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PDF ⚫ Blackhawk ó Based On Characters Appearing In Quality Amp; DC Comics I've read that Blackhawk was one of only four comic titles published without interruption through the '40s, '50s, and '60s. (The other three being Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman, of course.) I believed that I was pretty conversant with novels based on comic characters, so I was a little surprised to find one that I'd never heard of written by William Rotsler, an author I always liked, based on Blackhawk. (The book has a lovely but uncredited cover.) In the original comics there's an Oriental character named ChopChop who's originally portrayed in a horribly racist manner as something of a bucktoothed beachball, and thankfully Rotsler corrects that in this story. The origin of the team is well told here; the Blackhawk Squadron was a lot like Captain Midnight and his Secret Squadron, and Rotsler captures their motivation and formation well. (The iconic Lady Blackhawk doesn't appear in this story; she didn't appear until the late '50s.) Unfortunately, once the background is established and the war is well underway, it ends with Blackhawk being captured while trying to bring down a giant highaltitude bomber that's attacking London, and he battles a naked Nazi nymphomanic dominatrix to save the day. It's more than a little silly and an embarrassing conclusion; I'm sure that's why there were never any further volumes in the series. Fun WWII adventure based on the DC comic.