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Tim always puts people in categories and both Peter and Miranda were both firmly in the friend category, and both hopelessly attracted to Tim Seeing these three fall in love is amazing and I want to read it over and over again.Robin does it again with this hot Christmas tale I first read her Halloween story FrankenDom and since then I ve been faithfully picking up her backlist I loved this story and it s going to be part of a new Christmas tradition.This is part of a new spin on Christmas Carol from the Smutketeers If you haven t picked up the others by RG Alexander and Eden Bradley, you re missing out Marley in Chains Getting Scrooged First off, I must address the title Genius Anyway, this book is by an author I haven t read a lot by but this one certainly makes me want to start to read The writing was fluid and the characters had just the right amount of flaws to keep me reading.I loved it Tim is, to be honest, a little bit of a douche He knows how both his best friends feel about it, even feels the same back, but in his fear of wrecking their friendship, he sticks them firmly in the friends to never sleep with category The twist makes this decision make a little sense, but it still was quite frustrating.When Peter and Miranda hook up yes, it starts because they want to make him jealous and then gets a little out of hand , he is so jealous that he puts all his long held beliefs and joins them for one evening of fantasy sex He watches as Peter tops the innocent Miranda and then allows him to force him to submit to It was so HOT Of, course this all convinces the lovely Peter that they all belong together He was very yummy.ice skating date anyone The only thing that bothered me about this tale was Miranda There was something that bugged me and I think it was that her actions didn t make a whole lot of sense to me Nevertheless, the scenes with them all together were incredibly hot and made the whole tale worth reading Reviewed for THC ReviewsBefore picking up the A Kinky Christmas Carol anthology, I hadn t really heard of Robin L Rotham, so I had no idea what to expect from her writing I m very pleased to say that I ended up loving Not So Tiny Tim It was a hot, fun, quick read that was equal parts sweet and super sexy The love scenes are so scorching, I thought my eReader might go up in flames But at the same time, they, and the story in general, expressed an emotional connection that s not always easy to find in erotic romance Not to mention, unlike the first novella in the series, the menage in this one is a permanent one, which was to my liking So, ultimately, I thoroughly enjoyed the few hours I spent reading this novella.Tim, the subject of the title I ll leave it to the reader s imagination as to why he s called that , is the nephew of Holly, the heroine of the first novella in the series, Getting Scrooged He s a successful video game developer, who as part of the Knight clan, is familiar with the trappings of wealth However, he hasn t really been living life He keeps everyone he knows in carefully organized compartments family, friend, or f ck buddy, and the last two never, ever overlap Therefore, despite being in love with them both, he keeps his long time best friend, Miranda, and his college buddy and current roommate, Peter, solidly relegated to the friend zone That all changes when a little magic brings Miranda and Pete together, making Tim long to join in When we discover his reasons for keeping them at arm s length all this time, it s a very emotional moment that made me a little teary eyed.Miranda is a sweetheart, a scientist who s been friends with Tim since they were teenagers and has loved him from afar for thirteen years It was totally adorable that she d saved herself for him all that time, while hoping against hope that someday he would see her as than just a friend But having heard about Tim s size and kinkiness, she s also adventurous enough to have prepared herself for those things and is eager to take everything that both Tim and Peter can dish out Miranda is a very loving heroine who s accepting of both men and doesn t hesitate to engage in all sorts of sex play with them She also knows almost instantly that she wants a future with them both when the opportunity presents itself.Ever since a close intimate encounter in college, Peter has been attracted to his friend, but he knows Tim s rule about not mixing friends and sex He just doesn t know why Peter has spent the last several months living with Tim while the new house he designed for himself is being built, which has only deepened his feelings for Tim Like Tim, Pete is bisexual, so when he finds the pretty Miranda at a bar, pining for Tim and reluctant to go to his Christmas celebration after having thrown herself at him with disastrous results, Pete offers to accompany her Both of them hope it might make Tim jealous enough to do something about it Pete is a Dom who isn t totally overbearing, so I could appreciate how he gently pushes both Miranda and Tim outside their comfort