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How wonderful it is when you find a forever book.We re all Elio, aren t we If I could have him like this in my dreams every night of my life, I d stake my entire life on dreams and be done with the rest This book has been on my to read list for a few years, but now that the film is set to be released, I believed it was time to get going and pick it up once and for all From what I had seen of the film that is shirtless Armie Hammer and not much else because I wanted to read the book before even watching the trailer and from what I had heard about the book, I was up for a promising and exciting read Oh, and a gay one, too.To be blunt, I expected More emotion most of all Longing and sexual frustration dominated most of the novel, but I was looking for dramatic heartbreak and high emotions Maybe a tear or two Maybe I didn t connect enough with Elio, the main character Sometimes I even disliked him Then again I understood his aching and longing for a guy that seemed so very much out of reach.What bothered me most was the highbrow narrative style, the thousands upon thousands of cultural references to literature, music and art I felt like someone had slapped me with a travelling guide and a Latin dictionary over and over again It seemed pretentious and took away my interest in the novel.The writing was beautiful at times and overwhelming at others Sentences were much too long and seemed never ending Pretentious, again.I can t decide if I want to give this two or three stars I might change the rating again later It s not that I disliked the novel, on the contrary, sometimes it was like a dream Italian food prepared by a personal cook, strolling on the beach, lazing around in the sun, handsome and interesting people around night and day The openness with which Aciman wrote the gay sex scenes surprised me positively But especially towards the end, it almost bored me, for reasons that I already mentioned above.However, I have high hopes for the film adaption It has the chance to develop the feelings and the relationship between Elio and Oliver much better and to actually make me feel something.Find of my books on Instagram [Read Epub] ⚖ Call Me By Your Name ⚉ Vent Anni Fa, Un Estate In Riviera, Elio Ha Diciassette Anni, E Per Lui Sono Appena Iniziate Le Vacanze Nella Splendida Villa Di Famiglia Nel Ponente Ligure Figlio Di Un Brillante Professore Universitario, Musicista Sensibile, Decisamente Colto Per La Sua Et , Elio Aspetta Come Ogni Anno L Ospite Dell Estate, L Ennesima Scocciatura Uno Studente In Arrivo Da New York Per Lavorare Alla Sua Tesi Di Post Dottorato Ma Oliver, Il Giovane Americano, Subito Conquista Tutti Con La Sua Bellezza E I Modi Disinvolti, Quasi Sfacciati Anche Elio Ne IrretitoI Due Ragazzi Condividono Conversazioni Appassionate Su Libri E Film, Discussioni Sulle Loro Comuni Origini Ebraiche, E Poi Nuotate Mattutine, Partite A Tennis, Corse In Bici E Passeggiate In Paese E Tra Loro Nasce Un Desiderio Inesorabile Quanto Inatteso La Scoperta Di Quei Giorni Estivi E Sospesi In Riviera E Di Un Afosa Notte Romana Quella, Irripetibile, Di Un Intimit Totale, Assoluta Perch L Intensit , La Forza Di Quell Esperienza, L Autenticit Di Quei Sentimenti Sono Destinate A Rimanere Insuperate 4 5 Stars We rip out so much of ourselves to be cured of things faster than we should that we go bankrupt by the age of thirty and have less to offer each time we start with someone new But to feel nothing so as not to feel anything what a waste Phew What an intense book, what an intense ending Hello people, I hope you remember this lass here, I haven t written a single review in almost 6 months Which is the entire period of my internship, the one that s almost ending now So I picked up reading again, how fucking happy that makes me you have no idea So, back to the chase Call Me by Your Name is the story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between an adolescent boy and a summer guest at his parents cliff side mansion on the Italian Riviera Unprepared for the consequences of their attraction, at first each feigns indifference But during the restless summer weeks that follow, unrelenting buried currents of obsession and fear, fascination and desire, intensify their passion as they test the charged ground between them What grows from the depths of their spirits is a romance of scarcely six weeks duration and an experience that marks them for a lifetime For what the two discover on the Riviera and during a sultry evening in Rome is the one thing both already fear they may never truly find again total intimacy.My experience with this story starts with the movie Yes, I committed the dreadful sin of watching the movie before reading the book And yes, I m a bookworm FUCKING ARREST ME ALREADY, BITCH But anyway, I watched the movie, fell in love, bought the book with a 5 euro deal from Book Depository, fell in love again You see, this book has no plot I hate books which contain no plot, and things just happen without a specific order or reason But this book worked because it entailed no plot This book conveys in us the raw and true and sinful emotions and feelings of Elio, a very special and intricate character, which at the age of 17 falls in love with a 24 year old man What is beautiful than this His emotions are so real that they take form, we can smell them, eat them, feel them ourselves This book was so mesmerizing, the writing was so poetic and John Greeny at times, but it suited it This kind of writing was needed, otherwise the book wouldn t be as gripping as it was The ending absolutely and irrevocably annihilated my feelings This ending wasn t included in the