensues is a lovely tale about love and trust featuring one of our most beloved heroes and author.Character development is strong There s a cast of secondary characters that are needed, but they don t distract from the plot They actually enhance it At Pemberley Farms, Eliza gets to know Darcy through his employees and they help clear up any misunderstandings As for Eliza, I have a feeling O Rourke developed her in The Man Who Loved Jane Austen, but I still feel we got to know her She s an artist and isn t afraid to voice her concerns On the other hand, I feel as if we got two different Darcy s the first being, the one who shows a different face to Austen and the one who is most comfortable at Pemberley As for Austen herself, she plays a minor role, but O Rourke developed her enough for non Austenites to appreciate her.Yours Affectionately is well written and the language used for the 19th century scenes doesn t sound modern I liked how O Rourke used modern words and had Austen speak them, but always as an afterthought and explanation I particularly enjoyed Austen thinking about our modern world and couldn t help but imagine her in it O Rourke also does a superb job detailing the relationship between Austen and Darcy Eliza at one point is jealous of that relationship, but it is clear that Austen is never far from Darcy s mind and vice versa I liked how she incorporated the past to run alongside the present For example, Austen writing a letter to Darcy that turns out was resealed twice because his business card at one point was with the letter That could only have happened in Austen s time and yet in the present an Austen expert brings this situation to light and questions it I debated with the rating between a three and a four In the end, I decided on a four because of the emotions O Rourke evokes when Simmons in our modern world and the confusion he has towards this century Also due to the romance between Darcy and Eliza and how they grew to trust to each other.If you re an Austenite, I recommended Sally Smith O Rourke s Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen Just be sure to read the first book before delving into this one You ll see Darcy a little differently and can t help but think, what if This review is posted at Literary, etc. Your Affectionately is a perfect name for this story I started this story thinking it was a time traveling PP story What I got from this story was of an affection for Jane Austen and a what if story We all want to know who Fitzwilliam Darcy is We all assume that Elizabeth is a combination of Jane herself with other ladies that Jane knew But who WAS Mr Darcy That is the premise of this story Unbeknownst to present day Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pemberley Farms in Virginia, while he is visiting friends in England, he has an accident while riding his horse Lord Nelson When he awakes he s with Jane Austen in 1810 He realizes that he has gone through time and meets Jane Austen While he is there Jane takes care of him and they develop a friendship He must go back to preserve time and Jane herself The story progress to present day and how current day Eliza and Darcy meet and the story goes back and forth from Jane Austen to current day There stories do entwine and at times I felt I needed info, which did come and answer some of the questions that I had while reading I was very engaged trying to get the answers Was a very easy and fast read I enjoyed this story very much but if your looking for a PP story I would not categorize this as one, though there is a love story in there somewhere This is truly like The Man Who Loved Jane Austen I would definitely recommend this story to my fellow JAFF readers. #FREE PDF ð Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen ⚣ Was Mr Darcy Real Is Time Travel Really Possible For Pragmatic Manhattan Artist Eliza Knight The Answer To Both Questions Is Absolutely, Yes And Fitzwilliam Darcy Of Pemberley Farms, Virginia Is The Reason Why His Tale Of Love And Romance In Regency England Leaves Eliza In No Doubt That Fitz Darcy Is The Embodiment Of Jane Austen S Legendary Hero And She S Falling In Love With Him But Can The Man Who Loved The Inimitable Jane Austen Ever Love Average, Ordinary Eliza Knight Eliza S Doubts Grow, Perhaps Out Of Proportion, When Things Start To Happen In The Quiet Hamlet Of Chawton, England Events That Could Change Everything Will The Beloved Author Become The Wedge That Divides Fitz And Eliza Or The Tie That Binds Them A bajillion years ago read three years I read The Man Who Loved Jane Austen by Sally Smith O Rourke I was at once fascinated by a story that was able to take time traveling, Jane Austen, traditions of horse farms in Virginia, and newly discovered letters authored by Jane Austen to Fitzwilliam Darcy work The main plot followed a young man named Fitzwilliam Darcy from preset day Virginia who ends up traveling back to Jane Austen s time I won t tell you all the plot details, but suffice it to say Jane and Fitzwilliam shared a brief romance before he headed back to the future, a future in which a woman named Eliza found unread letters from Jane Austen to a Fitzwilliam Darcy in her vanity Her search leads her to Virginia to try to discover who the inspiration behind the character of Fitzwilliam Darcy was Fast forward to a few months ago when I found out that O Rourke decided to write a sequel Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen thrusts us back to present day Virginia, and Regency England and back to the lives of Eliza, Fitz, and Jane to show us that sometimes happily ever afters take some work.I ll let Goodreads do the talking for the plot Was Mr Darcy real Is time travel really possible For pragmatic Manhattan artist Eliza Knight the answer to both questions is absolutely, Yes And Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley Farms, Virginia is the reason why His tale of love and romance in Regency England leaves Eliza in no doubt that Fitz Darcy is the embodiment of Jane Austen s legendary hero And she s falling in love with him But can the man who loved the inimitable Jane Austen ever love average, ordinary Eliza Knight Eliza s doubts grow, perhaps out of proportion, when things start to happen in the quiet hamlet of Chawton, England events that could change everything Will the beloved author become the wedge