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A couple years ago, I was flipping through t.v channels during the day and found Marlena of Days of our Lives fame a show I hadn t seen since college ten years before and I could NOT believe it was still going on Wow, same characters, different dumb plot lines That s how I felt about Saffron Skies Like it was a never ending story following the lives of ridiculous, unbelievable characters charting ridiculous, unbelievable circumstances First off, I didn t even buy the relationship between the three friends Amber, Becky, and Madeleine that seemed to last through the entire 600 pages There wasn t enough there to set up the story, but for some odd reason the story acted like they had been so close friends that they d always be there for each other Please And what s up by every character calling eachother by a shortened version of their name adding an s like Mads and Becks I couldn t stand it and yet everyone seemed to call them by that I won t even talk about the writing in this but the word trite comes to mind I don t know how many times the characters can blush either furiously, fiercely, or blush in any other manner All in all, this book had way too many characters main and secondary , way too many perspectives, that you couldn t care about any of them And I absolutely did not care about them I just wanted the dumb book to end, but I had bought it so I felt an obligation to finish it The book should have been 400 pages less and at least 20 characters less And what s the deal with everyone migrating to Africa I feel the author was trying to deal with a racial issue here that didn t quite work I m glad this is over. This is my first Lesley Lokko book and I was expecting to be wowed, but wasn t The blurb on the back of the book talks about two half sisters falling in love with the same guy That didn t happen Instead the book focused on Amber, Becky, Madeline, and Amber s family members A lot happened in this book that was definitely out of the ordinary It s not a light fluffy read, so be prepared for heavy material, some thought provoking, and some that may disgust you I have to hand it to Lesley, she sure doesn t pull her punches.Now that I know somewhat to expect, I won t be so surprised the next time I pick up a book by Lesley Lokko. I loved this book, for many of the same reasons I loved Sundowners A sweeping, dramatic yet intelligent journey through the lives of 3 main overlapping characters and their trials and growth throughout the years I found myself thinking about it after putting it down, as if I were missing out on something while away, and have reread this book times than I care to admit This is the ultimate escapism in chick lit, with characters experiencing careers and travel that will leave you green with envy, despite their challenges I think it s important to know that many of Lokko s books have the same failing Whoever chose the cover descriptions and blurbs either hasn t read the books, orshould have their head examined Had I not flipped through the book before putting it down, I never would have been drawn in by such vapid, soap opera esque descriptions Two sisters One man One winner , makes this sound like a book full of backstabbing, man chasing drama If this was what you were looking for, you will be sorely disappointed. This book was extremely misleading The blurb on the back, and the bit on the front that says TWO sisters ONE man ONE winner There wasn t any part of the book that was about the two sisters falling in love with the same man Or any fighting about him Otherwise, it was fine It s biggest weakness was too many characters Instead of getting anyone s whole story, or exploring any issue in any depth Rape, mommy issues, daddy issues, sibling rivalry, race, incest, abortion, single parenting, death, guilt and so the list could continue There was description of homes and clothes and landscape than there was of any thing that could of lead to some sort of literary exploration of the many themes just thrown around in a seemingly willy nilly fashion The overwhelming drama became dull and predictable. This was written well and had great descriptions but there were so many subplots it was hard to keep track of all that was going on It felt to me like a was reading a soap opera One that could go on and on and if I put the book down and started reading at a different a different point I could easily get back in because it was just one predictable unsatisfying situation after another Unsatisfying in that the characters never grew or developed. Saffron Skies is an embodiment of the phrase Never judge a book by its cover The cover of this book doesn t tell you anything about the story inside I wish I meant this in a way that implies the story is incredibly meaningful and unexpected, but unfortunately I mean it literally converys nothing about the story correctly Not the title, not the tagline Not even the bloody blurb.What I expected was the intertwining, overlapping story of 3 key characters who all fall for the same guy What it is is a span of time following an unspecified number of people whose lives are loosely related, from about 12 or so points of view The viewpoints appear random as well, with some characters apparently losing Lokko s interest and dropping away just when you begin to think they are one of the finally chosen key characters.This means that the close of the book which is obviously set up to be the final resolution between a long feud just doesn t have much oomph I can t really even work out why there IS a feudbetween the two sisters, when their lives are one of the many storylines that rarely overlap.Having ranted about this not even mentioning the inconsistent characterisation , I will now grudgingly admit to finding it okay I must have, since I finished it But mostly it was in anticipation of something happening Nothing really does, but that s kind of alright Sometimes it s just interesting to see someone s train of thought I honestly think Lokko had no plan but just let the events trickle out of her pen, and I had no choice but to see which direction it trickled in as it maintained my interest if not quite grabbing and thrilling it. This and Lokko s other book Sundowners , although remarkably similar same plot, variations of the same characters, same general themes, etc were very readable and enjoyable Despite the fact that they are both rather long, i was able to finish them pretty quickly Strong racial class themes Not recommended for males. *EPUB ⇹ Saffron Skies ↡ Il Ricchissimo E Potente Max Sall, Divide La Sua Vita Tra La Moglie Angela, Fragile Ed Elegante Figlia Della Buona Societ Londinese, E L Amante Francesca, Affascinante Ex Hostess Romana Desiderosa Di Affrancarsi Dalle Sue Origini Modeste Angela Ha Avuto Da Max Due Figli Amber, Intelligente E Determinata, E Kieran, Che Presto Si Rivela Un Debole E Un Irresponsabile Francesca Ha Avuto Dal Ricco Amante Una Figlia, Paola, Allevata Con L Unico Obiettivo Di Riuscire Dove Lei Ha Fallito Sposare Un Uomo Ricco Mentre Le Ragazze Crescono In Un Clima Di Reciproca Ostilit , Le Loro Madri Riescono A Trovare, Malgrado Tutto, Il Modo Di Convivere Fino A Quando Amber E Paola Si Innamorano Dello Stesso Uomo Not as good as other Lesley Lokko books Review to come.I need to get some headphones Took me awhile to get through, which is rare interesting characters and beautiful, intriguing settings, but a lot of storylines to follow, some of which weren t sufficiently developed.