zones and won t take no for an answer Although he only marginally knew Miranda before meeting her in the bar, he s totally into her from that very second, so there was never a doubt in my mind that he deeply cared about her too.While their personalities don t necessarily reflect classic geekiness, all three characters respective professions certainly suggest that they are, and I must say, these are three of the sexiest geeks I ve ever read about I loved how both Miranda and Pete were long time friends with Tim It made the connection deeper and much believable, because of their shared history Since the story only takes place over a coupe of day s time, Pete and Miranda s feelings for each other develop very quickly, but I could definitely feel a connection there too Tim s long held stubbornness about not becoming intimate with friends is pretty quickly overcome as well, so there were admittedly things in the story that easily might not have worked for me However, the doorman, Frost, a common character in this series, who looks suspiciously like Santa Claus and has magical powers, brought a heartwarming flavor to the story and helped to make the short time span not as much of an issue In the end, it seems that they were all fated to get together Whatever it was about this novella, it undeniably hit a sweet spot for me, because I ended up loving it This may have been my first read by Ms Rotham, but I ll definitely be taking a look at of her work in the future.Note This book contains explicit language and sexual situations, including spicy M F and M M interactions, as well as a M F M menage, talk of sex toys, a little bondage, mild dominant behavior, and anal sex, which some readers may find offensive. 4 1 2 stars Not So Tiny Tim by Robin L Rotham is the delightfully spicy novella that features Tim Crichton, who has a reputation as a player and Miranda Girard, who has loved Tim for what seems forever but never seems to attract Tim s attention the way she would like Peter Vaughn is temporarily rooming with Tim but never expects to finally act on his attraction to him, let alone becoming involved with Miranda Tim is reluctant to allow these two people to get closer to him but he can t fight the attraction, catalyzed by catching them in the middle of a very kinky scene They have to find a way to convince him to follow his heart and get past his fears.The erotic novellas in this trilogy were so much fun to read, providing heat for the holidays and sweet stories Not So Tiny Tim gave a poignant twist to remind us that it is difficult to know a person s motivations unless one is occupying his or her shoes, so to speak Tim s reputation as a bedhopper keeps those he loves at a distance and it takes the surprising change in Peter and Miranda s dynamic to force him to re evaluate his own stance It was intriguing to see the shift in family relations from the views presented in Getting Scrooged and Marley in Chains because I had an entirely different impression of Tim from those two novellas I think that all three authors did a fantastic job of providing a great read and I certainly hope that they come back to tell tales of these charactersmaybe for Valentine s Day, hmm A copy of this title was provided to me in return for an honest review See related reviews for Getting Scrooged and Marley in Chains Now we get to meet Tim, Holly s nephew Here is a man who knows what he wants and tells you But don t get too attached to him because he is all about fun with no entanglements Once again the mysterious Mr Frost makes many appearances There is something in Tim s past that keeps him from letting anyone get too close not gonna tell you what, just go read it Miranda finally gets up enough nerve to lay it on the line and she is rejected Mutual friend Peter steps in and the results are not what anyone imagined.Tim is a player But he is upfront and never pretends to be anything other than what he is I wanted to kill him Stubborn man, ready to throw away his chance at happiness I ached for poor Miranda, but not for long because once Peter enters the picture I was in love I don t know where these authors get these ideas but I am damn glad that they do As I dove into the second installment of this kinky X mas tale, I was just tickled at how they were twisting this classic tale into a modern day kink fest The romantic twists and turns kept my attention and made me want deep breath And onto the final installment in this holiday fantasy. Not So Tiny Tim is a Christmas novella that doesn t shout CHRISTMAS at you Not that I have anything against holiday themed romances, I just don t get them, especially, so I like the subtle handling of the theme here What I really like, though, is this Robin L Rotham gives good m nage Here we ve got a bisexual Dom who won t be loved by a woman who is obviously his perfect mate He also refuses to be loved by a Dom ier dom is that a thing who also is his perfect mate They don t understand it We don t understand it, and then we do and things turn around I m not crazy about virginal heroines, technical or