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What I like so much about this series is that each book tackles a major issue So far we have dealt with domestic abuse, prostitution, child molestation and now drug abuse These are not light topics but the author does a good job respecting the issue at hand, making the character grow and overcome these demons but at the same adding humor in different ways that lightens the read so I don t get dragged down The characters aren t magically cured by the end of the book We see them in the following books still wrestling with their demons but doing it with someone who loves them by their side as well as a growing family I also like the threat of the external danger of the overall back plot which adds a little bit of mystery I especially like the foreshadowing we get on secondary characters so I can anticipate what is coming down the line.I have to admit that I gave this one an extra star because it made me laugh out loud in a couple of places I enjoyed the bathroom fight and the guys watching the horror movie from which I had to pull a quote from I did stop and reread a section with the book store again because I thought it was odd that they went to the adult only section to buy gay romance books I don t know what town they are living in because I just go to the BN and head to the erotica section for my gay romance Favorite Quote from movie nightWill you stop falling, you idiot Drew threw popcorn at the large flat screen television Why do women always fall down Guess their boobies tip them over Johnny giggles. I liked this book in the Brac Pack series but definitely not as much as the first three Reason number one Remi lost the sense of humour that defined him in previous books Yes, the situation with his mate was serious, but his sense of humour was completely gone, so it didn t seem like Remi at all Reason number two I didn t like the reason Remi gave in to being topped He didn t really have a choice, since he did it because Drew was so horny as a result of a drug he d taken, he was in pain, which I didn t find sexy at all When it s something as big as that, it should have been a free decision Reason number three in a story about shifters and their mates, we normally hear about how unusual it is for a shifter to find his mate, how some never do In this series Jasper and Cody made a great unmated couple and I think the author missed out on a great opportunity to write about a couple who wasn t mated but was happy nevertheless They were great together I loved the little snipets we d been getting so far about their relationship, I had hoped they would stay together but being realistic I knew the author would give them their respective mates While I wouldn t normally mind having my love for a character used to make me buy the next book in a series, that is basically what has been happening so far in this one , I don t appreciate having my love for a character in one series being used as a way of insuring my purchase of the next one when the format is changing I think it should be a writer s worth that does that I personally don t like m m m books and I was reading an m m series when I learnt of Jasper I was expecting that if Jasper did get a mate, I would read about it in the Brac Pack, and hate that now I won t be able to do that because the author has decided to include him in her m m m series. This was book 4 in theBrac Packseries I wanted to read about this couple after I was introduced to them in another series by this author Drew was a hardworking, straight A student until the night his ex boyfriend found out that he had fangs Drew is part human part wolf this led him to abusing drugs Remi has been staking out the mall looking for his mate he finds Drew after he scored some drugs the author never said what drug but I think it was heroin by how sick he was When he takes his mate back to the pack he is so sick that the whole pack helps Remi This was a good read and I felt bad for Drew and Remi first being a recovering addict with almost 20 years clean and for Drew because I worked as a drug counselor for years When he escapes and finds his dealer he gives him somethings that gives him a four hour erection and when Remi found him he was trying to do it with a vacuum cleaner it was funny Drew thinks that Remi doesn t want him because he has so many problems when he realizes that the other mates have had issues as well I really liked how Drew was able to help Johnny with his scare on his face I also liked how the other mates where willing to help him It funny how the Alpha Maverick is having dreams about the warriors finding mates This was a really good book that I wantedof this book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. This series is addictive to me, I don t know why, I don t really like the books all that much, but I just can t help myself.This one dealt with addiction and all the other couples were in it too I had a few issues like about Drew s parents where are they, especially considering what his dad is And what is with this Jackson guy it s getting old Other than that a typical fair view spoiler except for finally having one of the big bad wolves bottoming hide spoiler ( Download ) ☪ Remis Pup (Brac Pack #4) ⚇ Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, Werewolves Drew Was A Hardworking, Straight A Student Until The Night His Ex Boyfriend Saw Something In Him He Shouldn T Have Drew S Secrets Led Him To A Life Of Drugs And Pain, And The Road To Recovery Will Be LongRemi Is The Jokester Of The Pack, Never Taking Anything Or Anyone Too Seriously Until He Meets Drew But Remi S First Days With His Mate Are Spent Cradling Drew Through His Brutal WithdrawalsTo Make Things Worse, Tension Runs High As The Psychotic Wolf, Jackson, Still Hunts For The MatesFacing Up To His True Identity Could Push Drew Back To Drugs Can Drew Get Clean And Allow Remi S Love To Save Him From Himself And Can Fun Loving Remi Stand Up To His Most Serious Challenge Yet Note Each Book In Lynn Hagen S Brac Pack Collection Features A Different Romantic Couple Each Title Stands Alone And Can Be Read In Any Order However, We Recommend Reading The Series In Sequential Order 4th read 1 2 16This time around I was kind of annoyed at the whole Drew s addiction thing and how everything is a trigger for him That s not how it works I could see not going to the mall, because thats where he scored but come on As a recovering addict this was seriously over the top Relapses happen for any reason, not just because they see a black box or get a tattoo.3rd read 1 2 15I really liked Remi and Drew, but for the life of me I can t figure out why the mates put up with the whole I m in charge and you are to obey me attitude the wolves have 2nd Read on 6 1 14Remi and Drew were great I did miss Remi s jokester attitude, but I get why it went away in dealing with Drew Wish we could have learnedabout Drew though.First read 11 5 13 What I didn t like was the comments about hermaphrodites I mean, it s in a MM book, you think the author would understand the need for understanding about things that are different Hermaphrodites don t ask to be that way, it s genetics, much like how they re werewolves Some understanding would have been nice, especially from Maverick, the Alpha He should have set the tone and been like, Well, pups, they re different, but like us, they were born that way Don t fear what s different or something like that The comments was rude and honestly, unnecessary If she wanted them to go on to the computer to look something up, they could have looked up a sex toy they didn t know about or a sex position or something else. typical lynn hagen serial romance nothing fantastic, nothing so bad it can t be finished what is typical lynn hagen imagine a shorter harlequin romance but with no ta see, i was going to write no surprise pregnancies, but yeah out of sheer laziness, i will be using this as my template for all books by lynn hagenstormy glennscarlett hyacinthcarol lynnegabrielle evansunless otherwise noted i d apologize, but i m not sorry i figure it s about as much time as they put into their books dammit well, i made it all the way to the end being rather moderate in my assessment that s a win. This one was hard to read in places just because Drew s journey was so hard I liked that the cold turkey was not sanitised although I will not look at a hoover quite the same again.I have to say I am not sure if there are as many no way moments in this series now or if I am just not noticing them because they are my guilty pleasure and I would forgive them almost anything up to and including introducing a whole new pack I will have to buy the book for The Mates are so cute together and really make the stories enjoyable.Johnny, Cecil, Blair and Drew have some of the best lines You can not help but laugh out loud Just what these shifters need in their lives to liven thing up And what I like best is that we get to see them again in each bk so far, hope we continue to see them with the new characters each week.