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I read this book in hours I laughed so hard my stomach was sore for a day after Tansy is hilarious, strong and soft hearted Just what you want in a heroin Absolutely can t wait for the next oneTansy Taylor is a TelePsychic at Psychic Friends Neighbourhood She s intuitive She helps a new friend Callie find her missing boyfriend Only she doesn t find him but she finds his ghost at the place he worked This is the first time she has seen a ghost, and can communicate with it She promises Buster the ghost she ll find out who killed him, because he can t remember.A love interest who might or might not be a bad guy A cop who s interested So much to enjoy Author s guest post at my blog This was a fun book to read Tansy is an interesting mess of a gal to follow It s the first book I ve ever read on my iPhone so I was hesitant at first, but it turns out I enjoy reading in bed in the dark I really hope we get answers to the Sam situation in Tansy 2 I m on pins and needles here Liked this book a lot But it ended so sudden as if the last chapter was cut off Not everything was explained This book is from 2011 and is promoted as the first in a series So, as it is October 2015 now, where the heck is the next [ READ BOOK ] ⚖ Tansy Taylor (Tansy Taylor, #1) ♷ Craving Escape From Her Dead End Job At The Shady Psychic Friends Neighborhood, Tansy Goes Under Cover To Try And Find Answers About A Desperate Caller S Missing Boyfriend, Buster Her First Day Out Tansy Makes Two Startling Discoveries First, Buster Is Dead And Second, She Can Communicate With HimBefore She Knows It, Tansy Is In Over Her Pink Haired Head Trying To Figure Out What A Dead Wash Bay Boy, Stolen Files, And The Russian Mob All Have To Do With Slimy Used Car Salesmen While Her Spunk And Determination Get Her Answers, Her Lust For A Sexy PI Might Get Her Into Even Hotter WaterOne Of Those People Who Seem To Attract Mayhem, Including No Good Boyfriends, A Pink Hair Do, Random Firings, And Crispy Fried Cars, Tansy Bumbles Along In Life And In Detecting What Starts Out As A Simple Missing Person S Case Soon Evolves Into A Trans Pacific Criminal Ring Involving Kidnapping, Guns, Thugs, And Stolen Cars Full of spelling and punctuation errors And after a while the plot began to drag. I enjoyed this book and I look forward tofrom this author and character