that divides Fitz and Eliza or the tie that binds them Those of you who have been reading my reviews for a while know that I will love most books inspired by PP, regardless of what form they take This series has been no different, for although time travel is in the mix, reading about Darcy still makes the story just as fun and exciting as it was the first time I read PP Add to this though the fact that we get to get inside Jane s head, as well as see a whole new relationship evolve between Fitz and Eliza and I was drawn in from page one I especially loved Jane s involvement in the whole story, adding in her thoughts and input was a great move that added a complexity to the novel and an alternate point of view that we don t usually see in PP inspired novels The only two downsides I would have to point out was the fact that Fitz s character seemed to be all over the map emotionally at times and the fact that Jane s scenes were a bit confusing chronologically Other than these points, O Rourke should be commended for her strong follow up work in her The Man Who Loved Jane Austen series Between the exciting love story between Eliza and Fitz and the intriguing point of view from Jane s incorporation in the story, it s a great read that will make fans of the series eager to move on to the next work Kimberly Reflections of a Book Addict Originally Posted I received this book from the author.Since The Man Who Loved Jane Austen was one of my favorite Austenesque books, I was really looking forward to reading Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen It surpassed my expectations, which were high Sally Smith O Rourke has a way of bringing Jane Austen s characters to life by adding heart She also creates new characters that you fall in love with and I personally would love to hear of what happens to them. Having just re read The Man Who Loved Jane Austen before this there was a lot of flashback and recap scenes that I didn t need This was really a sequel that didn t need to be done I don t feel like it added anything to the original story It was too much a re hash of the first book with some new scenes While I thought the first book ended too abruptly, this could ve been better culled down into an epilogue novella I d recommend Syrie James Jane novels as they are much better reads. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This book was very romantic, and a lovely read It gives an interesting twist on a part of history that I had never read much about before Full reiew to come. Stop by The Calico Critic for a chance to win a copy of this title through 12am EST on 6 15 13.http calicocritic.blogspot.com 2013 What a concept Thinking of Mr Darcy as an American from Virginia Sally Smith O Rourke not only takes a leap in time in her novel Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen, but she takes a big literary leap as well And while a friend of mine scoffed at this idea when I mentioned it to them, I went on to explain that it really becomes a plausible notion in this twist on the world of Jane Austen.In the first book of this series, The Man Who Loved Jane Austen, Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley Farms, Virginia finds himself back in time through a mysterious portal There he befriends the lovely Jane Austen Through her interaction with him, she is inspired to create the character of Fitzwilliam Darcy in her beloved novel, Pride and Prejudice I haven t read O Rourke s previous title to know all of the particulars, but it s clear that Darcy made quite an impression upon Miss Austen, becoming somewhat of a muse.Back in the present day, Fitz is developing a new relationship with a modern woman, Eliza Knight She comes to the knowledge of the portal, as well as Fitz s role in Jane Austen s life This Manhattan artist sometimes fights moments of insecurity in the face of one of the greatest writers of all time She questions whether Fitz can truly love her How would she ever be able to compete with such a figure In Yours Affectionately, the portal is one again opened, and a young man from the 19th Century begins to build a life in the present day As much as we Janeites might fantasize about traveling back to Jane s time, this young vet in the making named Simmons revels in the modern conveniences that we enjoy today With all the opportunities that are before him in the 21st Century, it becomes very difficult for him to return to Jane s time But if he doesn t, it could have dire repercussions throughout the centuries.As my regular readers are aware, I m almost always game for an Austenesque time travel story My most recent venture into that genre was Searching for Captain Wentworth by Jane Odiwe What I especially enjoyed about this latest novel was the blending of the real world with the characters that blossomed in Jane s mind I love the idea that Darcy was based upon an actual person, and an American at that And while some may scoff at this literary choice, I think it was well executed O Rourke s Darcy is just as much a gentleman as Austen s He s a horseman with a large estate, with proper manners and just enough aloofness to fit the part I didn t find him to be particularly despicable as Jane s could be in the original text , but that is of no consequence Along with the other characters in Yours Affectionately, I found the entire cast to be quite enjoyable, right down to a minor, almost villain like character I loved the magical, misty quality of the portal that linked their two worlds I have no idea what brought it into our world, but it didn t concern me I was able to buy into the concept easily and enjoy it During one of the final portal scenes, there is one interaction in particular that was particularly delicious It made me envy Eliza, wanting to step into her shoes in that moment.My only complaint with Yours Affectionately comes from my own choice I made the decision to read this book first, before its predecessor, The Man Who Loved Jane Austen Throughout Yours Affectionately, O Rourke does her best to inform readers like myself on events from the previous episode Yet there were many times when I felt like an outsider at a dinner party, trying to piece together the snippets of a story that I d missed However, I enjoyed Yours Affectionately so much, I am eagerly anticipating the chance to go back and take in what I will think of as the