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Letto nella sua versione italiana Tobia e il paurissimo libro dei fantasmi Divertente, dai disegni davvero splendidi Una storia semplice, ma coinvolgente per piccolissimi lettori pronti a rabbrividire con simpatia Diciamo, un piccolo Beetlejuice a prova di bimbo Tobias is a bored and lonely ghost, but when a new family moves in he has the time of his afterlife scaring a little girl named Eliza, who is about the same age When Eliza makes use of Tobias book of spooks and spells, Tobias gets a taste of his own medicine.Digital artwork PreK 2. Loved the illustrations and the way it portrays mischievous friendship A ghost called Tobias is excited to see that a new family is coming to live in his house He s even excited when he finds out that there is a little girl called Eliza in the family Tobias is determined to scare her However Eliza gets hold of Tobias book of spooks ands spells and prepares tricks to scare Tobias In the end the two children will become friends and promise not to scare each other any.This is a fun story with bright illustrations It is not so scary so children will laugh and enjoy the story The language is a little sophisticated so the book may be ideal for children from year 2. Might be fun for next year Fun ghost story. I loved the illustrations {DOWNLOAD E-PUB} Æ Tobias and the Super Spooky Ghost Book Ú A Lonely Ghost Finds An Unexpected Friend In This Fantastically Atmospheric Story Which Marks The Debut Of An Exciting New Picture Book TalentNight After Night, Tobias The Ghost Hangs Around The Empty House Where He Lives, Longing For Something Interesting To Happen That Is, Until One Day, A Girl Named Eliza Moves In With Her Family Armed With His Grandad S Book Of Spells, Tobias Starts To Play Tricks On Eliza, But Has He Met His Match In This Feisty Little Girl Tobias Might Just Be In For A Few Surprises Himself Not To Mention Finding An Amazing New Friend A Delightfully Energetic Book, Full Of Fun