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Meskipun terjemahan bahasa Indonesia nya bikin sakit mata, untungnya buku ini well researched, netral, dan straight to the point Bisa diringkas jadi satu paragraf sih Tapi elaborasinya enak diikuti marikitajual dor @READ DOWNLOAD ¸ Einstein and Religion: Physics and Theology ë The Philosophy Of Religion And The Quest For Spiritual Truth Preoccupied Albert Einstein So Much That It Has Been Said One Might Suspect He Was A Disguised Theologian Nevertheless, The Literature On The Life And Work Of Einstein, Extensive As It Is, Does Not Provide An Adequate Account Of His Religious Conception And Sentiments Only Fragmentarily Known, Einstein S Ideas About Religion Have Been Often Distorted Both By Atheists And By Religious Groups Eager To Claim Him As One Of Their Own But What Exactly Was Einstein S Religious Credo In This Fascinating Book, The Distinguished Physicist And Philosopher Max Jammer Offers An Unbiased And Well Documented Answer To This QuestionThe Book Begins With A Discussion Of Einstein S Childhood Religious Education And The Religious Atmosphere Or Its Absence Among His Family And Friends It Then Reconstructs, Step By Step, The Intellectual Development That Led Einstein To The Conceptions Of A Cosmic Religion And An Impersonal God, Akin To The God Of Spinoza Jammer Explores Einstein S Writings And Lectures On Religion And Its Role In Society, And How Far They Have Been Accepted By The General Public And By Professional Theologians Like Paul Tillich Or Frederick Ferre He Also Analyzes The Precise Meaning Of Einstein S Famous Dictum Science Without Religion Is Lame, Religion Without Science Is Blind, And Why This Statement Can Serve As An Epitome Of Einstein S Philosophy Of ReligionThe Last Chapter Deals With The Controversial Question Of Whether Einstein S Scientific Work, And In Particular His Theory Of Relativity, Has Theologically Significant Implications, A Problem Important For Those Who Are Interested In The Relation Between Science And Religion Both Thought Provoking And Engaging, This Book Aims To Introduce Readers, Without Proselytizing, To Einstein S Religion One of the tougher reads I have ever attempted Einstein has been claimed as one their own by both ends of theist atheist debate Reading his own words and the context around them was very helpfu. The heavy read but very educational Book I would re read again and again. Para una discusi n sobre los desacuerdos entre Einstein y Tillich. All of this book is well researched and referenced It still doesn t seem to be as comprehensive as Phipp s book on Darwin I preferred the first two parts to the third the third discussed opinions on the connection between Einstein s theories and theology, which I found to be on the boring side.