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How do you work How do your teammates work Collaborative Intelligence reminds us that each person is unique and so are their perspectives. @Free Kindle ô Collaborative Intelligence õ Intelligence Professionals Are Commonly Viewed As Solo Operators But These Days Intelligence Work Is Mostly About Collaboration Interdisciplinary And Even Inter Organizational Teams Are Necessary To Solve The Really Hard Problems Intelligence Professionals Face Tragically, These Teams Often Devolve Into Wheel Spinning, Contentious Assemblies That Get Nothing Done Or Members May Disengage From A Team If They Find Its Work Frustrating, Trivial, Or A Waste Of Their Time Even Teams With A Spirit Of Camaraderie May Take Actions That Are Flat Out Wrong But There Is Also Good News This Book Draws On Recent Research Findings As Well As Harvard Professor Richard Hackman S Own Experience As An Intelligence Community Researcher And Advisor To Show How Leaders Can Create An Environment Where Teamwork Flourishes Hackman Identifies Six Enabling Conditions Such As Establishing Clear Norms Of Conduct And Providing Well Timed Team Coaching That Increase The Likelihood That Teams Will Be Effective In Any Setting Or Type Of Organization Although Written Explicitly For Intelligence, Defense, Crisis Management, And Law Enforcement Professionals It Will Also Be Valuable For Improving Team Success In All Kinds Of Leadership, Management, Service, And Production Teams In Business, Government, And Nonprofit Enterprises Key message Each person has a unique style of thinking, questioning and approaching challenges To work together effectively it s essential to understand your own ways of working and those of your teammates Exploring the diversity of your group will greatly improve its ability to communicate and collaborate Actionable advice Create a collaboration handbook for your team. Like many people, I enjoy action movies where there are terrorists trying to wreck our world and the lone hero or hero team that are standing in the breach between the terrorists and our way of life However, I ve never really given much thought to what it would be like to be in an intelligence community I can quickly spot the flaws in a plot line but I ve never given much thought to what would have to happen to prevent terrorists However, I found the view of intelligence communities, provided through Collaborative Intelligence very intriguing I didn t pick the book up to learn about the intelligence community I picked the book up to learn about team dynamics but it was interesting.Click here to read the full review Hackman s framework for sorting out enabling conditions for teams are top notch It has really been useful for me Not much new in this book though. Followup on his book Leading Teams Hackman dives into what makes great teams Interesting approach. An interesting book on how to get effective teamwork The title has to deal with the intelligence community setting, but the research is not that different how his other articles and books on teamwork He mentions findings from various research studies, but I would have been interested in knowing about the methodologies to see how convincing findings are This is written in an academic style so it is not a breezy read I also had some difficulty in seeing how his research findings could be implemented in an actual job setting. A little bit than Leading Teams , but focused on Intelligence Teams The new insights based on research in that context reveal that Leaders cannot make great teams but can enable a context 6 enabling conditions Harmony is an effect than a cause 60% of the performance of the team depends on the prework the leader does, 30% on the initial launch and 10% on the coaching work Peer coaching has great effects