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I really liked this book Not the depressing cancer story I was expecting I loved Mira s character. Mimosa Tree is real Never mind the beautiful girl who s got it all going for her in this a girl who knows who she is and cannot seem to fit in Never mind the perfect family and easy connections, in this we ve got people shouting over each other to be heard it s shouting that strengthens connections she could deal with out at times And never mind the perfect boy you may or may not fall for at first glance, because while there is one here, he s than that too I love how real things got how Mira felt she didn t have much to offer all together but thought she had it all figured out Then how they all knew her and she them, but always only up to a point There s always this distance to her, you see Then there s how other people in her life all have their own thing because isn t that the way things really go How things weren t just about her, even when she felt as if it we were like that And there s that closeness she refuses to see, because she d much rather be set apart and pick things as she preferred There s a bit here about her survival map an obvious play on how she d rather be that unreachable place, free from fall out and maybe this is a sad thing, but it s the main thing that rang true for of her this need to be her own person and pick and choose whatever that meant Family There are loud women who know what needs doing, and there she is swept along by their whims There s a father with baggage, and we see he deal with him as he doesn t deal with his There s honesty in her reactions to all of them affection for one, hostility for others and then confusion over why her mother s reactions to her daughter s approach toward her father It s her father and his you don t know how good you ve got it that added friction, a bit simple at first but not quite the longer you consider the two of them the three of them actually Simple but not quite as we see his baggage and her deal with him as didn t deal with his own I muddled that one up, didn t I My point is there are real connections in this one just not easy ones And than those of father, mother and daughter, we ve got the added layer of her mother and her sisters The tensions between the sisters, and the parallels between their story and Mira s own felt in a way It s because of those tensions that the final chapters here broke my heart a little bit Friends Insecure is what comes to mind Surprising since she s sure of what she doesn t like and what she does like, but she s not quite sure about what others see in her So that when another so different from her takes an interest, she s one part wary and another surprised There s this eventual building up of confidence that was a lovely development because they re so oddball in pairing her, dour mean sad girl and the other girl who s anything but Loves Throw in someone who s a bit like her, and it could have felt a tad too perfect because see here, there s a guy who gets me But it doesn t happen that way And the little doubts she had and her going of half cocked all worked with the image I had of her But then there s him setting the two of them apart, saying things like nobody gets us but us and I would have rolled my eyes except I didn t because they areyoung and the inconsequential tend to feel big and dire then So them doing hammered home the reality that what they were doing was a young thing to do because, the fact is, they are both young and that s not actually a bad thingThank you PBT for touring the book Free Epub ☱ The Mimosa Tree ☪ It S The Summer Of And Mira Is Beginning Her First Year At Uni She S Got A Radical New Haircut, And An All Black Wardrobe She Should Be Having The Time Of Her Life But It S Hard To Get Excited About Anything When You Re Being Smothered By Your Crazy Italian Family, Enrolled In A Course You Re Not Interested In, And Expecting Nuclear Warfare At Any Moment Even A New Best Friend And The Magnetic Boy From Art Class Can T Wipe Away The Image Of A Looming Mushroom Cloud And Mira S Right Her World Is About To Explode, But It S Not The Skies She Should Be Checking The Mimosa Tree is an impressive debut from Australian author Antonella Preto, but one which left me feeling conflicted.My biggest problem with this book was the length At just over 370 pages, this was a big contemporary novel and, to be honest, I really felt it There were times when I was totally absorbed in the story, but I also felt like so many things could have been cut out The beginning didn t immediately grab me, in fact I was probably about a quarter of the way in before I began to feel emotionally invested in the story Unfortunately, this distance of sorts continued throughout the novel, although there were some parts I found very moving There was potential for this to be a poignant and touching novel, but I felt the length really let it down For me, sometimes saying less gives a much powerful emotional impact.Mira also left me feeling divided I liked the fact that she clearly didn t care what people thought of her, but at the same time, I felt really annoyed about some of her decisions I think that annoyance probably just came down to me being a totally different person to Mira For example, I started uni last year and could never imagine just taking it easily like Mira did, skipping classes and completely ignoring assignments I work hard because I love what I m studying, but I also recognise the sacrifices my parents have made over the years to be able to send me to uni Although it wasn t fair that Mira s family pushed her into studying something she didn t want to, I could also see they wanted to give her the opportunities they never had.I also found her preoccupation with