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[Download] ☾ Some Cities (Reaktion Books - Topographics) ☦ Our Relations With Cities Are Like Our Relations With People We Love Them, Hate Them, Or Are Indifferent Toward Them On Our First Day In A City That Is New To Us, We Go Looking For The City We Go Down This Street, Around That Corner We Are Aware Of The Faces Of Passers By But The City Eludes Us, And We Become Uncertain Whether We Are Looking For A City, Or For A Person Victor Burgin Recalls Some Of The Cities He Has Known In A Way Familiar To All Who Have Traveled, By Showing Photographs And Telling Anecdotes Some Cities Gathers Places And Moments Along A Life Route That The Author Has Taken From The North Of England To His Present Home In Northern California Stops On The Way Include Such Disparate Sites As London, Berlin And Warsaw Singapore, Woomera And Tokyo New York And San Francisco And The Islands Of Stromboli And Tobago Some Cities Is Unlike Anything Burgin Has Ever Done Before, Although It Explores Characteristic Themes Of His Earlier Theoretical And Visual Works, Such As The Dimensions Of Politics And Sexuality In Everyday Life Burgin Traces His Life S Route From The North Of England Through Such Metropolises As London, Berlin, Singapore, Tokyo, New York And San Francisco In Brilliant Black And White Photographs And In Anecdotes Presented In Immaculate Prose The Guardian A Witty, Poignant And Evocative Personal Travelogue The Independent On Sunday