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I cannot give an unbiased review of this book, nor comment objectively on the writing style of the clarity of ideas For me, it was far too personal of a read Although neither of the two authors believes quite what I do my faith is literal than Scott s and disciplined than Peter s their struggles, their embarrassment, doubt, exhilaration, and yearning are incredibly familiar This is a book of how religious faith both discovery and loss of it shaped two individuals It is also a story of how the search for God bound two men from different backgrounds together in a lasting friendship In each chapter, one author takes an idea or occurrence in his life and examines it from a religious angle The second author then gives an outsiders perspective of the event and his view of the religious idea Put together, the book becomes part autobiography and part discussion with the different approaches of the two authors balancing each other out For supposed answers, look elsewhere, for a glimpse at how two individuals sought God within a secular world, this is the book. (((EPUB))) ☘ The Faith Between Us: A Jew and a Catholic Search for the Meaning of God ✙ A Religious Coming Out Story By Two Young Believers One Catholic And One Jewish, With An Introduction By Freakonomics Coauthor Stephen J DubnerScott Korb And Peter Bebergal, Two Young Progressives, Share A Secret They Believe In God One Is A Former Wannabe Catholic Priest, The Other A Failed Jewish Mystic, And They Formed A Friendship That S Shaped By Their Common Belief In The Faith Between Us, They Engage In A Dialogue That Ranges Widely, From The Mundane To The Divine They Discuss Finding Religious Meaning In Their Secular Worlds, The Moral Implications Of Decisions Both Personal And Political, Their Different Religious Cultures, And How Their Lives Have Been Shaped By The Pursuit Of An Authentic, Livable Faith Both A Spiritual Memoir And An Examination Of Contemporary Religion As It S Played Out In Unconventional Ways, The Faith Between Us Offers An Alternative Vision Of Faith In America, One That Is Equally Irreverent And Devout, Ironic And Earnest For Everyone Interested In A Modern Take On Keeping Faith And In Reclaiming Religion From The Fundamentalists And Literalists Who Have Co Opted It For The Right And Those On The Left Who Dismiss Its Redemptive Power The Faith Between Us Will Be An Engaging And Thought Provoking Read I am not overly religious and consider myself agnostic, so I was surprised as anyone when I picked out this book at the library Sometimes I feel like book titles just jump out at me and I am meant to take them home I am however very interested in memoir and very interested in cross cultural understanding.It s one of the most innovative memoirs in that two authors contributed to the book, each alternating chapters, while the second author provided an epilogue to each chapter It s basically about each of their searches for God and the friendship they forged in the process The topics in the book are wide ranging and include such things as drug abuse, bird watching, death of a parent, veganism, and September 11 to name a few These guys are not holier than thou types who have never done anything bad They are human and relatable Although I did skip several paragraph when it got too religious, I really learned a lot from the two authors.PS One of the authors lives in Boston and there is a lot of Boston imagery in it for all of those Bostonians out there. A really interesting conversation around faith and god and meaning and practice told through a series of stories. I ve had four books on my bedstand that I was alternating between for the past three months, and this is the one that I finished first, so that must be saying something It is quite topical, and easy to read, and there is a subtle narrative to a book that is, in essence, a dialogue between two friends, one Catholic and one Jewish, that takes the form of a series of essays on their personal faiths It is an intimate story of two people, both near my age, and both of whom have both spent most of the post pubescent lives wrestling with the idea of God In the end, the Catholic decides he is an athiest while the Jewish guy ends up embracing the liturgy of his faith, so don t expect a balanced approach to the two religious traditions It s basically one chapter on how the Catholic guy has a problem with the beliefs that he grew up with, followed by one where the Jewish guy talks about the joys of his religious rituals Then repeat Once I accepted that basic slant, I settled in to what turned out to be an enjoyable read The friendship bewteen Scott and Peter added some tenderness to what could have been a bumpy topic, and, if nothing else, it was good to listen to two liberal urbanites discuss their intense, if often ambivalent, search for God. For a book that is meant to be read objectively, I think, I enjoyed this volume as a pair of interesting memoirs. I really wanted to like this book and it WAS interesting But I was not captivated in the end, I skimmed some of the chapters before returning it to the library by the due date wow I really enjoyed this book.