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A collection of really excellent well, most of them stories by El Leonard My favorites were the collection titled story, Fire in the Hole that provided much of the background and basis for the Justified TV series very good, btw Karen Makes Out was lots of fun Karen is a U.S Marshal who has been smitten by Carl, a man wanted they think by the FBI for bank robbery How she deals with it is delightful, indeed Shades of Raylan in that girl Hurrah for Captain Early provides a nice mix of the role played by black soldiers and some of the discrimination they faced The Tonto Woman is a touching story of a Mexican bandit who crosses the border to steal cattle Along the way he salvages the wife of the man whose cattle he s about to steal, resurrecting her in the eyes of her husband Charming. 2002 2003 20 4,1 5 8,2 10. DOWNLOAD EBOOK ☪ When the Women Come Out to Dance ♪ El Leonard, Best Selling Author Of Novels Including Get Shorty And The Recent Pagan Babies, Now Brings His Unmistakable Style To Electronic Publishing In Leonard S First Original E Book, US Marshal Raylan Givens Featured In Pronto And Riding The Rap Returns To The Eastern Kentucky Coal Mining Country Of His Youth When Boyd Crowder, A Mail Order Ordained Minister Who Doesn T Believe In Paying His Income Taxes, Decides To Blow Up The IRS Building In Cincinnati, Givens Is Asked By The Local Marshal To Intervene This Sets Up An Inevitable Confrontation Between Two Men On Opposite Sides Of The Law Who Still Have A Lingering Respect For Each Other Throw Into The Mix Boyd S Sister In Law, Ava, Who Carries A Torch For Raylan Along With A Deer Rifle, And You Ve Got A Funny, Adrenaline Charged Novella Only Leonard Could Have Written A fantastic collection of short stories, it starts out with a couple of short sketches that are interesting than they should be for what they are Leonard s writing really shines as he manages to use a short scene to paint entire people years of history Other stories include the one on which the TV series Justified is based one with Karen Sisco, another interesting marshal Plus plenty , including 2 that I had previously read in his western stories They were just as good the second time. This compilation, consisting of 9 short stories, is named after its longest title, Fire In The Hole, the inspiration for the television series Justified It begins with a Kentucky based Nazi called Boyd blowing up a church with a grenade launcher When US Marshal Raylan arrives to investigate, he becomes reacquainted with Ava, an old school friend Ava has recently killed her husband, Boyd s brother.Vengeful Colombian mail order brides are the subjects of When the Women Come Out to Dance The aptly named Karen Makes Out sees Federal Marshal Karen Sisco mixing business with pleasure In Tenkiller a trio of nefarious hillbillies have occupied a farm, much to the chagrin of its owner This authentic and atmospheric American based collection boasts a strong array of characters, lean prose, effective dialogue and abrupt finales Themes include guns, conflict and relationships There are several occasions when liberties are taken with grammar This is a trademark of an author who refused to allow rules to slow the pace.Whilst these tales are for the most part contemporary, 2 of them, Hurrah for Captain Early and The Tonto Woman, are set in the Wild West, a haphazard approach this reader found rather distracting Nevertheless Fire In The Hole is a compelling introduction to crime writing maestro Leonard s work It should be noted that this book is a reissue of an old title, When the Women Come Out to Dance Evidently the publisher wanted to cash in on the popularity of the television series. This review is solely on Fire in the Hole , the only story I ve read in the collection so far.I ve wanted to read Fire in the Hole since I started watching Justified, which is one of my favorite shows on television now So when I saw the short story collection it was in at a book sale for a dollar, it was an easy decision to make despite my repeatedly telling myself not to buy books while I have so many sitting at home unread.I loved the hell out of this story, even after knowing the basic plot from the show Getting to see Raylan, Art, Boyd, Ava and the other Harlan County characters in the medium they were created for was a real treat I only wish there were entire novels about Raylan s rogue lawman, and not just this 50 page short story. 3 out of 5 starsAfter finishing this short story collection, I now understand why El Leonard is considered a classic in contemporary Western He s a skilled writer of viable dialogues that keep his stories moving forward even when there isn t much happening.Leonard s style can be described simply as punchy because it can pack a punch and punctuate a seemingly simple story with lots of undertones His writing might look like straight forward pulp fiction, but there s a sense of literary literature in his prose He definitely knew how to turn a phrase half way through a sentence to change the whole atmosphere of a story.Western is not my preferred genre, and I don t often read crime fiction unless it s interjected into sci fi fantasy With that said, I must say this collection of Leonard s stories is a satisfying read.Review moved to ,B.R.A.CE 2017 Reading this collection of El Leonard short stories was kind of like going to a family reunion and having your mother give you running commentary on all the people you haven t seen a while Remember Carl Webster from The Hot KidThat s his grandson Ben He s trying to run some redneck squatters off the family farm And there s Karen Sisco Why, I haven t seen her since she was chasing that bank robber in Out of SightRaylan Givens over there has his very own TV show now We re all so proud Oh no There s one of those nasty Crowe boys Etc etc The stories are kind of a greatest hits medley of some of Leonard s work The familiar faces appear in short sequels or prequels to some of his novels Most notable is Fire in the Hole which was used as the inspiration and pilot episode for the TV show Justified on FX There s also a couple of westerns in a nod to Leonard s roots.But my favorite is a very short and funny one called Hanging Out at the Buena Vista It s only about 4 pages long and is just a conversation between two seniors at a retirement home It s a great snapshot of Leonard dialogue and style that is mainly an extended joke complete with punch line. We dug coal together You know, it s funny how that old saying never quite fits until you read a story that gives you the purest form of perspective.The camaraderie in the statement is akin to big city beat cops When a partner s on the take, but the other isn t quite down with the bribes, how can he be trusted Eventually, the decent cop is gonna take the bribe, just to put his partner at ease, so they can do their jobs and trust each other It s necessary to trust your partner when extreme danger comes knocking, nearly a dozen times per tour.The same goes for coal miners Cave ins, explosions, unconsciousness you name it Whichever factor you choose, working in a coal mine with another man is putting that man s life in your hands, and vice versa.So when El Leonard s Fire in the Hole opened with the now infamous line, I found myself in a remarkable position to understand what he was saying, after long conversations I d had with my father in the past as an underground miner in South Central Illinois.It s not about the work, it s about the people When you re in a coal mine, you can t protect yourself when you re brain s been powered down It s the people, the union, that bring you out safely.That s what drives the core of this story Once you dig coal with a man, you feel obligated to protect each other for life So here we are, a lawman and a Nazi criminal narcissist who ve found themselves on different sides of an explosive fence The struggle is real Could your put a hole in your brother in the name of the law Or could you put a hole in your brother just to prove that you re above the law In the end, the story grinds to a halt and it leaves us where it found us We dug coal together.