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. 60 60 60 [Read Kindle] ♘ Der Judenstaat: Versuch einer modernen Lösung der Judenfrage ☨ Klassiker Aus Dem Jahr Im Fachbereich Germanistik Neuere Deutsche Literatur Sprache Deutsch, Anmerkungen In Der Fassung Von , Abstract Vorrede Der Gedanke, Den Ich In Dieser Schrift Ausf Hre, Ist Ein Uralter Es Ist Die Herstellung Des Judenstaates Die Welt Widerhallt Vom Geschrei Gegen Die Juden, Und Das Weckt Den Eingeschlummerten Gedanken Auf Ich Erfinde Nichts, Das Wolle Man Sich Vor Allem Und Auf Jedem Punkte Meiner Ausf Hrungen Deutlich Vor Augen Halten Ich Erfinde Weder Die Geschichtlich Gewordenen Zust Nde Der Juden, Noch Die Mittel Zur Abhilfe Die Materiellen Bestandtheile Des Baues, Den Ich Entwerfe, Sind In Der Wirklichkeit Vorhanden, Sind Mit H Nden Zu Greifen Jeder Kann Sich Davon Berzeugen Will Man Also Diesen Versuch Einer L Sung Der Judenfrage Mit Einem Worte Kennzeichnen, So Darf Man Ihn Nicht Phantasie, Sondern H Chstens Combination Nennen Gegen Die Behandlung Als Utopie Mu Ich Meinen Entwurf Zuerst Vertheidigen Eigentlich Bewahre Ich Damit Nur Die Oberfl Chlichen Beurtheiler Vor Einer Albernheit, Die Sie Begehen K Nnten Es W Re Ja Keine Schande, Eine Menschenfreundliche Utopie Geschrieben Zu Haben Ich K Nnte Mir Auch Einen Leichteren Literarischen Erfolg Bereiten, Wenn Ich F R Leser, Die Sich Unterhalten Wollen, Diesen Plan In Den Gleichsam Unverantwortlichen Vortrag Eines Romans Br Chte Aber Das Ist Keine Solche Liebensw Rdige Utopie, Wie Man Sie Vor Und Nach Thomas Morus So H Ufig Producirt Hat Und Ich Glaube, Die Lage Der Juden In Verschiedenen L Ndern Ist Arg Genug, Um Einleitende T Ndeleien Berfl Ssig Zu Machen Um Den Unterschied Zwischen Meiner Construction Und Einer Utopie Erkennbar Zu Machen, W Hle Ich Ein Interessantes Buch Der Letzten Jahre Freiland Von Dr Theodor Hertzka Das Ist Eine Sinnreiche Phantasterei, Von Einem Durchaus Modernen, National Konomisch Gebildeten Geist Erdacht, Und So Lebensfern, Wie Der Aequatorberg, Auf Dem Dieser Traumstaat Liegt Freiland Ist Eine Complicirte Masch Loved it I loved how detail oriented Herzl was when he wrote out this book, and how he clearly leaves a lot to be negotiated but gives a good starting place Maybe it s because I read The Jewish State immediately after Sayyid Qutb s Milestones, but I thought The Jewish State was easy to follow, fairly rational as opposed to idealist , and well organized into distinct sections that provided the framework for Herzl s plan for creating a new homeland He seemed to have ideas floating around in his head than he put to pen I was surprised by how thoroughly Western his book was, as seen by the authors cited and political policies that influence Herzl s plan again, this observation is in comparison with Milestones Herzl was not 100% accurate in his forecast for the future of Israel European nations did in fact revoke the rights of their Jewish citizens, which was unthinkable to Herzl, and some nations are still hostile against the Jewish nation and its citizens, which Herzl didn t foresee because he hadn t planned where the state would be created or where its current inhabitants would move It s unfortunate Herzl couldn t have lived for an extra hundred years to facilitate a peaceful and amicable creation of a Jewish state, as he would have wanted. 60 , 60 15 16 90 , Herzl advocates the formation of a Jewish State and explains the process from the ground up Hindus have much to learn and profit from this treatise. . I think this is one of the most underrated book of the 19th century This book is than a book for those that is interested in Israeli history it is about possibly the boldest social experience in humans history on state building, and its outcome in the Middle East.The Jewish State provides than an Utopian ideology it has presented a blueprint of a practical community building, and its process Zionist movement was not the only ethnic nationalist Utopian movement in the 19th century African American exiles once attempted to establish an African Homeland in Liberia, Germans once attempted to Neuva Germania in Paraguay, and many Australian socialists wanted to build their New Australia in the jungle of Paraguay as well However, only Israel successfully built up a successful national state Liberia became one of the poorest nations of the world, and the German, as well as Australian descents, ended up in their impoverished communities Almost all Utopian movements failed except Israel How does Israel succeed This book discusses following contents It discusses the social change of Europe in the 19th century through the change of the role of Jewish Europeans It provides a very practical social engineering and state building, including a very brilliant migration plan, community building, finance It discusses the role of government, military, and religion How to make the national state work Herzl had a smart view It indicated the real and secular cause of Israel Palestine conflict Herzl has stated the geographic advantage of Palestine If you want to comment anything on Israel Palestine conflict, this book is a must read for both pro Israel and pro Palestinian viewers.Overall, the Jewish State will present the practical process, and its historical context behind a so called Utopian ideology It is a book that can inspire both the Israelis and gentiles. . A state is created by a national struggle for existence.Being an Arab it is natural that I oppose the colonisation of Palestine by Isreali settlers but I believe my nationality merely beguiles this sentiment, the opposition stems from an underlining moral rejection.That being said I admire the methodology of zionists, they think and apply scientific reasoning to solve their problems while we Arabs burn flags and chant like enraged baboons at the slightest, seldom existing, injustice we face Back to the book, it was written in the spirit of many provocative pamphlets similar to the communist manifesto in being brief, easily written, and instigating a group in a specified course if action with a direct goal in mind Herzl deports from the stipulation that Jews could never fully integrate to host societies because they will always be subject to the malicious masses, a point I can t agree with since we can argue the same for Black citizens, Arabs, Muslims, and a multitude of minorities living in the west He then provides the solution being the establishment of a Jewish state and proceeds in the rest of the book to provide the basic means and jurisdictional reasoning of such an establishment Comparing this pamphlet to those written by ISIS and Al qaida affiliates I see why those fail continually to erect a fully functioning Islamic state Isreal was built not as a theocracy but a nation with significant religious appeals, the fathers of zionism harnessed the power of technology and science because they knew protests alone cannot give birth to nations, the material base must exist to lay a foundation for the ideological proliferation Instead of chanting death to Isreal let s admit we lost because they used a peculiar thing called the brain, apparently we have one too albeit in a latent state, all we need to do is it it it back to life.