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@Read Book ⚨ The Girl Next Door Õ America Rurale, Anni Cinquanta David Ha Anni E Incarna Il Prototipo Dell Adolescente Medio Frequenta Gli Altri Ragazzi Del Vicinato E Comincia A Sviluppare Un Certo Interesse Per Il Sesso Femminile Quando Le Sorelle Meg E Susan Loughlin Si Trasferiscono A Vivere Nella Casa Accanto, David Felice Dell Opportunit Di Ampliare Il Proprio Giro Di Amicizie, Anche Se Meg, Che Incontra Per Prima, Un Paio D Anni Pi Grande I Genitori Delle Due Ragazze Sono Rimasti Uccisi In Un Incidente D Auto, E Le Sorelle Loughlin Sono State Affidate Alla Vicina Di David, Ruth Ma Ruth, In Apparenza Ottima Madre Di Famiglia, Nasconde Una Vena Di Sadismo E Alienazione, Che Sfoga Dapprima Sottoponendo Le Ragazze A Percosse Sempre Pi Violente E Dolorose, Poi Dando Vita A Una Serie Di Torture Fisiche E Psicologiche Di Cui David E Gli Altri Ragazzi Del Vicinato Divengono Testimoni E, In Qualche Modo, Complici Inconsapevoli La Polizia Non Prende Sul Serio Le Denuncie Di Meg L Unica Speranza Per Lei E La Sorella Nell Aiuto Dell Amico David Riuscir A Salvare Le Sorelle Prima Che Sia Troppo Tardi When a pretty girl named Meg moves in next door, young Davy is smitten Soon, however, Meg s aunt Ruth begins mistreating Meg and invites her children to help Can Davy help Meg escape Or will he join in her torment This is the twentieth book in my Kindle Unlimited Experiment For the 30 day trial, I m only reading books that are part of the program and keeping track what the total cost of the books would have been This is one brutal damn book At the beginning, it felt like Stephen King s coming of age horror, like The Body or It Then it became darker and darker until it was physically wearing me out to read it The Girl Next Door is a story of abuse, torture, and helplessness Like I said, it s a pretty brutal read Davy is torn between fitting in and trying to save Meg from the progressively hellish life at Ruth s house Ketchum paints a horrifying picture of life in an abusive environment The book became increasingly uncomfortable to read because of his skill at depicting the horrors going on in the basement In the end, this was a hard book to rate I thought it was very powerful but I can t say I actually enjoyed reading it past the halfway mark The torture was too much but I had to see the book through until the end The most horrifying thing about the book is that it was based on an actual incident I m giving it a four because of the impact the story and the writing had, not because of any enjoyment or entertainment I got out of the story I doubt I ll be reading Ketchum any time soon Current Kindle Unlimited Savings Total 115.39. This is a fictional story based on an actual 1965 killing of a teenage girl in Indiana The girl, Sylvia Likens and her sister Jenny were put into the care of a single mother by their carnie parents The woman, Gertrude Baniszewski, several of her children, and some neighborhood children tortured and eventually murdered Sylvia She was forced to endure unbelievable atrocities like scalding baths, the carving of words into her body with needles, repeated beatings, eating feces, and worse Ketchum describes, in graphic detail, what those events might ve been like, from the point of view of the next door neighbor boy Teenage Davy lives on a dead end street and has been hanging out with the same neighborhood kids for his entire childhood One day, while catching crayfish, he meets Meg, who has just moved with her sister into Davy s next door neighbor s home Meg and Susan s parents were killed in an auto accident and the only relative to take them in is Ruth, a single mother of three boys There s not too much need to go into the plot from here because you all know where it is going I knew where it was going as well, but that didn t make it any easier to read A few weeks ago, I saw a story on the news about two 48 year old twins in Houston who lived with their mother s decomposing body after she passed away I watched in horror as the newscasters described how the grown men frankly told police officers that she had tripped and fell while they were watching the BCS championship and then they just left her there, conscious and able to speak, until she passed a few days later And the reason that they gave for not calling anyone after her death Inability to pay for burial expenses a judge has not ruled on their mental ability to stand trial as of 5 5 11 What made me think of this story in relation to the book was my wondering about how the hell anyone could ever passively watch someone tortured or slowly dying and do nothing about it Davy knows that Meg is being tortured and I was fascinated with his reasoning about why everything was happening and whether he should do anything about it Ruth and other perpetrators of such atrocities must just be mentally unstableat least I hope that is the case But there were are just so many other people involved in crimes like this are they all mentally unwell I d love to be able to say that a crime as atrocious as this could never happen nowadays but it just did again Angela McAnulty starved, abused, tortured, and eventually killed her own daughter in Eugene, Oregon just last year There were other people living in the house at the time HOW How can these people not report what is going on In terms of the book, loosely basing a story on real life events really gives an author an out I want to say that x,y, and z didn t seem realistic or probably didn t couldn t happen but I haven t gone through the notes on