movie, it was something entirely new to me and I don t know how it will work with an alleged sequel I m hearing is at works, but i m excited to know the outcome I truly hope, we will all find love like this in our lives Their love moved me in many aspects, and I wish love just like this exists in this world I want people and myself to feel this love to their bones, and always feel young because of it Anyway, till the next one K BYE Fue un libro encantador Y cada que lo proceso m s, me gusta M S Creo que la primer lectura del a o estar en mis mejores lecturas del a o.Y TODAV A NO VEO LA PEL CULA PORQUE LA QUIERO VER EN EL CINE HASTA CU NDO, M XICO, HASTA CU NDO. I wanted to make fun of this maddening book, but really, I must just want to make fun of myself for loving it The bare bones of the story could have been assembled using some kind of Gay Coming of Age Novel Trope Generator Teenager Grad student Italian beach Fruit Poetry Jealousy Sex Loss More poetry But I agree with whoever likens Aciman s approach to Proust s which is probably everybody who has read both Aciman and Proust This is not a Gay Coming of Age Novel, at all it s an elegy for desire, for memory itself and it manages to visit that interior terrain of longing most notably visited by A LA RECHERCHE DU TEMPS PERDU, without begging a side by side comparison Which is a feat in itself What novelist could really survive a direct comparison to Proust Best to avoid it The frustrations of the novel only become apparent once the spell of Aciman s spare but lovely prose has been broken While reading it, I never thought to sneer at the clich s, or at the problems of a seventeen year old child of wealthy intellectuals I was too entranced by the salt breezes and the sunlit stones, and the daily rituals of swimming, breakfast, dissertation work, coffee, dinner guests, town, bed, and the millions of specific new shades of pain that result from each and every moment spent around, and away from, the narrator s object of desire There are some story frustrations here, to be sure, but from this book, I was only expecting a bit of light escapism for my subway ride My expectations were so successfully shattered, it was almost uncomfortable to read it in public This novel is hot, wrote NYT reviewer Stacey D Erasmo Hell, yes The heat here is not the heat of sex acts, however, though there is that but the heat of an ever building, single minded, raw gutted longing, and the pain of remembering it The heat is the agony of obsession, when any solitary glance or casual exchange can be sharpened with two, three, ten edges of conflicting meaning I don t know that I ve ever read a book so relentlessly accurate in its detailing of each precise doubt and hope, but mostly doubt, that colors any interaction or lack of interaction with the object of one s desire These precise doubts are separated out and distilled purely and tightly and lucidly by Aciman He just does not let up This was the great surprise of CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, for me As much as I thought I d want to throw this book down at times, I almost missed my stop because it would not let me go. A N 03 18 i did this and like all my public mistakes, erasing the evidence of it won t erase the consequences.it stays.as much to remind me how it happened as to accept that it did at all.little intimacies of the many, many aspects of this book that resonated with us, one in particular was the basis of an interesting exchange between me and author santino hassell that exchange is excerpted below.SH what do you think so farJAG i like it it s very good at being what i think of as authentic teen gay boy POVSH it reminds me of somethingJAG it reminds me of a lot of thingsSH the parts where he s talking about how hot and cold the love interest dude getsJAG yes, with his facial expressionSH yeahJAG that, specifically that i ve been there with someone like that it s a little scary and then you understand them and it stops being scary, sometimesSH yes i had a friend like that when i was a kid i thought i was in love with him but he was straightJAG i was thinking of the exact same thing i had the exact same thing a friend, when i was a teen he d be warm and affectionate and then his face would go cold like i was a strangerSH yes that s how my friend was i think he suspected i wanted him he didn t know how to feel about itJAG that s what that scene in the book is about they realize you have deeper feelings and they don t know how to deal, and then their face goes fucked, in this moment of vulnerability they can t hide the panic or the revulsionSH yesJAG and it looks like thatSH yesJAG because straight dudes can feel warm affection for you too, obviously and for a moment with some of them they feel when they realize you want them, they feel that their affection has left them exposed like their affection has been abusedSH that s exactly what my friend acted like like all the times we d been close, i d taken advantage of him he suspected me and then he found out when he caught me and another boy fooling around in the locker rooms found out that i really was bi and then he knew he d been right about me, and didn t know how to handle itJAG in the book, i recognized it right away that feeling of recoilingSH yesJAG of resentment it looks like thatSH that was a horrible experienceJAG it happened to me too i wonder if it happens to every queer personSH i wonder the same thingJAG like imagine you re a girl, you have your best girl friends, going to the bathroom together, secrets, sharing lipstickSH yeahJAG little intimacies and then you tell your girlfriends you re queer and they remember all those times, all those