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Really wanted to give this at least three stars as the writing is well done, and the subplot of the heroine authenticating stolen Renaissance artwork was a nice change from the usual nannies, PA s and downtrodden office workers KH also does a nice job having the heroine reflect on the myth of Leda s rape by Zeus and her subsequent children Did not know Clytemnestra and Helen were a result of the union I really think the Persephone Hades myth would have been a better way to go as the h is so trapped and there are issues with her own daughter.Anyhoo, the book was a chore to get through and there were issues with the heroine view spoiler She was married to a controlling man, had an affair, and lost custody of her daughter in what sounds like a trial that could only be conducted under the dubious laws of HP Harleyland She can only see her daughter once a month hide spoiler Kate Hewitt is a unique and Mills Boon author, who is not afraid to write romance with a bitedge than usual and that, apart from her really great writing, is what makes her one of my top favorite author in this genre.The Darkest Secrets she tackles the subject of marriage infidelity by the heroine, which is just so taboo normally the heroine tends to be a young, na ve virgin and Grace Turner is certainly not that What I liked about Grace is discovering that she makes no excuses for her behavior and has taken full responsibility for her actions and is prepared to move forward with her life not feeling bitter and twisted.But how will Khalis Tannous, who has hired her to do some work on his family s art collection, react if he ever finds out the truth about her.As their relationship progresses and she finds herself falling deeply in love with him, she is tormented by Khalis reaction if she discloses the truth about her marriage And the longer she prolonged telling him, the deeper her fears and insecurities become.I found Khalis a very likeable here An alpha hero with a heart and admired the ethical way he wanted to make good of the wrong his shady family had done before being killed unexpectedly, leaving him to sort out the mess left behind I did picture a different reaction from him when he finds out Grace s secrets because I had felt he was a muchkind and gently male but no Reacts rather badly to say the least but I guess most men would do the same.This is a remarkable story, filled with sadness, heartbreak, the end am me almost crying but at the same time so uplifting when you see that a person can find redemption and is able to take a chance at love again.A great addition to my Kate Hewitt s book collection.Book Synopsis The high price of buried secrets Khalis Tannous has spent years ruthlessly eradicating every hint of corruption and scandal from his life even shunning his own family When Grace Turner arrives at Khalis s private Mediterranean island to view his family s stolen collection of priceless art, even he isn t blind to her beauty Yet he recognises the shadows in her eyes she too has her secrets Grace can foresee the cost of giving in to temptation, but is helpless to resist Khalis s slow, determined seduction But will she risk everything she has for a night in his bed I almost didn t read this book but I am so glad I did as this book is simply brilliant.The hero has to be one of the best heroes I have read in a very long time He is so open and loving towards the heroine, and not at all cruel and domineering I can t tell you how great it is to read a hero who is not just interested in some casual brief fling with the heroine or any other woman that croses his path.This is certainly a risky book, some readers probably won t like the heroines past actions, but I applaud Kate Hewitt for doing something different I liked that she didn t resort to having her heroine make excuses for her behaviour, instead she owned up to her faults and accepted the consequences.I tire of reading about lily white heroines, we re none of us perfect, so for me this book was very refreshing.This book is packed full of angst and emotion, centred around a beautiful and engaging love story that almost had me in tears, of both joy and sadness.The writing is flawless and evocative, I was especially drawn to the depth to which the author describes the heroine relating to the myth of Leda and the Swan This book sucks you in wholly and doesn t rush towards and unnecessarily perfect ending.I loved it.Originally posted at Absolutely loved this book Grace is a strong, sensitive heroine, who is genuinely good at her job and takes pride in her career Sure wish Lisa Kleypas could write modern heroines like this Khalis is a little harder to like, he s the ruthless tycoon but seems awfully squishy at times Still the two of them have a real connection and the artwork descriptions are really beautiful I really wanted to like this book,liked the storyline,the hero,the heroine,then as I read futher into the story,my most major of stumbling blocks.Marital sexual infidelity on the part of the heroine while married to her first husband,not the hero with her handyman.During this affair,she apparantely neglected her young child.That is a no no for me and my enjoyment slowly went down hill.I forced myself to finish only because i wanted to find out about the presumed dead brother.His story looks interesting.I did not like the epilogue at all,it was left hanging. I kept waiting and wanting to like this book My hopes were high almost to the very end and then they were crushed by the big reveal.Spoilers below Her darkest secret was her affair with the property manager during her unhappy marriage She eludes to an unhappy and possibly abusive marriage, but in fact, she could have left her prison at any time It was her own weakness that kept her there Instead of focusing on her child she had an affair because of her unhappiness She tells of a child who never slept and cried all the time while complaining about the bossiness of the nanny that was hired to help her Apparently she was in a fog during this difficult time as a new mother and does not remember much about her affair.Khalis deserves a better heroine than the one he got. He aqu un buen ejemplo de hero na fuerte iron a, iron a En mi mundo, una mujer con car cter y personalidad, se habr a divorciado y cuidado a su hijo Luego, si quer a encamarse con el empleado, el vecino, el carnicero o el ltimo monito de feria, pues que lo hiciera Pero no lo que hizo esta pseudo mujer fuerte Y pr cticamente en las narices de su marido y su hijo.No s Llamadme retorciada Tos , pero creo que habr a quedado mejor que el h roe hubiera sido ese amante empleado Pero la autora, amante de esc ndolos, al parecer, preferi darle m s AZ CAAAAAR al culebr n.Pero, bueno, Kate Hewitt por lo visto, no concibe historia sin poner un episodio realmente MUY desagradable de por medio Salvo la que escribi para The Corretti y alguna que otra, el resto es para ir al ba o a mear y no echar gota xD *READ EPUB ☛ The Darkest Of Secrets ⇩ The High Price Of Buried Secrets Khalis Tannous Has Spent Years Ruthlessly Eradicating Every Hint Of Corruption And Scandal From His Life Even Shunning His Own Family When Grace Turner Arrives At Khalis S Private Mediterranean Island To View His Family S Stolen Collection Of Priceless Art, Even He Isn T Blind To Her Beauty Yet He Recognises The Shadows In Her Eyes She Too Has Her Secrets Grace Can Foresee The Cost Of Giving In To Temptation, But Is Helpless To Resist Khalis S Slow, Determined Seduction But Will She Risk Everything She Has For A Night In His Bed This was a frustrating read for me Hewitt has a great voice for Presents, and the story was technically well written Unfortunately, the story itself traded heavily in regret, remorse and guilt and after the truth behind their feelings come out the heroine reads like a weak ass martyr. I was disappointed a bit I expectedbackground, guess I m a picky girl I love stories that have the richness of background It makes me fall in love with he characters and the emotions they portray I just feel this didn t have enough and even the epilogue was very quick The story just ended abruptly but on a happy note Happy note or not, I didn t appreciate the end, which in turn made me iffy towards the book and the overall outcome I m sure once you read it, you can judge it for yourself.