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I adore Jane Porter s writing style and I love, love, LOVE this book While I really enjoyed book 1 of this twin swap duo, book 2 had Sheikh Makin Al Koury in it sigh. Princess Emmeline was a bit precious, however, this was a result of a horrible upbringing with truly nasty parents After being pursued by an Argentinean polo player for years, she finally gave him her virginity, only for him to lose interest immediately after leaving her pregnant and alone Along comes Makin, the boss of her lookalike Hannah Hannah and Emmeline agree to swap places, with Emmeline s intent being to confront the polo player to tell him about her pregnancy Creating a scene in a nightclub, Makin drags his assistant now played by Emmeline onto a plane, heading for his private island where Hannah has organised a weekend event with VIP guests Of course, Emmeline doesn t know the first thing about being an executive PA, coupled with her morning sickness, her subterfuge comes undone quite quickly It just gets better from this point on The only thing missing from this book is a longer epilogue Can t wait to read it again This was pretty enjoyable I liked the way the hero was drawn to the heroine against his will, and I loved how protective he was The last scene was great and dramatic I liked how the hero didn t give up on her. [Free Kindle] ♌ His Majestys Mistake (A Royal Scandal, #2) ☦ She S Everything This Desert King Shouldn T Want Spurned And Publicly Humiliated By The Father Of Her Child, Princess Emmeline D Arcy Has No Ring, No Wedding Date, And No Legitimacy For Her Unborn Child And The Last Straw Having To Trade In Her Gilded Lifestyle And Pretend To Be Her Twin Sister, Otherwise Known As Sheikh Makin Al Koury S Personal AssistantAccustomed To Being Waited On Hand And Foot, Emmeline Finds Herself Having To Jump To The Click Of Her Boss S Skilful Fingers Day And Night But Once The Sheikh Uncovers Her Shameful Past Will His Touch Be Nothing But A Scorching Memory BOOK SUMMARY She s everything this desert king shouldn t want Spurned and publicly humiliated by the father of her child, Princess Emmeline d Arcy has no ring, no wedding date and no legitimacy for her unborn baby And the last straw Having to trade in her gilded lifestyle and pretend to be her twin sister, otherwise known as Sheikh Makin Al Koury s personal assistant Accustomed to being waited on hand and foot, Emmeline finds herself having to jump to the click of her boss s skillful fingers day and night But once the sheikh uncovers her shameful past, will his touch be nothing but a scorching memory After reading Not Fit for a King, the first book about two sisters and which I liked I was looking forward to His Majesty s Mistake, the follow up book of Emmeline d Arcy, the royal princess who had asked a complete stranger, who just happened to be her double, to take her place for a few hours and what happens to her although I did find Emmeline a bit of a snob and empty headed in the first book but hey who knows, she could redeem herself and I would grow to like her.I liked the first book muchHannah was, for me,engaging and lovable with some spunk and spirit Emmeline I found difficult to engage with She was such a winger most of the time that I could not understand how Sheik Makin al Koury could ever love this spoilt princess I thought he was a great hero and fabulous sheik too He was compassionate and caring and loving and yes so patient I did however find it difficult in understanding the reasons for his decision to marry Emmeline This is some emotionally strung woman But it s great when someone gets a second chance at happiness and this is what happens in this story.A bit disappointed that I never got to see Hannah and Emmeline, after discovering they are sisters, getting together I found the ending a bit rushed.what happened in the seven months to the two couples who after all have a strong family connection I gasped when I read some parts of the story that were a bittttt OTT but hey I love Jane Porter s books and this is a world that we travel to where anything is POSSIBLE This author is one of my FAVOURITE romance writers and I have read all her books and I can t wait for her next one. I think I have found a new favorite Author This is the second book I have read by Mrs Jane Porter Both books were really good, and both were packed high with emotions The story s just drew me in In this story Emmeline got her twin sister Hannah to switch places with her It was only suppose to be for a day or two Alejandro had told Emmeline that he loved her Had convinced Emmeline to lose her virginity to him When Emmeline finds out