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Originally Reviewed at Mother Gamer WriterWhen I was first asked to review this book, I must admit I was a bit skeptical After reading the overview I doubted the authors ability to pull off two things 1 Make this a believable love affair between a ghost and a regular girl Seriously, how is that even possible when the two can not touch each other 2 Make me care about the characters, who yes you guessed it can t have a physical relationship A part of me could not wrap my head around the idea Not that I like my romance hot and heavy, but usually there has to be something there to make me feel as though if these characters do get together, it will be amazing I was less than convinced this book would be anything than a cute story.Well since then I have come to eat my words and I am hopelessly screaming for MORE Spiritus is the type of book you read that leaves you in a state of panic when it s over You want , you crave , and you have to know what is coming next The characters are well written and it s easy to sympathize with both Becca and Alastor s situation On the one hand, you want Becca and Alastor to fall madly and passionately in love and live happily ever after, but on the other, you know it is relatively impossible because Alastor is a ghost and there is no way around that fact The tension Burnett created between the two was smoking hot Even though they could not be together , I was still rooting for them to somehow come together as a couple.As far as characters go Becca is a pretty average teenager She experiences the same kind of new kid syndrome that most students would if they suddenly changed schools before their senior year She was likable, witty, strong, and it was impossible to escape her torment as she tried to deal with Alastor Don t get me wrong I am now an Alastor fangirl, but at the same time having someone in your head whose emotions could flip like a switch had to be draining, and rather annoying But I think Becca handled the situation well in the decisions that she made with Alastor and her choice to have a normal life If I was in her situation I am not sure what I would have done, so I admire her having the courage to say, no.Alastor, the gorgeous ghost from the story, is definitely a force to be reckoned with He s charming, sweet, overly protective, and has a way with words that left me breathlessly panting, page after page I was soaking up every scene he was in with wide eyes and drool hanging from my chin I couldn t get enough of him, even with his explosive temper and his ability to harm others It didn t matter He is the soul of the story, literally He s the reason you need to read Spiritus, and he will be the reason you read the sequel, Haunted.Despite the books fascinating story, there were several things I thought could have been better and hopefully will be in the next installment First, I didn t particularly like Becca s dad You know he reminded me of Charlie, Bella s dad, from Twilight, only I liked Charlie better Both were suddenly taking care of a teenager by themselves and neither knew quite how to going about doing it I thought Becca s father was a little bit one dimensional than Charlie, and could have been enhanced as a character or at least had something to do in the story other than sit around and watch television I am not saying he s a terrible character he was just the least developed out of the rest of the cast Another thing was the editing Small instances of sentence structure and grammatical errors were sprinkled throughout, but it is not something that should stop anyone from reading the book It definitely won t stop me from recommending it.Overall, Spiritus is a wonderful YA novel It completely surprised me and was not what I expected It has a lot of charm, history, mystery and substance Becca and Alastor are phenomenal and I think Burnett can only improve them in the next book, which I can not wait to get my hands on If you are looking to have a fast paced adventure and entangle yourself in a love story that will make you sweat, I highly recommend giving this book and new series a try. 4.5 Stars REVIEW 1st line in the book Death It always seemed such a strange and far off event I never thought about what it would be like to actually die.Spirits Something that some people believe to have seen and to walk among us Now imagine that you move in to an old home and see one of a handsome cough Sexy..young man who claims that he is your true love from the past Well that s what Author Dana Michelle Burnett gives her readers in Spiritus Becca is just trying to find her place at her new school, when she invites some new friends over to her home and they have a s ance in her room for fun Little do they know that they have caught someone s attention From the moment Becca meets her ghost Alastor, she feels a connection to him At first she is doubtful that he is real, but she starts to remember things Memories from another time As Becca struggles to separate past from present She