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[[ Free E-pub ]] ↳ Unknown Fairy Tales ⇻ The Magic And Fascination Surrounding The Four Unknown Fairy Tales In This Book Ushers The Reader Into The Wonderful Realm Of Divine Imagination The Soft Mood In Which These Tales Are Told Ends In Catharsis The Kind Fairy In The Blackberry Lovers Gives The Hero Hope For Redemption In The Future Owing To A Rescue Wish For True Love In Forever Child There Is A Message About Freedom Here A Fairy Is Advocating For The Freedom Of All Caged Birds Moreover, Poetic Justice Prevails After The Request Of The Villain Is Fulfilled In The Evil Rose There Is A Message About Inner Beauty And Kindness The Story Of The Delicate Rose Is Associated With The Self Defense Mechanism Which Is So Typical For Roses In From Rags To Riches Poetic Justice Reminds The Reader That No Man Can Deceive Destiny And That Not All Rich People Are Corrupt Equality And Social Justice Together With A Set Of Morals Are Implied In This Story As Well The Absurdity Of The General Mass As A Mass Ignorant Consumer Is Subjected To Hidden Criticism In This Tale It Is Through Humor And Wit That Such An Absurdity Is Displayed In Order To Convey The Messages Of Equality And Fairness