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Liked the story Through narrative, the writer disguises characters fear of retribution for individual thinking and for not joining mass rallies out in support for the unnamed Leader Another disguise of fear is the main character Fathi s laughter and love, along with his mother Ratiba s and his lover Lama s The grandiosity of the political regime in the omnipresence of the Leader s portraits, of his speeches, and of the military march music on buildings and television seems exaggerated and Fathi s laughable response to the theatrical like security officials does also In fact, Fathi and a disgruntled comrade describe the pervasiveness of the regime and the effects of its dictates as Surrealism Possible discussion questions about this story What is meant by the Silence by the Roar Do writers and intellectuals provide guidance in a totalitarian society How do love and laughter help Fathi and his family and lover ease the stress of tyranny Which choice at the end of the novel would you advise to Fathi In summary, the constant presence of tyranny and fear is disguised by the loudly enthusiastic masses, by the examples of random irreverence and the hidden extremes of punishment, and by Fathi s precarious safety net as a needed propagandist Therefore, the surreal narrative stays light above the hinted menace. ortado u da ad verilmeyen bi liderin y netimindeki ad verilmeyen bi lkede, istedi ini yazamad i in susan bi adam n ya ad tan kl k etti i bir g n anlat lan..biat bir k lt r, isyan hatta sadece susmak, biat etmemek hainlikse lider ile ilgili yap lan espri veya hayat n pahal l ndan yak nmak hapis cezas gerektiren fiiller olarak g r l yorsa t m ileti im ara lar , teknoloji ve devlet kurumlar lider propagandas yap yorsa g r lt suk neti yok ediyorsa ve d nd klerini bask nedeniyle yazam yor ama istenildi i gibi yazmaya da yana m yor ve sessiz kal yorsan lke, lider isimlerinin olmamas hi sorun de il nas lsa bu co rafyada lkelerin isimleri de i ir ama kaderleri ok a benze ir kitap ba l ba na u ark y an msat yor asl nda.. published in its original arabic some seven years before the syrian civil war began in 2011, the silence and the roar al samt wal sakhabis the first work of the exiled aleppo born novelist and screenwriter to appear in english nihad sirees left syria in january of 2012 after being watched and followed by syrian security services acclaimed for his novels particularly the north winds , as well as for his television series, the silk market, sirees had previously incurred the wrath of government censors.presaging much of the unrest that would come to and continues to garner international attention, the silence and the roar is the satirical tale of a youngish author, fathi, standing in opposition to the government forces of an unnamed country considered to be sirees s syrian homeland as the city descends into state sponsored celebration of its despotic leader with a capital L , a compassionate gesture on fathi s part leads him into a bureaucratic nightmare not unlike something out of a kafka story though far funnier when his own family gets entangled into the ruling party s plans, fathi must decide for himself how willing he is to forgo his combativeness and toe the line the roar produced by the chants and the megaphones eliminates thought thought is retribution, a crime, treason against the leader and insofar as calm and tranquility can incite a person to think, it is essential to drag out the masses to these roaring marches every once in a while to brainwash them and keep them from committing the crime of thought. while perhaps not as arresting as similar tales from exiled writers, the silence and the roar is, nonetheless, an excellent work that offers, rather than a mere litany of incomprehensible abuses and affronts, an absorbing story about one man s courage and dignity in the face of overwhelming injustice and nefarious governmental plotting as captivating and well paced as the plot is, however, siree s novel would have likely benefited from an additional 50 or 100 pages especially with so fantastically conceived a protagonist as fathi funny, poignant, though never heavy handed, the silence and the roar isn t so much about speaking truth to power, as it is having the audacity to undermine said power s own inherent absurdity and impotence.from the author s afterword i believe that love and peace are the right way to confront tyranny thus i wrote this novel about the dictator whose opponents cannot find any other way to stand up to him but through love and laughter it is with love that the hero of the story acquires the strength to stand up and confront silence with laughter that he tears off the frightening halo with which the dictator has surrounded himself, and then dares to confront his minions.there is another kind of roar that this author never thought the leader would ever be capable of using the roar of artillery, tanks and fighter jets that have already opened fire on syrian cities the leader is leveling cities and using lethal force against his own people in order to hold on to power we must ask, alongside the characters in this novel what kind of surrealism is this as i present my novel to the english reader, my heart is agonizingly heavy about what is happening in syria, my homeland. translated from the arabic by max weiss yle bir denk geldi ki bu kitab okumam n zaman d n Ayval k ta meydanda bang r bang r malum kutlamalar vard , imdilik kat lmayan d vm yorlar, kitaptan farkl olarak benzerlik ok can s k c , ortado ululuk a ikar, lider k lt r baki, zaten yasaklanm bir roman, tahmin edebilece imiz gibi sessizli e ihtiyac m z var, oturup d ncelerimizi dinlemeye D nyan n herhangi lkesinde olabilecek bir diktat rl k distopyas Be enerek okudum ve biraz da rkt m This largely plotless, parable esque little novel is worth reading it s an effective evocation of a world that sounds like a dystopian satire until you set it alongside dispatches from Syria, when it suddenly starts to seem brightly optimistic than reality But while the narrator s voice is compelling and the sense of stifling heat, noise and bureaucracy shines through, it s unsatisfying as a novel, full of stagnant, sketched out characters and unresolved plot points. Fark var m Otokratik bir Arap lkesinde yirmi y ld r iktidarda olan Lider, kitle psikolojisi ve muhalif yazar n olanlar anlama abas Neden ba r yoruz Mar neden al n yor Ayn slogan defalarca s ylemek ne kazand r yoruz Lider bizden ne istiyor Evet, bir ok sat r n alt n bize ne kadar da benziyor diyerek izilen ve rk t c metin. ok iyi bir kitap, okunulmas gerekenlerden, kendimizden bir eyler buldum Jaguar yay nevi ok g zel kitaplar yay nl yor. ^Book ☙ Al Samt Wal Sakhab ☊ Available In English For The First Time, The Silence And The Roar Is A Funny, Sexy, Dystopian Novel About The Struggle Of An Individual Over Tyranny The Silence And The Roar Follows A Day In The Life Of Fathi Sheen, An Author Banned From Publishing Because He Refuses To Write Propaganda For The Ruling Government The Entire Populace Has Mobilized To Celebrate The Twenty Year Anniversary Of The Reigning Despot In This Unnamed Middle Eastern Country The Heat Is Oppressive And Loudspeakers Blare As An Endless Parade Takes Over The Streets Desperate To Get Away From The Noise And The Zombie Like Masses, Fathi Leaves His House To Visit His Mother And His Girlfriend, But En Route Stops To Help A Student Who Is Being Beaten By The Police Fathi S ID Papers Are Confiscated And He Is Told To Report To The Police Station Before Night Falls When Fathi Turns Himself In, He Is Led From One Department To Another In An Ever Widening Bureaucratic Labyrinth His Only Weapon Against The Irrationality Of The Government Employees Is His Sense Of Irony Tinged With A Kafkaesque Sense Of The Absurd, The Silence And The Roar Explores What It Means To Be Truly Free In Mind And Body