otherwise, and I was annoyed that the ebook, which my Nook says has 111 pages, ends on page 71 with the remaining 40 pages of it being previews of two other novellas, but I can overlook those things You might consider just buying the anthology with this title in it, though There s nothing earthshattering about this short tale, but the sexual dynamics are wonderful, plus you get a lovely touch of magical realism It s a novella, no big deal, but it s a fun read with some hot sex and hot guys and one gigantic, horse sized penis It s all good 4 5 stars, 5 5 hot licks of flame. I love Robin Rotham, and I realized that I had missed her last couple of Kinky Christmas stories So, I m catching up now Miranda s been crushing on Tim since they were teenagers, but he s relegated her to his friend zone After he refuses her sexy invitation, Miranda consoles herself by going to the Christmas party with their mutual friend Peter Vaughan, where they discover a surprisingly intense mutual attraction which they re exploring back at Peter s apartment which he shares with Tim when Tim arrives home unexpectedly Miranda and Peter invite Tim to help celebrate the sharing spirit of the season, and lots of hot sex happens.Tim has some Baggage from his past that has to be addressed, so he does some angsty navel gazing about opening himself up to love, but he gets over his reluctance in a hurry Peter seems like a decent and caring guy he s so sweet to Miranda and supportive of Tim But I wasn t a big fan of Miranda s when she seemingly forgets all about being with Peter after Tim shows upit s like she s forgotten that Peter s even there However, it s a quick read, with a nice HEA for everyone, so 3 stars. As posted on The Smutty Kitty4.5 out of 5 LicksI really enjoyed this book I always enjoy when the characters are funny and laugh during stressful or nerve wracking times like sex can be These three are meant to be together I absolutely love when there is one person in the relationship is fighting it tooth and nail Tim has a past that is keeping him from committing to anyone long term Miranda and Peter are determined to break his will and boy is it fun watching them do it There is very light BDSM in this one that does leave you wanting for a bit Miranda made me laugh out loud several times throughout this book She has such a fun spirit and that doesn t change at all in the bedroom or livingroom for that matter I hate to admit that this is the first book by Robin that I have read but I can say for certain it won t be the last If you want a fun kinky Christmas story with lots of fun, love, and some steamy sex this is it Heir to the Knight empire, Tim, has his friends, family and fuck buddies but he definitely doesn t do committed relationships That is why he keeps both Miranda and Peter firmly in the friend zone But Tim gets a rude awakening when Miranda and Peter hook up together and he realises that he wants both of them in his bed But he s got a big secret in his past which he thinks makes him no good for them Can they convince him otherwise Or will he lose them both Not So Tiny Tim was my favourite story from the A Kinky Xmas Carol box set, I really enjoyed it The sex scenes are fantastic, but there was to this book than that There is a great storyline, interesting characters and plenty of emotion It s a fairly short read, but it still packs a punch Five stars `READ DOWNLOAD ⇔ Not So Tiny Tim ☋ Blinded To The PresentAvoiding The FutureRunning From The PastThe Smutketeers Present A Kinky Christmas Carol The Knight Family Is A Wealthy, Powerful Chicago Clan That Knows Everything There Is To Know About Making Money But They Have Plenty To Learn About Love In This Three Series Novella Eden Bradley S Getting Scrooged, Robin L Rotham S Not So Tiny Tim And RG Alexander S Marley In Chains You Ll Meet Holly Knight, Her Nephew Tim, And Her Cousin Marley Knight Williams As They Face Their Ghosts, Fulfill Their Fantasies And Finally Discover The Magic Of ChristmasAvoiding The Future Video Game Mogul, Philanthropist And Heir To The Knight Empire, Tim Crichton Has Three F Zones The Friend Zone, The Family Zone, And The, Er Fun Buddy Zone No Crossover Is Allowed Because It Might Create A Fourth The Forever Zone And Tim Knows Forever Just Isn T In The Cards For HimMiranda Girard Has Always Known She And Tim Were Meant To Be Together, But When She Got Tired Of Waiting And Made A Move, He Rejected Her Now It S Time For Their Christmas Reunion Dinner And She S Damn Well Going To Put On A Happy Face And Attend After She Stops At The Bar For A Little Liquid CouragePeter Vaughn Can T Wait For His New House To Be Finished So He Can Move Out Of Tim S Apartment Living With A Man He Wants And Can T Have Gets Old Quick But Work On The House Has Ground To A Halt And He S Stuck There Until After The New YearIt All Seems Hopeless Until A Jolly Old Doorman Nudges Peter And Miranda Together, And A Little Christmas Magic Quickly Escalates To A Scorching Holiday Encounter That Will Either Rescue Tim From A Lonely Future Or Cost Him The Two Most Important People In His Life