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This novella from the Harlequin series highlighting different real life charities was an easy enjoyable read Rachel is a single mother, her son Maxwell is a snarky little professor type Sam is the local handyman who gets involved with them while Maxwell is in the hospital Where are all the nurses The charity has to do with donating DVD s to children s wards and they organize a local donation drive together I liked this a lot If I had to have a gripe it would be the mother who told her son that he s not allowed to watch any movies and doesn t seem to be encouraging any physical activity, contact with friends or anything that could be fun, until Sam gets in their life. This novella was free from Barnes and Noble when I downloaded it to my Nook library It is the second in 2012 Harlequin s More than Words series The heroines honored by this book are Berni, Romi, Lexi and Marni Barta who founded Kid Flicks, a not for profit organization that collects and donates new and gently used kids DVDs to children s hospitals and pediatric departments across the U.S It is a quick and enjoyable read It makes you consider donating some DVDs I recommend it for all readers. This was a good sweet and tender book Another great touching read in the Harlequin More Than Words imprint It s touching and inspiring at what children can do just because they believe I liked how author showed that and how she made the reference that we, as adults, stop believing and doing because we re told taught so many times that we can t Reading these books always make me want to jump up and do something good, even if I don t know where or how to begin I loved the characters and the situations that were brought to life and this made me think about others and how many things there are that can be done simply be looking on the internet and getting a little help from others, no matter how small or large This is inspiring and reminds me that there is still good in the world and we should slow down, linger , and pay it forward Enjoy Today I didn t feel like starting a book that would take a day or two to read, so I chose this novella that was offered along with six other freebie novellas last week by Harlequin More Than Words Through Harlequin More Than Words, each year they celebrate women who make extraordinary differences in the lives of others, and Harlequin donates 15,000 each to their chosen causes Harlequin authors, created fictional stories inspired by these women and the charities they support This novel was a touching story written by Michele Hauf It was a light fun book to read with enough light G rated romance to make it interesting This book is part of my Nook Library, and since I enjoyed reading it I awarded it 3 Currently available for FREE Short, clean novella Maxwell, a 9 year old not so normal kid plays match maker for his mother and holds a great charity project collecting movies for donation to hospitals so the sick kids can have something to entertain them. OK book, but the first few pages are just unbelievable Why didn t any of the nurses get him out of the room Pediatric wards would havesecurity After that, pretty good story line, but love the idea of highlighting charities. This is the 2nd book I read by Michele Hauf The storyline was okay What interested me the most was the organization they talked about in the story I am really starting to like these types of Harlequin books. (EBOOK) ¸ Maxwell's Smile ß More Than Words Bestselling Authors Real Life HeroinesWe All Have The Power To Effect Change We Just Need To Find The Strength To Harness It With Every Good Deed Done, And Helping Hand Offered, We Are Making The World A Better Place The Dedicated Women Selected As This Year S Recipients Of Harlequin S More Than Words Award Have Changed Many Lives For The Better, Through Their Compassionate Hearts And Unshakable Commitment To Celebrate Their Accomplishments, Bestselling Authors Have Written Stories Inspired By These Real Life HeroinesIn This Book, Michele Hauf Honors The Work Of The Barta Sisters Berni, Romi, Lexi And Marni Barta And The Not For Profit Organization That They Founded, Kid FlicksWe Hope More Than Words Inspires You Look Inside Your Heart And To Get In Touch With The Heroine Inside Of You Maxwell s SmileLoved the story about what coming to trust and finding true love is about when you ve raised a child alone Would recommend to anyone who enjoys a great story Thanks Michele