also struggles with the love Alastor claims he has for her and a question Does he love her or the one from the past The characters were great I think I loved Alastor a little than Becca, but I just have a thing for sexy, tortured heros Alastor is protective, loyal, sexy and still completely in love with his Becca after all those years At times, I got annoyed with him because even though Becca does remember him and their memories together, she isn t the same one They may look the same but they are two different people His anger would frighten me I wanted to say ITS NOT PAST BECCA LOL but what can you expect from a ghost who at last believes he has been given a 2nd chance with his long lost love Spritus was great I loved it This is only the beginning and I am waiting for book 2, Haunted, to come out later this year You can feel the desperate need of the characters to be together while knowing they can t physically touch Check it out and find out what happens Fave Quotes Do you still believe that I am only a dream A voice asked in the darkness, soft and beseeching.I cried against his nothingness as he held me I felt trapped, caught in the wrong time and cheated by fate. Becca had a pretty normal teen life Until the death of her mother Death always has a way of changing things Her dad decides that they need a fresh start, in house that wasn t constantly reminding them of the absence of the one they lost So, her dad buys the house that originally belonged to his family and moves them from a big city to a small town Extreme change of scenery, considering you could hear yourself thinkingliterally Becca was afraid of starting all over again and of being the freakish new kid in a school full of people that have known each other all their lives Surprisingly, her first day wasn t entirely awful and she had even managed to make some friends that were joining her tonight for a seance Becca wasn t entirely sure what was expected of her, but she longed to have a few friends here so she was determined to go through with it She would just let them lead the way They were some what destined for disappointment because nothing really exciting happened, except for the candle blowing itself out at the end But that was just a stray breeze, wasn t it Then the dreams began At least, Becca thought they were dreams I mean an incredibly gorgeous man just couldn t appear and disappear in your room while you were awake Right Things like that just didn t happen After a few nights of the dreams and a near death experience, Becca decides to research what exactly had happened at that house so many years ago What she found not only shocked her, but changed her life forever.Alright I confess, I am a sucker about the thought of never ending love What is Dracula s biggest appeal His never ending search for the reincarnation of his love The fact that he choose to live a cursed existence until they could be reunited, waiting for the day when he could gaze upon her face, just once So a love that survives the grave Beautiful Alastor has literally cheated death in order to wait for her But will it be enough in the end How can you love something you can never touch, never be physical with, never marry, or share a meal with But Becca knew that she was meant not only to be with him but that also he was the love of her life But as a senior in highschool, would just love prove to be enough I really feel for Becca in this book But it is so well written, you are constantly stabbed in the heart for many reasons You feel the lost love between the two and your heart aches for them You watch them rekindle the passion from the past and your heart bleeds for them You see the struggles and obstacles in their path and your heart breaks for them I was completely enchanted by this first book and can t wait to read the rest of the series to see what happens next Can there be a happily ever after for a ghost and his reincarnated love The story opens with teenage Becca and her dad driving to their new home, a house that s been in the family for generations There has been a tragic loss in the family, and they are trying to make it in a new place, a new life Becca seems to be the average awkward teen, a bit shy and self conscious Alastor is a ghost, barely older than Becca, who died a century ago My first chapter impression as taken from my notes I love the attention to detail, right down to the doorknobs It really makes me feel as if this house, this town, is another character in the story Becca seems to be a teenager that you could easily relate to Her sadness and fears are conveyed so well, I feel great empathy for her In the beginning of this book Becca is meeting all of her new classmates, and she makes some new friends One of them being the high school hottie, Jonah At first I was torn between Jonah and his beautiful good looks and Alastor But that all changed once Alastor started showing his deep and true emotions I have loved you in life and beyond sigh Who doesn t dream of that kind of everlasting devotion I can tell