nuclear war strange Obviously, the possibility of nuclear war is incredibly scary I ve never experienced that so I can t really say how I would react, but I feel like Mira should just have lived because there s always the possibility that something may happen My dad has this excellent saying worry is only interest paid on something that mightn t happen and while I frequently ignore it and worry about stupid things, I feel like when it comes to life in general it s a great rule.It s probably not surprising that I related a lot with Felicia and felt so annoyed on her behalf that Mira was so rude to her I was so pleased that Felicia didn t give up and was there in the end when Mira needed her most Overall I found Mira s personality very confronting as I m sure poor Felicia did on that first drive to uni Although, I realise that s what I m bringing to the story rather than the actual character herself and I know there will be many people who can totally sympathise with Mira and will enjoy her as a character.The most touching and well executed part of The Mimosa Tree was the family element Being an only child who grew up in a town very far away from my aunts, uncles and grandparents, I loved seeing this beautiful big family and how they cared for one another in their own little ways I felt like Mira s family showed their affection through their actions than words especially Via and I could relate to this because some members of my extended family are exactly the same I know from friends who come from large European families that the portrayal of Mira s family was so, so true.While this wasn t the perfect book for me, I know it will be for someone It s a well written and beautifully authentic Aussie YA novel which deserves to be read Despite my feelings about Mira, I liked seeing her grow throughout the novel Most of all The Mimosa Tree is about family It s about how our family define us and how we define ourselves within our family It s about love and fresh starts and finding your way Most of all, it s about being an individual, but never forgetting where you ve come from. Thank you to Fremantle Press for providing a copy of the book for reviewThis review and many can be found at Maree s Musings. This book is set in Australia in the 1980 s Mira is trying to find who she really is, whilst growing up in an Italian family who s mother is very sick, Mira has just started university and is trying to make friends who understand her Be prepared to laugh out loud and cry with Mira Brilliant story. In A Nutshell The Mimosa Tree is a story about grief, growing up and the importance of family Cancer is a strong element of the novel but the story connects because it is surrounded by the everyday happenings of life The novel will have you laughing, crying and seething in frustration but as you will see, it is how people react and cope in difficult situations that define who they are and who they will become To read my full review, please visit my blog What a brilliant book, there were laughs and there were tear, loved it brilliant book I neither hated this book, nor loved it It was one of thosie novels that jumps out of the shelf and surprises you. heavy sigh I wanted to like this book so much than I actually did I mean, look at that cover I know I m not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I can t lie, that gorgeous art and the blurb had me thinking this would definitely be a REY BOOK.Unfortunately, this wasn t quite for me To start with the good I loved the setting and the historical context of the novel By choosing to set The Mimosa Tree during the final years of the Cold War, against a back drop of the anti nuclear movement and the very palpable tensions of the international arms race, Preto frames Mira s internal conflict with an interesting external parallel When Mira s very real fears and sense of impending disaster on a global scale are pre empted by a tragedy much closer to home, the setting and political climate take on a symbolic significance.As for the not so good, here s where I confess I m a monster with a heart of stone Mira s family tribulations did nothing for me I m sorry The cultural and generational dissonance between Mira and her family is interesting, particularly when it comes to her relationship with her father Yet despite the truly sad things that happen to Mira s family, I had no emotional investment in these characters The novel feels bloated, weighed down and slow with scenes that establish how the family functions internally the relationships between Mira s mother and aunts, her parents, their world view, the fact that Mira is attending university This is all important, particularly in terms of understanding Mira as a character, but it s all too long and dense The opening chapters meander through interminable scene setting, recounting the minutiae of conversations and the drinking of copious cups of coffee.The tedium is broken somewhat by Mira s commencement of university and gradual establishing of relationships with Felicia and Harm It s here also that we see Mira s connection to alternative youth culture of the 80s, particular in the music she listens to Goth, New Romantic, alternative rock etc and the social movements around her anti nuclear, resistance to US foreign policy etc Combined with and in response to her family circumstances, Mira engages in risk taking behaviour and drug use, becoming drawn to the apparent freedom of Harm s lifestyle, romanticising his choices Personally, I completely fail to see Harm s appeal But as much as this is a story about family, death and struggle to define identity which are all strong themes I feel they were explored with varying degrees of success Mira s safety map, the motif of the mimosa tree, and the atmosphere of catastrophe are effective, but