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[Read Kindle] É Angel & Faith #15 ⚹ One Time Friends Angel And Whistler Attempt To Hash Things Out, Each Giving The Other A Final Chance To Either Save Himself Or Succumb To Battle Plus, A Peek Into The Past Of Villainous Siblings Pearl And Nash Executive Produced By Joss Whedon Follows The Events Of Buffy Season Guest Artist David Lapham Stray Bullets Special Stand Alone Issue WOW To think I ve spent the past year or so thinking there was something I missed reading in BTVS S8 This issue has really put some structure to the whole Twilight thing As per usual, the writers have managed to make me conflicted about whose side I m actually on Whistler makes a good case but there s always a catch and if I ve learned one thing from all these years of Buffy and Angel, it s that there no such thing as an easy way out Do you remember in Daddy issues when Faith tried to illicit Drusilla s help in erasing her memories of the bad things that were done to her and that she d done Do you remember how hard Angel fought to stop her It s because redemption is a key concept in the Angelverse as well as the buffyverse.The whole story line is intended to teach you that a bad thing done for a noble end is still a bad thing As for Pearl and Nash, I d love to hear about the next big baddies I never dreamed they could have such interesting backgrounds in Short JUST WOW Oh, and Buffy and Angel on the cover DANCING actually made me want to cry a little.. Gosh In one single issue Christos Gage brought much sense to the S8 story than when I first read it although it d probably make sense if I re read all of S8 again, which I plan to do when all the hardcovers are out and made Pearl Nash interesting An excellent stand alone issue.I m really looking forward to Nov having a Buffyverse title released each week Dark Horse, you spoil us Bring on Willow Since last month s issue of Angel Faith neatly wrapped up the Quor toth saga and sent Willow on an intriguing side quest which in the world of comic books always, always means a spin off series , it was no big shocker that issue 15 served up a hot and steamy plate of filler What did shock me was how carefully crafted a filler story it was, managing to walk that impossibly fine line between being a compelling stand alone story and a satisfying extrapolation on the overall arc of Angel Faith It also handed out what every young nerd lies awake dreaming of at night concrete answers With the origin stories of Whistler who has been in the Whedonverse since season two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well as Pearl and Nash villains who were introduced at the start of Angel Faith , Angel Faith 15 The Hero of His Own Story is a one two punch that shouldn t be missed.Complete Review