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1 2 a star.I cannot begin to describe how bad this book is Maverick is an A hole for at least the first half of the book and not much better for the second half The first chapter has him hypnotizing his mate and fucking him biting him without his consent and without him knowing while he is asleep this begs the question of how Cecil couldnt feel that he had got bitten and reamed out the night before but apparently he felt no twinges the next day I have to say Cecil is the most bazaar name I have read in ages Dont get me wrong it was my Grandads middle name and I think it was popular in the 1920s But it just didnt fit the story.After you get over the tragedy of his name I am sorry to say Cecil never really grows on you, one minute he cries the next hes strong, one minute he is getting bashed by ex human boyfriend the next SECOND and I mean right then and there he agrees to mate with Maverick a 6ft 9 scary looking werewolf.Seems like a great idea huh.I really felt like Cecil might be bipolar.The ending which I am amazed I even got to was the worst part of the whole novel The house full of scary assed werewolves all cryyupcry over Cecil getting injured This is one of those books that makes me thinkhow did it get published Then I find out there is 11 in the series and I become SPEECHLESS.who knows maybe the author gets better, but to tell you the gods honest truth I am to scared to read another one. This is one of the worst books I ve read this year plot non existent, characters not well developed, poor editing In the first chapter Maverick hypnotizes his mate and claims him while the other man is sleeping mate or not, this scene is really disturbing After careful consideration, I have edited this review I believe the author has strong promise to become better, but this book and I blame the publisher as well, for lack of editorial vigilance could have been much, much better The author is free to contact me privately for my reasons why I thought the book could have been a better product I tend to shoot from the hip rather than carefully consider my actions, so in that respect, after some time to think, my review was indeed harsh and should be removed I apologize Still, it does bother me that quantity over quality seems to be the norm in many areas for this genre and when I see promising talent flung aside for such a reason, it is a peeve of mine and I DO speak out. Prett soon I m going to stop buying any books put out by Siren Publishing because they seem to all be cut from the same cookie cutter This book s plotline was signature Stormy Glenn and Joyee Flynn if I ve ever read any books of theirs and I have, around 30 total It s like they write for straight profit and not pleasure. [ Free E-pub ] ♻ Mavericks Mate (Brac Pack #1) ♿ Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, Werewolves Maverick Brac Has Formed A Pack Of His Own, Naming Them The Brac Pack With Fourteen Men Under Him, They All Have One Thing In Common, The Preference For MenCecil Walter Was Living A Life No One Would Wish On Their Enemy In An Abusive Relationship With His Partner With No Way OutGetting Away From Pack Problems And A Migraine, Maverick Indulges In His One Secret Love, Chai Tea While In The Coffee Shop Trying To Forget The World Outside Exists For Five Minutes, Maverick Has Found What He Never Thought To Have, His Mate, His Very Human Mate Rescuing Cecil From His Abusive Boyfriend To Finding Out Who In His Pack Is Trying To Take Cecil S Life, Maverick Has His Work Cut Out For Him, But The Largest Challenge Is Getting Cecil To Come Out Of His Shell And Be The Man He Once Was Note Each Book In Lynn Hagen S Brac Pack Collection Focuses On A Different Romantic Couple To Enjoy The Overall Story Arc And Crossover Characters, We Recommend Reading The Series In Sequential Order Okay Before all my friends start throwing rotten fruits and vegetables at me, hear me out, okay ROFL.This story wasn t as bad as I was expecting I mean, it takes some serious, and I do mean serious, shit to make me hate a book enough to give it less than three stars and to be completely honest, it wasn t so bad There s one word to describe this book and it s fluff My best advice to anyone looking to read this one is to not expect much If you re looking to read something with an extravagant plot, with the best characterization and dialogue, you might want to look somewhere else because you won t find it here and that s exactly why I liked this book After reading big time, long angsty books for the past week or so, I needed a break from anything even remotely connected to realism Maverick s Mate gave me exactly what I wanted and was looking for It was fast paced to the point that everything kind of seems rushed with an abrupt, over before you know it, ending You have the expected You are mine overly, large alpha werewolf, Maverick, and the Please don t abuse me like my ex boyfriend did smaller, and muchhuman mate, Cecil We only get the barest hint of their personalities but from the start Cecil puts life into Maverick s pack, lightening up the atmosphere in the house I found it enjoyable It was a quick read that gave me everything I expected and predicted of it.The only things that rubbed me the wrong way was the beginning and how much sex there was view spoiler Just what the hell was Maverick thinking with the shit he pulled on Cecil in the beginning Like, wtf, man Okay, so I could handle the rape Maverick dished out to Cecil while he was sleeping, or in a trance as Maverick said, but then to never speak about it or mention it throughout the rest of the story Almost like it never actually happened No, that just annoyed me I would have been cool with it if Maverick mentioned to Cecil that, Hey, babe, by the way, the first day I saw you, I followed you home and then had sex with you while you were sleeping But it s okay Because I only pounded your ass into the mattress and bit your neck But I didn t seriously injure you so it s alright Then I could have handled it because Cecil would either have flipped out or forgave Maverick right then but at least it would have been addressed after the fact Now, with the sex, I m not a prude or anything but I wantplot than sex in my books and with this one it s about fifty fifty on that so it turned me off a bit I couldn t help but think Oh, God Not again when Maverick or Cecil would get horny Lol hide spoiler The one star is generousThis was pretty bad and I can be pretty forgiving of poor editing, strange plot twists, etc., but this went beyond that and into the realm of formulaic plot, forgettable characters, bad dialogue and the list goes onThis was so bad I actually bought the 2nd book in the series because I thought it was a flukethe 2nd book had to be bettergive the author a chancemaybe it was just 1st book inexperience Hawhat a joke that one made my eyes bleed it was even worse that the 1st one and contained main chgaraters with the nicknames of Pretty Baby and Daddyjust think of my dismay when I realized there are 19 books in this series I was really set on liking this entire series 33 books, oh yeah But I can t do it.I have no idea why the author thinks RAPE is okay And yes, I do consider it rape when wolf shifter, Maverick, has sex with Cecil while Cecil is asleep They haven t met, but Maverick knows Cecil is his mate He follows him to his home and has sex with Cecil while he is asleep.I have no idea why this scene was even included because it s not important to the story at all And Cecil, who has been in an abusive relationship for the past 2 years, just lets Maverick yell at him and act like an abusive partner himself All because he wants to protect Cecil Protect him, my assYou will never turn your back on me when I am speaking to you, do you understand You will take what I offer without complaint I will not tolerate this behavior from my mateExcuse me Primera le da 20164 5 Segunda le da 28 05 174 5 It s so bad that I have to keep reading the series