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thoughtful analysis from a close associate with Che during his final moments what struck me was how futile it all was Many died for no strategic impact. KINDLE ♍ Che Wants to See You ♃ For The First Time, Ciro Bustos, Che S Right Hand Man In The Struggle For Argentina, Tells His Story As A Young Man Inspired By The Example Of Cuba, Bustos Was Determined To Bring Revolution To The Home Country He Shared With His Hero After A Failed Attempt To Liberate Argentina, It Was Not Until That He Was Contacted By The Cubans Once Again And Told, Che Wants To See You Under False Papers, Bustos Crossed The Border Into Bolivia, Where Che Was In Hiding With His Guerrilla Forces And Here, For The First Time, Che Shared His Plans For A Continental Revolution In This Fascinating Memoir, Ciro Bustos Tells Us A Story Only He Is Able To Recount What Really Happened In Bolivia In And Why He Did Not Betray Che A remarkable book by a very interesting Ciro Bustos I didn t realise the extent of what went on in South America when Che tried to liberate it Perhaps in the end Cuba could not be replicated in other countries. Quite fascinating for anyone interested in the history of the left in Latin America The close up view of Che is quite useful, as are the details about Regis Debray I recommend it highly. very well written by someone from the Argentine Left, who revered Che, and felt lucky to meet him in Cuba and follow him to Bolivia where Che was eventually killed by the soldiers who were hunting for him and his depleted small force I skimmed it, looking for parts about Ch. It s a little hard to call this amazing as with the subtitle of The Untold Story of Che Guevara, which it isn t Nothing to be taken away from the writer But this must have been added oddly in translation In the Spanish title of the book it is just El Che Quiere Verte and in English that s how it should have been left The writer is not writing about Che but about himself in the shadow of Che as it were How it is in many accounts written about Che Guevara Ciro Bustos was left out or added briefly, however, not a very objective manner is speculation It is up to the individual reader to read this book and come to an assessment as to why and wherefore the writer was not mentioned elsewhere or how they view the role he had to play in the plans Che Guevara had It is well to note that how a person personally views Che Guevara should have no bearing on how one should view the writer as a man or his ideals He lies his story bare and it is for me to say whether he finds any part of his life bitter I think he tries to devoid it with emotion of any kind As if to say here it was, take it or leave it Can that be done with a life lived Read the book and find out for yourself A person in exceptional circumstances may be able to make that ability As well in my opinion this man for sure did not betray anyone anywhere The facts were already discovered by the carelessness of others Who they were are not named in this book, likely because the author didn t know The picture he drew in captivity didn t give anybody away, it wasn t of a specific person Names given were of fictional persons.