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[[ Read E-pub ]] ⚡ Close to Home ⚜ Vera Gordon Is Tired Of Her Husband Cheating On Her One Night She Follows Him To His Lovers House And Kills Them Both Justified If So, Then Why Did This Crime Passion Lead Her To Standing On The Tallest Bridge In New Orleans Recounting The Series Of Events That Transpired There Is Much To This Crime Than Meets The Eye Close to Home begins with an intensity that only stops because the story was over Fed up with her husband s cheating ways, we meet Vera as she is standing on a bridge ready to take her own life Cole, who is an untrained negotiator on the New Orleans police department, has the task of trying to talk down Vera Brian W Smith is definitely in a class of his own in today s literary world In each of his novels you think the direction is going one way, but Smith always takes you in a completely different one Close to Home is full of suspense, drama, and pure craziness that will have you on the edge of your seat for the entire ride Close to Home is part of the Three The Hard Way series which includes novellas by Rickey Teems II and Moses Miller I highly recommend reading the entire series Tiffany CraigRead It All Book Reviewshttp readitallbookreviews.wordpress Close to Home by Brian W Smith SEMI SPOILER REVIEW The subject matter this author has inscribed about, is often a subject that we lone think only have emotional impact on one racial human group, and according to the many statistics on suicide, it s true Regardless, of these statistics, we shouldn t ignore the warning signs in others, and sometimes we need to step back and give ourselves a reality check and just breathe Just because we think those, we love dearly, or even ourselves, will not ever reach that level of depression in life, where we would want to end it, doesn t mean it will not happen The devil is alive and well, and his power can take control in us, if we allow him That s why it s important to cherish every beautiful minute given to you, learn how to walk away when God has given you sign after sign, that the situation you re in isn t right for you Learn how to say no, I m putting myself first, this time around If only Vera Gordon, had someone in her life, that told her she is worth than the teething troubles she is submitting herself to in her marriage, with her unfaithful husband What one man doesn t treasure in her, there s a strong, God fearing man out there that would be glad to take the place of her unwise husband Vera Gordon, written to be a beautiful and intelligent woman Who gave, and gave continuous love to her husband Sacrifice, her relationship with family for this man, in return he continue to treat her as nothing She has had enough, and it s time for him to compensate for the years of damage he has place on her emotionally and mentally.I m mad because this is my first reading by this author, yet it will not be my last This author character development, exceptional I felt as the book came to a closing, I actually knew the characters My heart, emotionally invested in the female protagonist The officer, nervous tension felt His sense of humor, even in the middle of a tragic event, hilarious, but in no way took away from the message of the story I have read some great books, by some magnificent authors, but it has been awhile where I was a part of the story Sitting in my car on the Crescent City Connection or to us natives the GNO Bridge , watching this woman get to the point of no return.Well done, by this author Brian W Smith If, I could give this novella than five hearts stars, I would definitely not hesitate This novella, I would recommend for a woman, who needs to know that when she is at her last bit of patience with someone, hold you re head up high, like the queen you are Don t like anyone, man or woman take you to the level of personal, internal ugliest. OMG Brian Smith has done it again This is one novella I will not be forgetting no time soon Just when I thought I had the plot figured out splash the book ends Thank you Brian Smith for another good story.. Good suspenseful novella with a well written storyline Story touched on various subject matters as sympathy was felt for Vera s situation Good read