intimaciesSH that s what happened with him, with my friend he listed all of these things and acted like i d manipulated something to make those things happen, or like i d taken advantage of opportunitiesJAG instead of it being about basic humanity, about you being the same person you always were, it was about about whateverSH he made me cry like a bitchJAG i m sorrySH i even apologized even though i hadn t done anything because i didn t want him to hate me but he did anywaysJAG that s fucked and i know exactly what that s likeSH yea JAG the first time i ever cried in public was when he told me he didn t want to be my friend it s a thing that sticks with you and i turned into a different person, after thatSH i d never been rejected as an entire person because i was bi, beforeJAG i lost all my friends because i d made him 1 and everyone else peripheral and when he was gone, he took all the rest with himSH if we smoked he refused to hit the same pipe before he found out he was on to me i don t hide my feelings very well, on my faceJAG kids feel things with everything you loved him and that s hard to hideSH when we smoked together i kinda got off on how the blunt or the pipe would be kind of damp from his mouthJAG i liked that too my best girl friend would light my cigarette for me like that like humphrey bogart and i would feel really goodSH i always remember thatJAG me tooSH he mentioned it when he was telling me what a horrible person i was and that s when i started cryingJAG assholeSH actually i think he felt bad but not bad enough to take it backJAG where was thisSH at school he saw me fooling around with the other kid and ran away and i chased after him for two blocksJAG shitSH he came into the locker room and saw, and gave me this look of disgust and hatred, and i followed him he told me off on the corner near central park he was disgusted i was even near him and that s where i lost itJAG my shit happened at school tooSH whereJAG in the building during class the hall i wrote him a letter to ask if we could be friends again and gave it to a teacher s assistant who taught in both of our classes to hand it to him the next day his class was before mine, so the whole day after i felt like i was going to throw up but also full of this crazy hope and so finally that class rolls around, with the TA i gave my letter to, and she takes me out into the hall with her to give me what he wrote back she hands me this folded up thing, and it s my own letterSH wowJAG and the thing is, dude it was like being crazy, because i m smelling him just then because he had this smell, and only he smelled like this, a really, really good smell and his smell was on this piece of paper in my hand, on my own letter, and she s saying to me i m really sorry he just said no and that was it cried my eyes out right there in the hall in front of whomeverSH people are fucked like it s a violationJAG i think the point is that it feels like one, to them they panic and they don t know how to manage things gracefully and when you re that young, you really don t and that leads to The Look it leads to The No.SH yeaJAG whole person rejection for stupidity.SH you wanna know something weird before that happened with my friend, i could fool myself into thinking he semi reciprocated he seemed to like being close to meJAG that is probably not something you imagined like with my friend we had this unspeakable intimacy little thingsSH yesJAG nice thingsSH yesJAG like there s this fence made out of steel poles in the ground and a single chain, like a suspension bridge, behind the bus stop we d stand there every day, waiting for the bus and while we waited he d try to balance on the chain, like a tightrope walker and i d stand near him like right under him, just casually talking and whatever like i wasn t loving it, loving him touching me, loving his smell he d put his hand on me he d rest his weight on me and we d just stand there doing that every daySH little things like that matterJAG yeah and there were a thousand of themSH damn this bookJAG i am mildly peeved at it as well the nerve, making us remember this shitSH whateverJAG yeah, whateverSH not like it has anything to do with who we are nowJAG right, no, totally, nothingSH real men don t cryJAG i have never cried a day in my lifeSH are you going to use any of this in your reviewJAG obviouslySH if you put the sissy bits in it i will kill youJAG not if i kill you first, motherfuckerSH i said no no means no JAG fine, i ll change your name a pseudonymous random author buddy talking books and queerzSH what will you useJAG i will be JAG and you will be PABSH wtf is thatJAG Punk Assed BitchSH you dareJAG can t stop me can t stop my floSH no, i want Gay Chuck NorrisJAG wut, Flaming Pustule McGee doesn t appeal to you SH i should stab you you may read santino hassell gay chuck norris s review of this book here.PS added january 23, 2018 fuck me in the eye do i hate it when straight actors get kudos for playing queer characters that s not brave, you simpering buttmunch, that s your profession.i m glad your vacation in the land of the Less Privileged was so critically acclaimed, but those of us out here exiled by our families or beat up in high school gymnasiums don t get to wear tuxedoes and tell the macabre fucks on entertainment tonight about our exciting growth as actors.and to be perfectly frank, while i don t know timothy chalamet from a hole in the wall, me and armie hammer go way back and so i feel led to clarify at this juncture that while i would still happily climb that man like a tree if he managed to keep himself in that doofily sexy, subvocal grunting range of human elocution, i nevertheless simply cannot