you one thing, Alastor may have been dead for a century, but that man has some lines and moves that could make the toughest of girls swoon I was Team Vampire, then Team Wolfthis novel could nudge me to Team Ghost And speaking of ghosts I was very nervous about this book when I received it for review How could a modern girl fall in love with a century old ghost How could he love her back Dana Michelle Burnett effortlessly makes this a seamless transition There were times I could actually forget Alastor was a ghost But then those simple reminders would pop up, and you wonder How is this going to work I had to stay up late reading, I couldn t put the book down I had to know This book went by entirely too fast for me, I want it to go on and on The writing is beautiful, the scenery is gorgeous The emotions in the book they are heartfelt and sometimes just heart wrenching They are strong And they will leave you hungry for the next book, I m sure of that. Oh, I haven t forgotten you, Spiritus I ll get around to reviewing you someday soon Just you wait You think you know pain You think you ve seen a ripoff of Twilight You have no idea This is the story of a girl who moves to a new house in a small town with a smaller high school and falls in love with someone who is inexplicably tied to the place The only originality that this book even approached was the inclusion of a cat fight between the main character and a random cheerleader antagonist The love triangle was tasteless Here, this girl falls in love with a ghost and invites him to follow her around school where she has been leading on a Jonah or Jacob Jonas or something into thinking she is interested in him He is actually a half decent guy, and when it looks like she s put all this I m in love with a ghost mess behind her, a total copout scene entails that just the sight of unearthly blue eyes a telltale signature of her dead ex husband s presence makes her want to embark on a journey back to him Mind you, this is after she banished him for being evil and stuff Because, see, the inexplicable tie to the town, the house, the girl is founded in the past This girl used to be married to a Civil War hero He slept around on her Drank excessively Ignored her She killed him In what universe, this one or the next, does that sound like a relationship to be springing back into Especially when a perfectly acceptable young man like that other guy was for some reason interested in her And even especially when the guy you are supposedly in love with IS INTANGIBLE I just I don t understand how this was a good idea to anyone. Spiritus is the first book in an exciting new young adult, paranormal series, by author Dana Michelle Burnett I enjoyed this suspenseful and romantic read I loved the characters Burnett created and the history of the home she placed them in Spiritus is the type of book that captures your attention from page one, while the rest of the world slips away.The tale is about seventeen year old, Becca McAllister, who moves with her father back to his ancestral home in Corydon, Indiana She and her new friends perform a unsuccessful s ance in her home Later that same evening, she awakes to feel a presence in the corner of her room It s the ghost of a young man, named Alastor Sinclair Unsure of the ghost s intentions and her own dreams, Becca researches the ghost and her home At the library she finds a startling connection to herself The story that unfolds is romantic, sad, and mysterious.The romance in this novel is sweet, innocent, dark and dangerous The ending is a bit of a cliff hanger and will leave you wanting Becca is a strong character, who fights to maintain a balance between her life and her time with Alastor She is a bit of a loner, but finds herself suddenly with friends She isn t very confident about her appearance and is shocked when the school jock shows interest in her Alastor is handsome with gorgeous blue eyes and a devastating smile You feel for him, but are never really sure of his intentions He wants to keep Becca all to himself, feels guilt regarding the past and is extremely jealous I highly recommend Spiritus, to fans of YA, paranormal romances and ghosts stories Burnett s shares a tale about a love that survives beyond death I thoroughly enjoyed the plot of this novel and look forward to reading the next book entitled the Haunting I am hoping that her second novel is longer in length and detailed This was a quick, fast paced read, which is sure to please This novel is currently only available as an eBook.I want to thank the author for this ARC, in exchange for my unbiased review. Becca and Alastor meet by what seems to be pure chance in her ancient family home He appears to her as a vision she s not all too certain she s actually seen but night after night he visits her and it doesn t take long before she discovers that this isn t their first encounter His life may have been lost many years ago but his love for her remains just as true as it was the day he met her over a hundred years ago In another