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The almost Complete DIY Guide to eBook Publishing is just what it sounds like It s a how to manual for anyone looking to get into self publishing.As someone new to the self publishing scene, this work has been invaluable for me Russel takes the reader through pretty much the entire process from writing to formatting, to finding your audience, to successfully promoting your work.To me, there are two key strengths to this book The first is the thoroughness of the author s overview of the publishing process She seems to hit every step along the way and it is clear it comes from personal experience Second, is the host of resources the author offers There are dozens of links out to additional resources for every topic Like any good reference, I suggest printing this book out, sitting down with a highlighter and pencil, and taking notes as you read through You ll want to come back as there is simply too much rich information to get it all in one reading But be sure to have your computer close by There are tons of links in this ebook to additional resources you ll want to explore Each time I read through this book, I something new to learn or explore.What s cool is, this is a living document Russell says buyers will get an updated copy when new additions have been made I believe I read somewhere that this is done twice yearly, but don t quote me on that I can t seem to find where I read that.This book is written in a very colloquial manner and there are a few grammar errors or typos here and there But it didn t bother me, though it might bother some The book reads as though the author sat down and dumped the wealth of her knowledge late one night into a document For me, that was a positive thing Imagine having access to someone s body of experience in self publishing as well as their list of bookmarks on the topic for.99 That s exactly what this book is.If you re looking for someone to do the work for you you won t find that here nor anywhere else, I imagine And I think some people may not realize that This is a reference a lake of links to other resources coupled with an explanation of the publishing process If you understand that, as I said, your going to get your.99 cents worth and I believe it is well worth it My Full review First of all let me say that I am not an author of any books But this almost complete DIY guide was kinda interesting at first just to see what it might take to publish something To read Originally posted at Bunny s Review Disclosure This audio book was purchased at This is a must download for any author who is looking for ways to market their published work A book that provides just enough information to get authors current on what is happening without overwhelming with useless information If you are looking for a guide to help you get started then download this book You will not be sorry for the time spent reading this guide The bunnies and I highly recommend this book to all authors.The bunnies and I give this book carrots Coral Russell s DIY Guide for the Independent Writing Community is rich with sound advice It is packed with references that the author has checked thoroughly and reads like a checklist for success Readers writers will be able to put much of the content to use right away I m so glad we have experienced and generous authors like Ms Russell who make it easy for the rest of us This guide would be worth it at twice the price ( Download Book ) ♏ The (almost) Complete DIY Guide to eBook Publishing ♃ Free On Every EBook Platform DOWNLOAD A FREE PDF OF THE BOOK By Clicking The Download A Sample Chapter Button At EditionSince I Ve Been Working In The Self Publishing Indie Brave New World I Ve Been Updating This Guide To Keep The Links Current And To Reflect The Changes That Have Been Rocking The Publishing WorldThis Guide Is To Help You On Your Social Media Marketing And EBook Publishing Journey With Plenty Of Resource Links To Support Your EndeavorPart ONEWriting ResourcesCritiquing Editing ProofreadingA Good Book CoverA Catchy Book DescriptionPart TWOAuthor Blog WebsiteSocial Media Platforms Twitter, Facebook, Google , Pinterest, Instagram, EtcBook Groups Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing, BookLikesPart THREEFormatting Your EBookUploading Your EBookPart FOURMarketing Resources And PlanAuthor Beware Un altra guida per la pubblicazione di ebook Molti i riferimenti a link esterni potrebbero tornare utili Excellent reference book with multitude of links and information valuable to published authors as well as writers in the process of publishing. If like me you are a novice at self publishing you will find that the thousands of links Coral Russell has sourced will save not only your time but your sanity.