with him and his comments about having to pray on it and ask his wife whether it would be okay to play a gay man in a movie.cannot.no puedo rude gesture Shattering This book is a fucking axe to the heart But because my heart, perhaps yours, too, was broken long ago, no further damage can be done So maybe then the book s like a probe, yes, a very discomfiting probe, making a fuller assessment of the wreckage The book is also a final report of the survey, as such it reminds us of the universality of our suffering Finally, one thinks, here s someone who has not only plumbed the depths of heartbreak, but who s taken excruciatingly detailed notes along the way revealing every nuance of the required self abasement The result is an astonishing catharsis for the reader This is what literature at its best can do Think Aeschylus s Oresteia, but with an all mortal cast and without the choruses I speak here of the novel s sheer emotional power.For most of the novel the narrative is the first person thoughts, fantasies, worries, shames and fears of Elio in the summer of his 17th year The young man is with his parents at their big comfortable summer house on the Italian Riviera It s the mid 1980s The boy s father is an academic and Oliver, 24, is a young American colleague exchanging some brief work as amanuensis for room and board while finishing his own manuscript But in the marvelous, big hearted Italian sense, Oliver, even if for only the six weeks of his stay, is very much a part of the family Women are alluring to Elio but they are not his predominant fascination this particular summer Description is thin at first, almost transient, and because the reader s not distracted by descriptive flights he or she never feels far from the anguish of Elio Life s first love is the theme, and this iteration is so fresh, so vivid and beautifully layered, that it s not to be missed Among the best parts of the novel are those passages in which Elio before his intimacy with Oliver begins imagines what he might say to Oliver, the multiple responses he might at any moment utter in Oliver s presence, or imagined presence Elio s mind is racing with alternative scenarios Is this even what he wants He s not sure but he wants to find out Matters are thought out and after some new bit of action or information, rethought and modified The technique reminds me of Philip Roth s American Pastoral, in which circumstances are similarly considered then reconsidered There is a mastery of tone here that constantly astonishes and bewilders Later in the novel, when the description intensifies, it s as if it has been saved for just these moments of lovemaking, the confidential exchanges between the two in their subsequent walks and swims, their farewell in Rome, the devastating coda It is the frankness between the two young men that to my mind constitutes the book s magic That something as amorphous as desire can be written about with such fluidity and integrity is near miraculous The wrenching depiction of Elio s new and utterly discomfiting passion consumes not only him but us as well In closing, let me say that this book is likely to resound with those with some mileage on them real or metaphorical The prerequisite is suffering One can t imagine the novel s insights and wisdom working their wonders on anyone who hasn t at some time put everything on the line The end was simply excruciating yet I couldn t stop reading Extremely powerful I will reread this one soon In terms of achievement, I place Call Me By Your Name on the same shelf as Madame Bovary and Lolita and, yes, very near Aeschylus too. One last update to say I saw the movie I have been verbally spanked on GR before for reviewing movies so I won t go on and on, but I will say that it s a truly beautiful film It s perfectly done and captures the book in a way I didn t think possible All the actors were wonderful, but Armie Hammer stole the show for me Kudos to whoever thought to cast him because he IS Oliver It s a sweet, sad, hopeful, film that I hope everyone gets to see Now I m going to go eat a few peaches Updating again to say that I just finished listening to the audio version narrated by Armie Hammer There are not enough superlatives in my very limited vocabulary for this thing It s full of eroticism and regret in equal measure Armie Hammer never missteps and I had myself an eargasm I ve put off writing this review for far too long because I m afraid I won t do the book justice I want to write a review that makes everyone drop what they re doing and start reading Call Me by Your Name immediately.Reading the other reviews, I find a lot of polarization about Aciman s writing style, which I loved Some people find him pretentious, while others find his prose bordering on poetic I definitely fall in the latter category.Most books are read for a good story and I understand that, but other books, like this one, are read for the enjoyment of language What I mean by that is that a great many of the sentences in this book can be read and enjoyed all on their own because they re so beautifully written Aciman has obviously labored over his phrasing to the point that I found myself often stopping to reread a sentence a few times and just luxuriate in the warm bath of words.The story itself is great because it really has the ring of truth The characters in this book are far from perfect and sometimes infuriating I won t discuss plot other than to say that it is bittersweet and just real I think any gay man will see his young self in the protagonist.So, in summary, read this book Updating to say Armie Hammer is playing Oliver in the movie I highly approve Sufjan Stevens playing softly in the distance