life, in another world it seems, they found a love that was destined to last until death and beyond it.This story was an easy and interesting read I found the concept very intriguing and a few aspects reminded me of other books I ve read and enjoyed in the past Being that it s a shorter story the detail isn t as heavy but it s still compelling.For me, the two things I might have liked to see change a bit would be the repetition and the dry dialogue I felt that a few facts were expressed a bit often than need be and might have been better substituted with variation I might have liked to see a bit happen The story became a little repetitive at times, making it feel slow I might have also liked to see some light humor or a larger back story to contribute to the full picture Though I understand that with shorter stories you re not as likely to get to know secondary characters as completely or venture too far off the main topic Still I am curious about what else might have gone on in the world that Burnett created. After Becca s Mom dies her Father moves her into his ancestral home in a little bitty town in the middle of nowhere.As with any other move for a school age teenager Becca is worried about fitting in and finding a clique to be a part of.She soon finds out that small town schools are much different than the one she is used to.After the first day at school she brings home a couple of girls that she met and they try to perform a seance in her bedroom before calling it a night.Little did they know that they opened up a channel to the other side in order to allow Becca s EXTREMELY long lost relative As Becca begins to communicate with the resident ghost she soon learns about the history of the house she is living in but also the little town that her father dragged her to.Just as she begins to enjoy having the ghost around things in her life begin to get complicated and Becca she tried find some common ground but it is difficult.From start to finish this book reels you in and keeps you bobbing right along until you are so deep into the book that you have forgotten to even come up for air Dana has a wonderful way with words that make you believe you are right there with Becca and Allister.She has an amazing gift that she has shared with all of us and I for one am extremely grateful.If you need to get lost in a book for awhile I would recommend this one in a heartbeat {Free} ë Spiritus (Spiritus Series, #1) ¼ A Love That Refuses To Die As I Watched Him Vanish Into A Soft Mist That Faded Away, I Knew That He Was No Ordinary Spirit I Knew That He Was A Dangerous Entity That Could Be In Some Corner Of Another Realm Planning His Revenge, But I Also Knew That I Was Hopelessly In Love With Him When Becca Moves Into Her Ancestral Home In Corydon, Indiana, Her Life Takes A Puzzling And Thrilling Turn When She Meets The Ghost Haunting The Halls As The Seductive Spirit Lures Her Closer And Closer, She Learns About Her Own Past And Starts To Understand That Some Mistakes Are Meant To LastBecca McAllister Has Always Been Different From Other Girls Her Age Never Part Of The In Crowd , Becca Never Really Fit In Anywhere When Her Mother Dies And Her Father Moves Them To The Small Town Of Corydon, Indiana, Becca Didn T Expect Things To ChangeBut Things Do Change When Becca Accidentally Makes Contact With A One Hundred And Sixty Year Old Ghost, Alastor Sinclair, That Haunts The Halls Of Her New HomeTo Becca, Alastor Is A Seductive Spirit That Seems To See Straight Into Her Soul To Alastor, Becca Is What He Was Waited A Century For A Second ChanceBut The Closer They Get, The Becca Realizes That This Isn T The First Time She And Alastor Have Known Each Other Worse Still, Is She The One Responsible For His Death So Long Ago And If So, Did He Come Back For Love Or Revenge WOW This book was so captivating and it was impossible to put it down I didn t want it to end but unfortunately as every book it did end but it will be a sequel and I just can t wait for it to be released This was a love story that defied time, space and even death It was a truly amazing book with a lot of suspense between Becca and Alastor I mean love but without being able to touch each other That can not be very easy I love the character of this book but especially Alastor Wow I mean he is just Well there are no words really, you just have to read and found out for your self He is captivating all in himself The difficulties they face with their love is great and it gets a lot complicated when Alastor gets some competition by a boy that is alive and someone Becca can actually touch There is a lot of love but also jealousy between them But the biggest question is Why is he there exactly An awesome book but it was to short, I didn t want it to end yet and there is much to this book and it ended really dramatically I think I get this feeling that the sequel to this book will be completely awesome I recommend this book to everyone This is a must read in my list and it is definitely one of the best books I ve read this year