prequel to this novel I ll relish watching Darcy and Jane meet and see how their relationship came into fruition.Sally Smith O Rourke s titles certainly belie her love of our cherished author, Jane Austen The tone and quality of her writing shows true affection for this historical figure, and it s quite obvious that like her modern day version of Mr Darcy, she is an American who holds Jane close to her heart Not only to I encourage you to dive through the mist into Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen, but I can almost guarantee that its predecessor will be worth our time as well I ll be sure to give you a full report, and I anticipate good news as well I have to start this review with a little bit of a disclaimer I wasn t entirely aware of what I was getting myself into in this book I knew there was another book that came before it, The Man Who Loved Jane Austen, but I thought the two were interconnected standalones than one being a direct sequel of the other And maybe they re meant to be, and it just wasn t carried off, but either way, Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen plunges you right into the heart of a story that s already going on I mean, really it s right in the middle of a ball, which to my understanding the last book spent much of its time building up to By the time this story begins, the two main characters are already confessing their devotion to each other, and I m like, wait we don t know each other that well, folks, let s back this up a bit But then they would say things like how they ve only known each other 2 days, and I d be like, Um, maybe I misread the confessions of love I kept flipping back and forth in the beginning, trying to confirm what was really going on, and how long these characters had known each other, and where the timeslip to Jane Austen s time came in, and Darcy s romance with her, and how Darcy becameDARCY, and it was hard for me to get my bearings, is what I m saying And this is no fault of Sally Smith O Rourke, mind you At least, not entirely it s my own fault for reading a book 2, though I still find the brevity of the romance to be suspect But some of the things that completely threw me off may not phase another reader who has read book 1, and maybe those 2 impassioned days of whirlwind romance are really enough to make the reader buy them as a couple by the time this book starts I don t know So disclaimer There you have it Take any negatives I may have with a grain of salt, because I m kinda shooting blind.Now, that being said, I was eventually able to make sense of who was who and what had been going on before this Some things were always a bit unclear to me, but for the most part, I was able to suss things out and dive into the story And I have to say, there were some things I really enjoyed, though they re maybe not the things I was supposed to like the most YA, JA is split into 3 different storylines 1 at some point in the past, a modern day man named Fitzwilliam Darcy traveled back into Jane Austen s time, and sorta maybe wooed her a bit storyline 1 deals with what s going on in Austen s timeline as a result 2 Fitzwilliam Darcy came back to the present, where a woman who has stumbled on his past romance with Jane has come to seek him out storyline 2 follows their immediate true lurves 3 a stableboy from Jane s time, Simmons, wants to make a better life for himself, and decides to follow Darcy back home, which means time travelling into the current timeline pretty straight forward, that Simmons, and I gotta say, his storyline was my fave, hands down The other two storylines had their positives and their negatives I was amused by Jane, and liked how O Rourke used her actual words from her letters and stories to make her seem real but she never quite gelled for me the romance between modern day Fitz and Eliza had potential, but it was of a chaotic neutral things seemed to happen too fast, and were a bit roller coaster y, which auto tips me into my Prime Judgement Zone, but in the end, it was a pleasant enough romance.But Simmons Oh, Simmons I liked his story so much than any romance His was a story all about striking out on one s own, about seeking a place in the world where you can be valuable and respected, and about taking huge, bold risks to do so Frankly, I could have done with a whole story following Simmons and his jarring travels in the modern world It was funny, it was sweet, and it seemed realistic, which is always a big bonus in a time slip novel Even though I enjoyed the other two threads in the book, I found myself constantly wanting to get back to Simmons this was not the reaction I expected to have when his 3rd POV was introduced into the book I was worried that so many plot lines, so many different points of view, would fracture the book and make me not like it Instead, I thought they all worked together well, and gave a complete picture, but it was Simmons, the thread I thought I d find unnecessary and want to just snip from the overall fabric, Simmons whose story I kinda fell in love with.So, I don t know It was a bit of a strange reading experience for me, in that I didn t get at all what I thought I was going to get my fault , but I ended up really liking the things I didn t think I was going to like Sally s fault, so good on her, cause she won me over It s hard for me to know whether to recommend the book, though, as I haven t read the first one, and so can t recommend it but while I liked this, and loved Simmons, I can t recommend this either, without saying, read the first book So, I guess, if you have read The Man Who Loved Jane Austen and liked it, or want to see how the story wraps up, pick this one up and you ll get Bonus Simmons If you haven t read either, but are curious, just know there s some interesting timeslip and a really cool stable boy to look forward to D I really enjoyed the prequel to this book so when I recently discovered there was another book out I immediately purchased it It s quite a gentle love story and I really enjoy time travel Austen books, do this certainly hit the mark I sometimes felt quite cross with Eliza without really knowing why but the characters are nicely drawn I particularly liked the character of Simmons and would like to know what happened to him I know he becomes famous, but I d love to know his journey Perhaps there s another book