the trials so maybe they actually did I always get a horrible feeling in my stomach when characters tell the police about something and then the police either 1 don t take them seriously 2 brush it off or 3 don t trust a child and then turn them back over to their abuser I can t pretend to know how much work police men and women have but it is horrible to hear of events like this happening and to know that they were absolutely preventable if someone had intervened.This is a hard book to stomach I recommend it to no one and everyone at the same time No one will enjoy reading it A lot of people probably won t make it through the whole book It is filled with sick, sick things But sick things that happened and are still happening, which makes it all the painful to read There is a special place in hell for people who torture children. WARNING For those of you that still have a tattered, fragmentary scrap of optimism for the inherent goodness of people, this book may well rip it from you and shred your faith in mankind This book is as disturbing as anything I have ever read This is mostly because the novel slammed all of my soft weak spots when it comes to violence, including 1 Torture 2 Sadism 3 Violence against children 4 Violence committed by children and5 Prolonged mental abuse. and worst of all, this is based on a true story and the most horrific aspects of the story actually happened Pardon my colloquialism but are you fucking kidding me What kind of a world do we live in and who do I talk to about a serious dereliction on duty Whoever is in charge of this show we all act in needs to GET INVOLVED and start doing a much better job of bouncing the scum out of this establishment because there are far too many people dancing at this global party that belong at the bottom of cesspool The book description and other reviews have done a great job of describing the basic storyline, especially Flannery s review which can be found here Therefore, I will just briefly summarize the story The book is a fictionalized account of the real life torture and murder of a teenage girl in Indiana In the book, Meg and Susan are placed under the foster of a woman named Ruth after they lose their parents to a car accident that has left Susan crippled During the course of a summer of slowly escalating depravity, Ruth, her children and a group of neighborhood kids under Ruth s direction brutally torture and murder Meg The story is narrated decades after the fact by one of the neighborhood boys, Davy, who suffers extreme guilt because he was aware of the torture but didn t do anything to stop it until it was too late I think Davy is the perfect metaphor for an apathetic society The story is horrific, graphic, disturbing and as far from a pleasurable experience as you are likely to get However, I do want to make this very, very clearthis is NOT TORTURE PORN or gratuitous violence for its own sake which I call movies like Hostel and Saw, etc Ketchum has a reason for this story and it is not to titillate It is to horrify His deftly accomplished escalation of the horrors suffered by Meg is masterful and allows the reader to see through Davy s eyes as he constantly convinces himself that everything is okay or not as bad as it looks Thus we see Meg s ordeal begin with occasional insults that are shrugged off This escalates into constant verbal abuse and harsh spankings which are seen by Davy as the way things are for kids When the abuse finally escalates into severe emotional and physical abuse followed by captivity, torture and finally death, Davy sees the wrongness but by then is caught up in the fervor of The Game as it is called Throughout this unbelievable ordeal, Ketchum makes the narrative seem so authentic that the horror is made even worse because the reader KNOWS that this could and did happen One of the tougher parts of this book for me was that it made me confront something I find somewhat troubling about myself, but that I know will always be a part of me I have a wife and two daughters, 6 and 11, who I love than I can possibly put into words no matter how hard I try It is just a different order of magnitude though I am sure my fellow parents and spouses can understand When I read this story, I was reminded of two things about myself First, if anyone ever brutalized one of my loved ones and I was able to get a hold of them, the perps would SUFFER BADLY for the rest of their miserable time on this planet Call it a primal or vengeful aspect of man, but I would certainly unleash it in that instance At times like that I always think back to the post rape scene in Pulp Fiction when Ving Rhames sayWhat now Lemme tell you what now I m gonna call up a couple a hard, pipe hittin niggers and go to work on the holmes here with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch You hear me talkin Hillbilly boy I ain t through with you by a damn site I m gonna get medieval on your ass This shit is between me, you and Mr Soon to be living the rest of his short ass life in agonizing pain, rapist hereYes, it would be like that Oh, and the second thing is that I am completely, 100%, okie dokey comfortable with the above It is just how it wouild be To sum up, this is a tough, tough book to read However, it is also an excellent book and one that I think has an important lesson to impart about the depths of human depravity and the need for good people to confront the brutality when they see it happening It is certainly memorable and will stay with me forever HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 4.0 to 4.5 stars. ,.