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This is the third book in this series and it doesn t disappoint The book has all the elements of suspense yet still holds your interest and isn t formulaic You will be guessing at the ending through most of the story It s fast paced yet still offers ample character development so that you feel invested in the outcome of the book because you ve become enmeshed with the characters Camy Tang does a great job with the storyline in this novel It s a fast read yet it holds your attention I think this book is stand alone, you don t need to have read the earlier books to enjoy this one A good way to spend an evening relaxing is by reading this book. Stalker in the Shadows is the third book in the Sonoma Series I haven t read book one, Deadly Intent but I have read book two, Formula for Danger, and that book was really good The only other book I ve read by Camy Tang is Protection for Hire And while that book is still my FAVORITE book by her, Stalker in the Shadows is a close second One thing I really liked about Stalker in the Shadows was the characters particularly Shaun O Neil There was so much to his character that he quickly became a favorite of mine in this novel.The story was so suspenseful and it had many twists I found myself trying to figure out who the stalker was, but as the characters were introduced, I kept switching and in the end it was a SHOCKER There wasn t anything in this novel that I think would offend anyone no swearing, etc It was a wonderful read that I absolutely loved and if there is another book in the Sonoma Series, I will definitely want to read it I received a complimentary copy of Stalker in the Shadows from the author to review I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion which I ve done All opinions expressed are my own. FREE E-PUB ♛ Stalker in the Shadows ♧ Consider This A Warning Lately, Nurse Monica Grant Feels She S Being Watched Followed And Then She Receives A Threatening Letter Accompanied By A Dead Snake If She Doesn T Stop Her Plans To Open A Free Children S Clinic, She Ll End Up Dead, Too Terrified, Monica Turns To Former Lawman Shaun O Neill Who Believes The Same Madman Murdered His Own Sister Five Years Before She Understands How Much It Means To The Handsome, Heart Guarding Man To Save Her And Her Dream Even If He Has To Lure A Deadly Stalker Out Of The Shadows Straight Toward Himself As the title suggests, Stalker In The Shadows tells the tale of Monica Grant, a young nurse meeting resistance to her plans to open a free children s clinic in the form of death threats and a series of sinister photos of her from a stalker But Monica isn t going to roll over and give up just because somebody wants her to and, enlisting the help of Shaun O Neill, former Border Patrol guard, to look after her, the pair try to uncover who is stalking and threatening Monica, especially when it transpires that this same person may be the murderer of Shaun s sister several years before.I love the interplay between the characters and the blossoming romantic interest despite their determination not to give in to it Outwardly vulnerable Monica has hidden inner strength and apparently strong Shaun, who dedicated his whole career to protecting people, has an inner vulnerability so the two complement each other perfectly Despite the evil stalker, it s a feel good novel highlighting people s positive attitudes in the face of adversity and trusting in things turning out for the best.It s a short book only 215 pages and I raced through the whole thing in two days, unable to tear myself away from the events unfolding on the page The Love Inspired Suspense novels are only on bookstore shelves for 30 days maximum so grab it quick before it s too late. A very suspenseful read because I had no idea who the stalker in the shadows was I did trust, like Monica, that it wasn t the obvious choice although I could see why Shaun thought the obvious choice don t want to give it away was the one.After every Love Inspired novel I feel as if I should answer every discussion question or feel guilty about it for the next day or so, lol, so I think I ll just answer the last one.12 Shaun s theme verse is Psalm 74 12 But God is my King from long ago he brings salvation on the earth What does that verse mean for you I think it means that you don t have to go around saving everyone or, in Shaun s case, protecting everyone and just trust in God s plan for everyone Umm, something to that effect Obviously, I failed Bible study but maybe there s hope for me yet. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my review I am a big fan of the Love Inspired suspense books as they are so nice to carry around and they aren t corny Especially coming from such an author as Camy Tang Camy is an excellent author and I really enjoy her books This is the third book featuring the Grant ladies and I have read one of the previous ones Will have to go back and read the other one now I really liked Monica She is very likeable as a character and even though she is frightened at times, she is also a strong lady Shaun is her protector who is one of those hero types You know, the ones who you wouldn t mind watching over you The mystery part was good and the suspense will keep you going until the end to find out who the bad guy is This book is only available for a limited time so please grab it from your local bookstore If you love suspense, you won t want to miss it In Stalker in the Shadows, Camy Tang covers a variety of social issues, including health care free clinic , US Mexico border patrol, and migrant workers With these issues, Tang appropriately handles them in regard to the book s storyline and gives them