she is pregnant, she tried to call him He blocked all the calls, and wouldn t talk to her Desperate times, calls for desperate measures She switched places with her sister, and dyed her hair black When she tracked him down, he was in a bar, making out with another chick Before she could get him to listen to her, Emmeline was man handled by Makin It took her awhile to figure out who he was Makin was shocked His secretary has called out sick most of the week, and he finds her in a bar He is so mad, that I think steam was rising and blowing out of his ears Hanna has always been an excellent personal assistant She always looked very professional, and bland Wearing gray, and black suits, with shirts that buttoned up beneath her chin He doesn t know what to think of finding his assistant in a bar, in a sexy cocktail tail dress For the first time, he notices her curves, and beauty Makin never mixes business with pleasure He is uncomfortable with how his body is reacting to Hannah Emmealine on the other hand has to fake her way through, pretending she know how to be a secretary One thing she can t fake is morning sickness She can t hide it Oh how she wished she would skip that part of the pregnancy She does not have time to deal with being sick, and learning a new job, and pretending to be someone she is not She has no choice Makin took her to the desert, and switching back is almost impossible without anyone noticing I loved how Makin started to care for Emmeline once he got to know her this was a sweet romance with a lot of emotions the story pulled me in, and I was not able to put the book down I stayed up late again until I finished it The book was worth loss of sleep. A delightful read Hero was a gem.Recommended. Beautifully written, fabulous story I loved Not Fit for a King and was so excited to get my hands on this title His Majesty s Mistake is the other side of the story what Emmeline is up to while Hannah is playing princess in Raguva When I first started this book, Emmeline was not my favorite person I thought she was reckless, self involved, and kind of selfish Jane Porter manages to bring out the most lovable characteristics so that before I knew it I was rooting for Emmeline just as I had for Hannah As always, I fell in love with the hero along with the heroine actually I think I fell for him before she did and thoroughly enjoyed their journey towards the happily ever after Pick it up you won t regret it It s perfect for some fun summer reading. DEMONIOS Por qu Harlequ n publica cosas que se escriben tan r pido y torpemente sta es la continuaci n de nuestro grandioso cuento de la princesa y la plebeya y como su vida cambia Aqu nos narran, a d nde va la princesa Emmeline cuando cambia de identidad con Hannah Cuando nuestro importante y serio jaque, Makin la saca arrastrada de una discoteca y la monta en su avi n creyendo que lleva consigo a su eficiente asistente, comienza nuestra historia.Me re con cada p gina Especialmente cuando l empieza Y tu tel fono No s Lo perd Y tu port til All tienes un respaldo Tampoco lo s Creo que la perd.Pobre, jajaja, pens que a su perfecta asistente se le hab a metido el demonio Y aunque l es bastante duro cuando descubre la verdad, tambi n me sorprendi mucho al decir Soy yo , fue omg El trasfondo con la vasectom a all es bastante interesante y tambi n el tema de la adopci n, me gust mucho L STIMA que sea realmente tan corto. I need to be completely honest when I say that this is probably one of the best recent books dealing with sheikhs out there The story line was so new, welcoming and full of awesomesauce I truly enjoyed it and instantly fell in love with all the characters The hero and heroine are a perfect blend and make everything passionate, cocky and amusing Not to mention the love and sacrifice described in the book is beautiful READ IT My final book for the year 2017 was not a dud It was an wonderfully unrealistic story about a princess who got knocked up and dumped by a player, but was fortunate enough to find love with a multi billionaire sheikh.Yeah That happens every day LolYou had the suspend your beliefthan usual while this Jane Porter book, but the fairytale was wonderful once you did The book left you grinning from ear to even though the princess was annoying as hell and the sheikh would have walked all over her Instead, he was understanding, kind, and caring toward her He insecurities drove me nuts I wanted to shake her She s 25 and allowing her adoptive mother to treat her so horribly Move out Live your life Still, I enjoyed the heck of this book and am so happy that I didn t finish the year on a stinker This bodes well for my reading choices in 2018 D