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~Read E-pub ⚕ Mystical Signs ♑ New York Lawyer, Connor Baines, And A Primitive Native American Healing Woman Named Aiyana Meet Every Night In Their Dreams At First Only Vague Erotic Couplings, Their Encounters Grow Increasingly Intense And Real They Communicate Nightly And Share A Bond That Transcends Time But Is It Strong Enough To Bring Them Together In The Physical World And Which One Will Be Forced To Give Up All That Is Familiar To Join A Dream Lover In A Foreign World It s a good book.Very interesting story. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book Stuffs That Dreams Are Made Of by John Anster Fitzgerald, circa 1858What would I have done if I had a dream lover like Connor who would come to me at night and did all things naughty What if he was the soul mate I was searching for but he lived in a totally different era Ok, I concur, that would be scary But hell, this makes a great recipe for a fantasy novella and Bonnie Dee, again, made me fall for another of her heroes It had me wishing for a hunk from, say, the Regency era Um, no, too many rakes Victorian Er, ummm, those mustaches were a bit funny Maybe Georgian Hahahahhaahaha oops Sorry about that but I was kinda picturing the wigs and the jabots pAnyway, never mind about me I m always confused about such things, especially men But as I ve mentioned, Connor and Aiyana meets in a dreamland where their experience of each other is sublime and almost real How can dreams feel so real It was a question plagued both of them when the story starts Connor is a widower and a successful lawyer He s had depression and seen psychologists in the past after his wife Helen died in a car accident Recently, his life seemed better he felt in control of himself He hasn t seen anyone in this two years, simply mourned Helen s loss But when this dream woman starts coming to him in his sleep Well, it s not that she visited him but he just felt her in his bed he thought he was dreaming some heavy duty erotic stuffs He hasn t felt this way since Helen died and Connor thought it s probably time that he starts seeing someone, even if it s a blind date.Aiyana is a primeval era Native American woman She s young and an apprentice to the elderly healer of the tribe She knows her duty to her tribe and bound to do it She might never marry because of it But Aiyana wants her own family and a baby, like her best friend Majesi I loved reading about her tribe and her simple life But it wasn t really that simple The responsibility Aiyana had was immense and the visitation of her dream lover didn t help her cause at all She loved being with this man she believed a spirit person, this relationship if you can call it a gift from the spirits They would make love and Aiyana would feel it all, like they re doing it in reality but she felt the difference once they actually had the opportunity to do it in reality When they communicated through their minds, they d understand each other They didn t need their languages, which definitely differed very much.But things can t go on this way, especially they both want each other than those dreams, for a few hours There were some conflicts, those were expected I suppose Both were confused about what to do Connor was quite suspicious and yet couldn t help but take the help of a paranormal investigator Aiyana sought out helps from her elderly tribesman, including the healer woman She wanted Connor in her era but didn t know if he wanted to be here There were misunderstandings too and the obvious questions who would come to whose world Would one of them leave his her present life era for the other What really is the solution to this unearthly situation But Bonnie Dee being herself, made me believe in the final solution to their dilemma I felt envious of Aiyana because Connor was very sweet and crazy about her 4 stars, totally enjoyed it and wished it was longer.I may even dream some tonight in hopes of catching a glimpse of my soulmate sigh Psyche s Dream by Josephine Wall 3.5 out of 5 stars It s a sweet story about what you would do to be with the one you love with a little erotic dialog mixed in 0 Read of this review here I wa disappointed that she worked soo hard to learn his language and ways of life, yet he did not learn her language at all Not a great book, just ok 3.5 Stars I enjoyed this short and sweet story of two people who meet in their dreams He is in the 21st century and she is from a native tribe in the far past It s a unique story and I liked it for what it was.