worth.Monica, another of Tang s strong, independent female characters, is planning to build a free children s clinic but runs into a roadblock as a stalker enters her life Shaun teams up with Monica to attempt to sideline the stalker and continue with the clinic plans.The reader becomes anxious as the stalker invades Monica s daily life She struggles with her broken relationship with her father at the same time Tang s Christian theme of a relationship with God underlines the storyline and touches each character Readers will immerse themselves in this mystery and will not be disappointed in it The stalker plot tends to be overused in romantic suspense, but Camy Tang manages to make her premise and characters fresh enough that I was still captivated I lost sleepthan one evening as I battled to make myself put this book down as the danger and romance increased Tang delivers a perfectly balanced story of suspense and romance while going a little deeper with her spiritual themes than this short category genre often allows Stalker in the Shadows is the last in a three book series, but it s written to stand alone, and I wasn t lost at all though I hadn t read the preceding books Given how good the third book is, I ll have to go back and read the first two If you love romantic suspense with a Christian message, you ll thoroughly enjoy this page turner. Original post at One More PageIt s been a while since I read a Camy book, and honestly, I didn t even know she had another book in the Grant sisters stories It wasn t until after I finished reading Protection for Hire that I found out, and I immediately got the book for my Kindle.In the third installment of Camy Tang s Love Inspired series, Stalker in the Shadows, we meet the third Grant sister, Monica, a nurse with a heart for social work She plans to open a free children s clinic in their town, and she knows it wouldn t be easy but it shouldn t bethat hard either Until she starts receiving threatening letters and gifts from someone who tells her that if she doesn t stop her plans, she would end up dead too Scared out of her wits, Monica seeks help from Shaun O Neill, who believes that the same person threatening Monica was the one who caused his sister s death As the threats come and the stakes get higher, Monica wonders if maybe she should quit, while Shaun is constantly haunted by the thought of failing to protect Monica the way he felt he failed to protect his sister.I haven t read a lot of suspense or mystery novels lately so it took me a while to get inside Camy s world in Stalker in the Shadows I liked Monica right from the start, maybe eventhan how I liked Rachel or Naomi She was a level headed and determined character, always putting someone else first before herself her father, her investors, and even the children who will benefit with the clinic I also liked her dynamics with Shaun, and I liked how Camy wrote him as a heart guarding man It s not often we find heroes like that in fiction There wasn t much surprises in the romance except, as always, for the first kiss , but it wasn t too predictable, either.This book is probably the least preachy of all and by that, I mean that the Christian aspect was showninstead of being told There were some God talk, of courseI don t know how exactly to describe it, but it feltnatural when Monica realized things and Shaun realized things and they felt Godin their own realizations and with the things that happened to them The climax felt a little bit too CSI esque, but it was exciting enough for me to really fear for the main characters.The mystery was prettywell, mysterious, for the lack of better terms I had several hunches about the culprit, and even one hunch that I was so sure was correctand it wasn t Oh well But that makes for a good mystery, don t you think Overall, Stalker in the Shadows is a very good installment to the Grant sisters stories, and I was glad at where Monica and Shaun ended up. This the third installment featuring the Grant sisters Stalker in the Shadows features the youngest Grant girl, Monica, self proclaimed wild child Although she has faithfully cared for her father since his stroke she dreams of something bigger, a free health clinic for children Following a charity banquet she starts receiving threatening letters encouraging her to abandon her cherished project Her knight in shining armor, former border patrolman, Shaun O Neill, has his own agenda in finding Monica s stalker He is looking for his own redemption to quiet the demons which taunt him He is determined to find the stalker before he can hurt Monica This book is true Love Inspired Suspense in every sense of the word, there is love story, excellent suspense, and a line of redemption From the onset there is an attraction between Shaun and Monica, yet each, for their own reasons, does not want to act on their feelings The author does a great job of creating suspense in many of the scenes If she gave any clues in the book who the stalker was, I missed them She kept me guessing until the end Although, the main characters are Christians through the story both Monica and Shaun have to examine their lives, their pasts as well as their current motives One of the things I love about the Love Inspired books is at least one of the characters ends the story a better person than they were at the beginning If you re a fan of Love Inspired you should enjoy the story Camy Tang s writing is solid and engaging Her characters are very real and easy to identify Although, this deals with the youngest of the three Grant sisters this book stands independently, you won t feel lost if you haven t read the other two I received this book from the author, but the opinions reflected in this review are my own.