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From the opening of In the night, in the velvet night, in the brushstroked bluecoat velvet night Jane Yolen paints a story of a mother and young son venturing out for a walk in the silent world of night Anne Hunter s illustrations are gorgeously rendered Impressionist style paintings At the story s end, the boy is safely, tucked up under eiderdown and entering lovely nighttime dreams Nocturne is an example of Yolen s great gift for poetic language and imagery to evoke scenes from the natural world Her use of simile Moths flutter up, flutter down, like wind up toys, without the noise , alliteration in the quilt down, quiet down velvet night , and metaphor a big moon balloon floats silent over trees would be great examples to use during any study of poetry in a classroom from K 8. The text and illustrations depict nightime very well There is an infrequent repeating phrase that if precise and exquisite in the night,in the velvet night The illustration of the porch light turned on and many moths attracted to it is a perfect depiction of that happening This is a really good nighttime book. This book would be a terrific one to share with young readers at bedtime A parent and a child take a walk in to the nighttime world around their house and get to see the wonderful bits of life that they never get to see during the day Beautiful, poetic language along with stunning paintings really make this book something to savor In the end the child snuggles into bed with the dog sleeping on a rug beside it, to drift off too sleep dreaming about the wonders of the night. Unlike other picture books that feature bouncy bouncy iambic rhyme, this one has unstructured poetry spaced out on darkly colored pages Surprisingly, my little one loved it Maybe it s the soft dark pages that are appropriate for night time, or maybe it s because the lack of rhyme really makes you focus on the other qualities of the poem such as its assonance This is one that we both enjoy, though I wouldn t have guessed that when I picked it up. Very lovely drawings with watercolor At night a boy and his mommy go exploring to study the nocturnal animals and bugs This fuels the boys dreams. A sweet bedtime story my kids toddlers in particular could read over and over So simple. Shelley Harwayne recommends this book to show students that language can be used in surprising ways. *Download ↟ Nocturne ✙ A Boy And His Mother Explore The Magical Nocturnal World And All Its Mysterious Creatures After Their Nighttime Stroll, The Boy S Mother Tucks Him Into Bed, With His Dog Nestled Cozily On The Rug Below Jane Yolen S Poetic Lullaby And Anne Hunter S Magical Illustration Harmonize Quietly In This Tribute To The Night Full Color Simple poetic verse describes the quiet activities of the night as the world snuggles down to sleep. i bought this book for my sister when my nephew was born last year the illustrations are incredible, and it has a pefect lullaby rythym its still noah s bedtime book.