the pacing is weak It s a patchy novel powerful at moments, but unengaging in others Unfortunately, I think I like the idea of this story much than the story itself Not a review yet , but if you want to check out the New Romantic Goth alternative 1980s playlist hop on over here or here Fremantle s covers are so pretty.. The Mimosa Tree is the debut novel of Antonella Preto, and is set in Australia I m going to guess that it s set over in Western Australia because that s where the author is from It s also set in the late 80s, a time not often written about in YA fiction these days, although it does pop up every now and then.Mirabella Verdi is seventeen and snarky She s about to start university, it will be an escape from her family life, though she s not looking forward to her course because she didn t choose it She s the child of Italian parents and has a large extended family, including Aunt Via who visits daily Via is abrupt and abrasive, she s not afraid to insult Mira or to boss everyone around But, she was there when Mira s mother, Sofia, battled breast cancer and often drives them when there s shopping to be done She s the opposite to Sofia who is kind, always putting others first, and she worries all the time.Right away I appreciated Mira s honest voice and found her bratty personality amusing, and familiar as I kept comparing myself to her and realising I was just like her at that age, doing things on purpose just to annoy her parents She s also really judgemental and has strong opinions on what she considers to be good music and she belittles anyone who listens to pop I could also relate to her family, especially the fact that Sofia and Via think nothing of adding alcohol to their coffee in the morning, my father used to share this belief with Mira s mother and aunt and reading about it made me remember what it was like to grow up with European parents On weekends my sister and I would just want plain old sandwiches for lunch but no, we had to sit down for a cooked meal Wine was always on the table and I would gingerly pass it when asked using only my finger tips because I thought that wine was disgusting I still do.There was no explanation for Mira s personality, which I found to be quite similar to Via s, not that Mira would ever want to acknowledge that I wanted to know if she d always been so angry and sullen, or had something happened at school to make her shut off from other people She has no friends, and is so lonely, so I was glad when Via arranged a buddy for her, Felicia Felicia seems to be Mira s opposite and I wanted to shake Mira for being so rude to the only person interested in being her friend But eventually Felicia s sunny personality thaws Mira just a little.Her father could have been the negative influence on her demeanour, he s a man of few words and he seems to detest Mira He s also an alcoholic and this was another aspect of the book that I found hit close to home Her mother was the one thing that held the family together but I knew her cancer was Chekhov s gun in this story, it was waiting to return.I can t not mention Hamish, aka Harm Mira meets him on the first day of uni, and while they don t speak that first day, they do another afternoon while sharing a joint, her first experience with drugs, and they talk a lot I wanted to warn Mira to ditch the stoner boy, but she was smitten with him I liked that he wasn t the focus of her story, instead he s woven in and out, and later provides her with a place to run to.The only aspect that I found myself wondering about was the threat of nuclear war The story starts in February 1987 and I was 3 years old, so granted I have no memory of the news back then But I can t ever remember being told or learning about a potential nuclear threat to Australia in that year I asked Chris who would have been 7 and he doesn t remember anything so I asked my parents and neither of them remember worrying that a nuclear bomb was going to be dropped on us I ve googled it and can t find any major issues from that moment in time Yes, there were countries amassing nuclear weapons but nothing stands out when I search In the story nuclear war is a huge concern for Mira, so much so that she has started drawing a map of potential threats and trying to work out if there is somewhere safe to run to She s so scared that when a plane flies over, she cowers Maybe, as a teen growing up in the 80s, seeing stories about bombs on the news might have scared her, especially as she wasn t really able to talk it over with her parents Edit I just want to mention that I m not questioning this aspect of the story, I m just surprised to realise how little I know regarding that moment in our history and how serious it would have felt at the time The ending, and the events leading up to the ending, were not what I expected but it did feel hopeful and it definitely shed new light on her family.The Mimosa Tree is a book of firsts first friends, first loves, first new experiences, and first losses Despite being set decades ago, it s fresh and relevant, with a character so real that I m left wondering what she s up to now, aged forty three.Here s a list of Mira s favourite songs This is the Day by The The you have no idea how excited I was to press play on this and realise it s the song played at the end of Empire Records Born Sandy Devotional by The Triffids The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen Perfect Skin by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions In Between Days by The Cure Taste of Cindy by Jesus Mary Chain Blue Monday by New Order I Know It s Over by The Smiths Thank you to the wonderful people at Fremantle Press for my review copy..I got my copy and it s even prettier in person Also, ever since Jarvis 24, I have adored the name Antonella.